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Chapter Directory 287 China Fortune
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the people in front of Clinic of No Treatment did not diminish, and many reporters even reported in front of Clinic of No Treatment.

     "This handsome guy, did you come to Clinic of No Treatment to see you too?" Wang Jiajia, a reporter from the Imperial Capital News Network, walked to the line of a young man in his early twenties and asked with a smile.

     "Seeing a doctor? No, no, I'm not sick. I heard a call from my classmate just now, saying that Clinic of No Treatment has brought a lot of beautiful women. I came to see beautiful women." The young man smiled and said to the camera. Put a poss.

     "Then how many people see beautiful women like you?" Wang Jiajia frowned, but still asked with a smile for professional reasons.

     "I don't know, I uploaded a few photos of Clinic of No Treatment's ribbon cutting on the Imperial Capital College Forum. There are many beautiful women on them, so many students from Imperial Capital colleges and universities have come." The young man said with a smile.

     "Okay, thank you classmate." After Wang Jiajia finished speaking, he walked towards Clinic of No Treatment.

     "Beauty, if you come to see the doctor, please queue up." Just when he walked to the door of Clinic of No Treatment, Wang Jiajia was stopped by a disciple of Gu Family.

     "I'm looking for Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment. There is a problem with your current process." Wang Jiajia said loudly, "Tell me, let me go in."The boy Gu Family looked at the good-looking woman in front of him, but still adhered to the principle and did not let Wang Jiajia go directly in. The length was good, but compared with the beauties that Hall Lord asked to cut the ribbon, it was still a lot worse.

     "Master Huai, there is a woman looking for you outside, saying that there is a problem with our Clinic of No Treatment process. She seems to be a reporter." Gu Family still found someone to guard at the door first, and ran all the way to Guo Huai.

     "Reporter? Let me go and see." Guo Huai said with a smile. There was a problem with the process, and it seemed that there were some problems. Although the opening of Wucheng Clinic of No Treatment last time was not as big as before, the impact at that time was not There are so many in front of me, do I have to show my hand ah.

     "I am Guo Huai, Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment. I don't know if you said that our process was wrong this time, and what was wrong. If what the beauty said is true, this Snow Flesh Pill will be given to you." Guo Huai walked to Wang Jiajia's side and said with a smile."It is said that Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment is a teenager. I didn't expect it to be ah." Wang Jiajia looked at Guo Huai and exclaimed, "Get to know, my name is Wang Jiajia, I am a reporter from the Imperial Capital Evening News, Hall Lord Guo There was a long line of photos taken outside, but not all people inside came to see the doctor. Should you think of a way to let the sick or seriously ill people come first. In addition, Wucheng Although I did not attend the opening of Clinic of No Treatment, I heard from a friend from Wucheng that Hall Lord Guo treated ten people on the spot at the time. It was an eye-opener for the people present at the time. Would it be possible for the people of Imperial Capital to see Chinese medicine this time? The magic."

     Guo Huai looked at Wang Jiajia in front of him, and handed the jade box in his hand to Wang Jiajia, "Little Si, take beauty Wang to the hospital, and let all the people from the Imperial Capital Evening News go in." He walked straight out. .

     "Brother Xing, I remember that you have a big horn in your car. Unload it for me. I will use it." Guo Huai said loudly as he looked at Xing Tian who was standing next to the Clinic of No Treatment and chatting. Xing Tian is also welcome. I got a set of big speakers in the car, although I don't know what Guo Huai wants him to do, just give it to him."Hello everyone, I’m Hall Lord Guo Huai of Clinic of No Treatment. Thank you for coming today to join Clinic of No Treatment. But if it’s not for the purpose of seeing a doctor, I don’t want to line up here anymore. I hope more The opportunity to see a doctor is given to those who need to see a doctor.” Guo Huai said loudly, the voice spread far, the voice fell, thunderous applause, of course, many people lowered their heads.

     "Some friends want to join me in Clinic of No Treatment, maybe for other purposes, but there are gains and losses. For all patients who come to my Clinic of No Treatment to see a doctor, we will establish patient files. If people who are not sick, just come to join in the fun. , I will add these people to the Clinic of No Treatment blacklist. Such people will always be included in the Clinic of No Treatment six non-medicines. Their family members and friends will also be included in the Clinic of No Treatment. People who are not medical." Guo Huai's voice spread to the crowd. Many people slowly retreated from the crowd. No one can guarantee that they will not deal with the medical clinic forever."One more thing, please rest assured that all patients that Clinic of No Treatment can treat, regardless of money or money, Clinic of No Treatment will do its best to treat patients. This is my promise to all patients who come to Clinic of No Treatment. The pill auction in the morning will be held at Heavens Above in Gu Family in the afternoon. Friends with financial means can go to Gu Family to participate in the auction. In other words, 70% of the auction proceeds from Clinic of No Treatment will be used I hope everyone will supervise the medical treatment and children's education in remote places.” Guo Huai said, some of the crowd couldn't help but shed tears.

     "The last thing, you can tell your friends or relatives, if you have any incurable diseases, please come to my Clinic of No Treatment and try it. If the Clinic of No Treatment can't solve it, you will give out one million in medical relief. Patient." Guo Huai let out this sentence, and the emotions of the people outside Clinic of No Treatment reached a level of violence.

     Guo Huai looked at the big brand of Clinic of No Treatment, a powerful force of merit passed into his sea of consciousness, Opening Light Stage peak, Guo Huai's realm steadily stopped at the peak of Opening Light Stage .

     Guo Huai walked into the hospital, and the line of doctors outside became longer and longer. Gu Family even specially prepared a small hospital to let some seriously ill patients rest in it. Some people in the crowd also began to give up their positions to make the condition worse. Serious people entered the Clinic of No Treatment early."Boss, this Guo Huai is very unusual. It is much better than Guo Tian back then." After Li Dafu drove the Huaxia boss back, he drove to the vicinity of Clinic of No Treatment, although he did not get off the car. But what Guo Huai said just now really surprised him. If he can dare to make such a promise to the patient, this Guo Huai is extraordinary.

     "Support Clinic of No Treatment with all your strength, Huaxia has this medical center, Huaxia is fortunate." Huaxia No. 1 Officer is not a pedantic person, what age is it now, he is not afraid of Guo Family usurping power, if Guo Family wanted Sitting in his position, he would have been sitting long ago.

     Of course, the opening of Clinic of No Treatment in Imperial Capital has also touched the interests of many people. Thanks to this meeting, many people from the China Western Medical Association are meeting in the conference room to discuss some countermeasures.

     "Clinic of No Treatment has only opened two clinics in Imperial Capital and Wucheng. We now have many patients who have begun to try Chinese medicine treatment. It is undeniable that Chinese medicine has many advantages, but if you tell this kid like this , Western medicine will fail, and sooner or later it will be completely replaced by Chinese medicine.” An old man pointed to Guo Huai on the big screen and said with a smile."Old Ren, I don't think you are in a hurry." Liu Zihua, the director of the Imperial Capital Municipal Hospital, said with a smile, "It's just a private hospital. At that time, the Western doctors in Wucheng didn't deal with them. , I don’t believe that their Chinese medicine can solve all the problems. I have asked the hospital staff to transfer a few patients with incurable diseases. If they can be cured in the Clinic of No Treatment, it is the contribution of our Imperial Capital Municipal Hospital. If it can’t be cured, then give our patients one million, one move, two gains."

     "Old Liu, you are not bad at this move. It seems that I have to arrange arrangements for the people below." Another old man couldn't help but said, but there are several doctors from the Western Medical Association frowning, obviously right Several people were a little dissatisfied.
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