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Chapter Directory 284 Emperor Medical Center Opened
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai returned to Imperial Capital and took a good rest for two days. Early in the morning of the third day, Guo Huai appeared in front of the Clinic of No Treatment with a long gown.

     "Boss, your clothes are good. You get up so early today." It's not just Guo Huai who wakes up early today. The whole Clinic of No Treatment starts at 4 o'clock this morning. Everyone is up and up and down the Clinic of No Treatment. He cleaned up again and stayed in his place.

     "Boss, what's the promotion of Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment? It has been coldly opened." Chen Jiadi walked to Guo Huai and said softly.

     "Jiadi, don’t worry, I’m not worried about the cold field. I’m worried that you guys will not be able to survive today. You are the elites of Clinic of No Treatment. I will not be the only one to treat patients this time. You all have to help. It’s time to test you." Guo Huai said with a smile. Chen Jiadi nodded slightly. He switched from Western medicine to Chinese medicine. Regardless of the pressure from the family, I want to prove myself now. It proves that Huaxia Chinese Medicine is indeed in some aspects. There is something better than Western medicine.

     "Little Huai, we are not here late. I will also inform the old guys of the Chinese Medicine Association branch of Imperial Capital. It is estimated that it will be there soon." Lin Changtian, president of Wucheng Chinese Medicine Association, said with a smile .

     "Trouble Lin is getting old. I am afraid that today's people are indispensable. The kid is afraid that I will be too busy. Tell the next few presidents that there will be enough good wine tonight." Guo Huai smiled."Okay, just have your words, Tian Zheng, Qin Long, Shù Shan, Sun Sheng, the four of you go in first, I will contact the old guys at Imperial Capital." Lin Changtian said with a smile.

     Chen Jiadi looked at a few elders from the Chinese Medicine Association, and he was a little bit looking forward to the opening of Clinic of No Treatment today.

     "Guo Huai, you, the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment opened, don't you tell the old man? If it weren't for Yaoshi to call me yesterday, I really didn't know you made such a big move in Imperial Capital." Liu Chengang, dean of Wucheng University Traditional Chinese Medicine College, got out of the car and looked at Guo Huai and said.

     "It's the kid who hasn't thought about it well. Department Head Liu can come. I asked them to get an expert position for Department Head Liu. Today I will work for free, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Liu Chengang also laughed. When I got up, I wandered into Clinic of No Treatment. He had been to Clinic of No Treatment in Wucheng, but the Clinic of No Treatment from Imperial Capital still shocked his heart. The atmosphere is that Clinic of No Treatment is indeed atmosphere.

     Everyone who received the invitation of Clinic of No Treatment knows that Clinic of No Treatment opens at 8 o’clock in the morning. Except for Wucheng’s acquaintances who arrived early, there are really not many people in the morning. Guo Huai directly greeted everyone and had breakfast together. When Clinic of No Treatment came out, Guo Huai was stunned by the dark crowd in front of him."Boss, this, this formation is too scary." Cao Qiankun and Chen Jiadi followed, looking at the crowded crowd, and couldn't help saying.

     "Open the door, Clinic of No Treatment, open the coffin. Jiadi, go and hang up the long red. It's 7:18. Everyone is more energetic. Don't deal with it blindly if you don't understand. Do more today, watch and listen , Ask more questions, think more, I believe that after today, you will go further on the path of Chinese medicine.” Guo Huai said, he walked into the hospital, and there were 10,000 heads outside, and people began to walk into the hospital.

     "Everyone, today Clinic of No Treatment opened in Imperial Capital. Friends who are sure to come should know the rules of Clinic of No Treatment. Only those who are not in our six doctors can get the number today. Clinic of No Treatment is a total of There are one thousand and eighty number plates. There is no limit to the number of people today. How many people we have treated by Clinic of No Treatment, and all consultation fees are 50% off." Guo Huai entered, Su Tu came out and said loudly, Su Tu was in The ten people's medical skills are average, but they are unique in terms of external communication. Guo Huai is not going to let him treat many patients today. It is a great achievement to maintain the order of today's Clinic of No Treatment."Friends with invitations, please come to Gu Family for a seat first. After the ribbon cutting at Heavens Above this afternoon, we Hall Lord prepared for everyone one hundred Zhu Yan Dan, one hundred Blood Circulation Pill, one hundred Primordial Pill, to At that time, it will be given to everyone in the form of auction. 70% of the auction proceeds will continue to be invested in medical treatment and children's education in remote areas. Friends with strength can wait for a while to participate." Su Tu continued.

     "Brother, I'm from Yucheng. I have been in Imperial Capital for several days. I just want to find Clinic of No Treatment to see my waist. I don't know where to get this number." A middle-aged man asked loudly. Tao.

     "Everyone line up, get the number plate from me, don’t worry about the first batch of patients who can’t get the number plate. We will issue the number when we have the number. Today Clinic of No Treatment not only has the doctors in our own museum, but also invites them I have learned several old Chinese doctors from the Wucheng Chinese Medicine Association and several teachers from the Imperial Capital Chinese Medicine Association. I believe that today will let everyone the disease is cured the moment the medicine is taken.” After Su Tu finished, several Gu Family disciples followed Su Tu handed out the number plates one by one to everyone, and then some patients began to enter the hospital.

     Guo Huai did not start treatment at this meeting, but just let the disciples of Gu Family lead every patient who entered the Clinic of No Treatment to different Chinese medicine doctors. This is not too busy."Old gentleman, your leg hurts over there, Little Xia, take the old gentleman to Dr. Zhang Tian Zheng." Guo Huai asked a clever teenager in the Gu Family to help the old man in front of Zhang Tian Zheng, and then Zhang Tian Zheng took the pulse and prescribed medicine for Mogu. In about a few minutes, the old man in front of him had already settled, but the consultation fee was not available. The old man walked out of Clinic of No Treatment happily.

     "Hall Lord, I don't understand this eldest sister's illness." About a hundred patients came in, Jia Xiaoxiao suddenly shouted to Guo Huai.

     "Senior Brother Tongyuan, you don't need to take care of the doctor, and this will be left to you first." Guo Huai asked Guo Tongyuan to call out from the backyard and walked straight to Jia Xiaoxiao.

     "The body is cold and the stomach is weak, but there is something wrong with the lack of pulse. I'm not sure." Jia Xiaoxiao said with a reddish face.

     "Doctor, am I very serious? I can't sleep every day, and I don't eat much. You must help me." The middle-aged woman said softly.

     "Xiaoxiao, it’s better to have no books than no books. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to seeing, hearing and asking, why don’t you ask this eldest sister if there has been a change in her diet and work schedule recently." Guo Huai said with a smile, "The veins appear to be that you are taking a closer look, and you are observing the veins with your heart. ."After Jia Xiaoxiao asked a few questions, his face was joyful, and then he gave her pulse again, and then quickly wrote down the prescription. Instead of asking people to grab the medicine directly, he handed it to Guo Huai.

     Guo Huai took a look, picked up the pen and added some medicine to it, and handed it to Jia Xiaoxiao again. Jia Xiaoxiao couldn't help but stick out his tongue. Guo Huai didn't say much, and began to wander around a few people.

     "Eldest sister, go there to get the medicine. Three bowls of water are fried into one bowl, once a day, for three days, you are sure to be well." Jia Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

     "Girl, it’s not that I don’t believe in your medical skills. I have heard the name of your Clinic of No Treatment a long time ago. I also have relatives in Wucheng. The medical technique of Clinic of No Treatment for you is praise without cease, but the young man just now is Who, he seems to be younger than you." The woman asked softly, holding the prescription.

     "Eldest sister, the prescription I just prescribed to you to treat your disease is fine, but our Hall Lord has added one more medicine to you, which can not only cure your stomach cold and physical weakness, but also guarantee that you will be guaranteed after three days. Eat well." Jia Xiaoxiao said with a smile, "He is our Hall Lord. When it comes to medical skills, all of us are not as good as him."
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