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Chapter Directory 286 Invincible Little Loli
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The people in the car looked at the crowd outside and shook their heads helplessly. Everyone had their own helplessness. On such occasions, he thought of it, but still controlled it.

     "Haha, it's interesting. Just forget it if you don't come. There are many times when the old man will give you his hair. If you don't reach out to grab it, you may only encounter the old man's bald head when you want to grab it later." After speaking, he smiled and walked back to Clinic of No Treatment.

     "Dafu, did I really miss an opportunity?" Number One couldn't help but look at Li Dafu and asked. Li Dafu didn't know how to answer, and that person stopped asking and said two words. Drive.” After the commercial vehicle drove away, a group of people on the commanding heights around Clinic of No Treatment also gradually withdrew.

     "Brother Yao, when will you be able to arrive? Weiwei will be in your car." At eleven o'clock in the morning, Guo Huai dialed Li Yào's phone, and a group of people who had promised came over by plane, but found that Wucheng was flying to Imperial Capital Li Yào's plane was unexpectedly full. Li Yào wanted to use the military's relationship and found that several planes that the military could fly with a group of elderly people had arrived at the Imperial Capital. In desperation, Li Yào and Jia Yuan each had a car The SUV, with a car from Wucheng, drove towards Imperial Capital that night."The fourth child, everyone is in my car, and we have already arrived at Imperial Capital, but I am afraid it will take some time to get to Clinic of No Treatment. People, all people, we have reached the intersection, let alone the car. , That is, there is no place for people to step down." Li Yào couldn't help but shouted.

     "Don't hang up the phone, I'll let Brother Xing Tian pick you up. This will make you stumped. Brother, you can only hang up in Wucheng." Guo Huai finished, before Li Yào could explain, he just hang up. After the phone call, the people in the car laughed.

     In fact, Li Yào is really nothing. In Imperial Capital and Wucheng, it is really different. What happens in Wucheng can be handled by Li Yào. Moreover, what can happen in Wucheng, Wucheng Vile Tetrad is lucky not to bully others. Is there anyone going to trouble them? Imperial Capital can't do that. Although Guo Huai is now in the Imperial Capital, he can't run amok in the name of his brother.

     "Little Huai, let the May 31st people go to this matter. Their cars are better than us. You don't need to worry about it, get ready to cut the ribbon. I will speak to Niu Meng and them." Xing Tian hung up Guo Huai's call , The two military vehicles parked outside Clinic of No Treatment started directly, and after a while, two vehicles with Li Yào sandwiched between the two vehicles drove in, and a few beauties walked down from the vehicle, making the youth of Imperial Capital The talented dumbstruck looked at."Li Yào, you can, if you don’t come, it’s amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. Where can you find so many beauties, let us introduce them." A group of Imperial Capital and Li Yào can tell. The speaking youth surrounded Li Yào and said jokingly.

     "It's not my turn to introduce me. If you want to meet, go to my fourth brother, he will come over in a while, and you will ask him to introduce you. These beauties are all his, and there is no brother." Li Yào loudly Said, Guo Huai has walked over from the house.

     "Brother Yao has worked hard, go in and talk, wives, big and small, have worked hard, hurry in, and we will cut the ribbon in the hospital in a moment, and you will come together." Guo Huai said with a smile, and the young people in front of Li Yào wanted to find a seam. Going in, Guo Huai's photos have been circulated in their respective families, and there is no one who is listed as Imperial Capital, or the most unprovoked person in China.

     Several people watched Guo Huai lead a group of beauties into the Clinic of No Treatment, and the tension in their hearts slowly eased. Fortunately, he didn't hear what he said earlier, otherwise he might be in trouble.

     "Li Yào said that those are all Guo Huai women, so are those underage little beauties?" A young man whispered, and several others naturally knew who he was talking about. Underage little beauties, not Nangong Lingmo What."What's the matter, do you have any thoughts about my sister? If so, I can contact you. Of course, I have to ask my brother-in-law if I agree with this matter." Nangong Fan looked at everyone with a smirk and said.

     "Cough cough cough, no wonder I feel a little bit of an impression. It turned out to be Little Lingmo, Nangong Fan, don’t talk nonsense, we don’t have any thoughts about Little Lingmo, we all know that Little Lingmo went to Wucheng to go to school, and this year has changed so much , They all grow so tall." The onlookers said quickly.

     A few people walked into Clinic of No Treatment. It was almost time to cut the ribbon. A long red cloth was placed in front of everyone. Guo Huai let Guo Liuyi stand in the middle. On both sides are Grandmaster Yufeng and Dragon King Xia Wudi. Outside is himself A group of confidants, when Mr. Guo wanted to say something at the beginning, he was directly stopped by Madame Guo. Clinic of No Treatment was originally Little Huai’s industry. What do you care about so much? Whoever Little Huai wants to cut the ribbon? Go, leave it alone.However, such a ribbon-cutting formation really surprised the people of Imperial Capital. The girls are also generous. They look at the quilt. The beautiful women are not afraid to see. After the ribbon-cutting, Guo Huai told everyone to take a rest at noon and in the afternoon. The restaurant will continue to open at two o’clock, and the nearby merchants will directly bring fast food. Today, whether it is a doctor or a person who comes to join the clinic, all food and drink will be borne by the Clinic of No Treatment. Of course, Gu Family. Guo Huai didn’t dare to care about his food. He had contacted several chefs from several big restaurants to work in Gu Family. When it was time for dinner, there were more than three hundred tables in Gu Family. This kind of battle can be regarded as a scene of Imperial Capital. Up.

     "Boy, set up a few tables for us alone, don't need to have too many dishes, make a few hard dishes." Guo Liuyi pulled Guo Huai aside and whispered, but Xia Wudi, who had good ears, also leaned in. It's good for a while. Guo Huai took over 20 tables of private kitchen.

     "Since he wants to eat the kid's possessions, he will not be polite to everyone. Just like before, one million per person, not enough money, and stuff, you can also bring things that can be used by the kid, haha. "Guo Huai laughed and said, "Second brother, collect the money, third brother, whoever pays will arrange seats for whoever pays, and go to the big table without paying, haha."Regardless of the murderous eyes of a group of old men, Guo Huai quickly ran to the Gu Family spare kitchen. After a while, a smell of meat came out of the kitchen, and he was eating the delicious food of the chefs of the Imperial Capital restaurants. The guests began to shook their heads helplessly, thinking that they were eating well, compared to the meaty smell just now, they ate them by themselves, hey, let alone.

     "Bad guy, don't you know how to go back to Wucheng to see us for so long?" Guo Huai took care of the food, and just came out of the kitchen, he encountered Nangong Lingmo, who had not seen him for a few months and had grown taller.

     "Little Lingmo, I've had a good life these days, I have grown a lot." Guo Huai smiled and touched Nangong Lingmo's head and said, "Kungfu hasn't been reduced either."

     "What's the use of growing taller? I don't know if you guys just like big breasts, hey, I don't know when I can be like Yu'er (Jade) sister, Lingling sister and others." The little girl and It’s the same as before, if it’s still a single brilliant feat, Guo Huai looks at the little girl in front of him, "Yu'er (Jade), Lingling, come here and take Little Lingmo away." ."

     Looking at this invincible little loli, Guo Huai is also drunk.
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