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Chapter Directory 291 Authentic Doctor
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"See clearly, the cause of brainstem hemorrhage is different from what you have analyzed. If you want to cure this symptom, you must catch this little thing." Guo Huai said, the silver needle jumped, silver A small worm still wriggling appeared on the needle of the needle. Whether it was watching the live broadcast or other people, all were shocked. There was such a thing in people's minds, it was terrible.

     "Not paying attention to diet or some living habits may cause some insects to enter your body. Of course, some insects will have a long incubation period, some insects will be easy to handle, but some insects are difficult to handle." Guo Huai Said with a smile at the camera.

     "But don’t worry, everyone. After some time, Clinic of No Treatment will develop some anti-worm medicines, which will be distributed to all citizens for free, and the prescriptions will also be announced to everyone. They are all cheap Chinese medicines. You can go home. Do it yourself.” Guo Huai's voice fell, Clinic of No Treatment because there were patients who hadn't done it yet, no one was making a lot of noise, but the people watching the live broadcast suddenly boiled. Healers, this is the real healer.

     "Old Liu, are you making trouble for Clinic of No Treatment or helping to promote Clinic of No Treatment? How come the intractable diseases that you mentioned are not a problem in Clinic of No Treatment." West Medical Association 1 The old man asked."Old Sun, you have always seen the patient just now. It was the same person who had the consultation a few days ago. It was Sun Tianxiang, the boss of Imperial Capital Hengxiang Trading. We were not sure about the operation, and the condition has not been resolved." He shook his head and said, "Let's take a look, you can't see anything from the video. Who knows whether the patient is dead or alive now. With his head open for so long, he is still in the mood to chat again."

     After Liu Zicheng's words were finished, the entire Western Medical Association nodded. The operation was not considered a success until the last moment. Now the video passed over does not explain anything, but if the Clinic of No Treatment really saved Sun Tianxiang The strength of Clinic of No Treatment will truly be recognized by the people of Imperial Capital, and Imperial Capital will once again create a wave of Chinese medicine. Of course, the end of Imperial Capital Municipal Hospital will be very miserable.

     Guo Huai seemed to have found what the Western Medical Association thought. He slowly squatted down and directly pulled out the two silver needles stuck in the Sun Tianxiang tumor. He took out a delicate small jade bottle and dropped three drops on the exposed brain. , Somewhat reluctant to put the jade bottle back on her body again."Grandma, the face of this patient is very wealthy and wealthy. The middle-aged man has this calamity. I will help you to count the calamity. Today, on the first day of Clinic of No Treatment's opening, I can't let Xiaoye lose money when he opens. The so-called big eaters means that you should find a big one to settle the money you spent today." Guo Huai thought to himself, "Lao Tzu's three drops of Fenghua Yulu can not be bought by money."

     Guo Huai slowly closed Sun Tianxiang’s head. There was an extra golden yellow needle in his hand, and a silver-white thin thread was wrapped around the needle. Then his hands cooperated very quickly, and it took a minute. When the time came, the skull had been stitched up, Guo Huai put away the fine needles, and took off the silver needles pierced on Sun Tianxiang at a very slow speed.

     "Yunfeng, the operation is over?" Liu Zicheng asked incredulously, "This is too inconceivable, right."

     The expressions of several people who have been standing next to Sun Tianxiang have different expressions. Guo Huai can naturally see that these people are family members of Sun Tianxiang. At the very beginning, a girl wanted to say something to herself many times, but she was caught by the women next to her. I stopped, but now the girl finally showed a hint of joy.

     "Uncle, how is my father." The little girl looked at Guo Huai and asked in a soft voice, uncle, the black line on Guo Huai's face who was washing his hands."I think it's more appropriate for you to call my brother." Guo Huai smiled and said, "Your father is okay, he will wake up in a few minutes, but he can't be too irritated. I think some of you should first Avoid it, especially some people who said something that shouldn't be said when the patient passed out." Guo Huai's eyes fell directly on a woman in her early thirties, and the two beside him who looked like him. Somewhat like men.

     "Doctor, are you sure Brother Xiang is okay? The specialists of Imperial Capital will have the consultation. The success rate of this operation is not more than 10%. Even if you wake up, it is very likely to be a vegetable." The woman looked at Guo Huai and whispered.

     "I'll know in a few minutes, but I think you should leave Clinic of No Treatment first. The three of you are not welcome to Clinic of No Treatment. Brother Xing, please send them out." Guo Huai finished, no Xing Tian in the distance ran over directly, what else the woman wanted to say, was pulled out by the two men beside her.

     "What are you guys doing? I'm Sun Tianxiang's woman. He died and I scored the property. He undying. I have to follow him. Why let the dead girl be inside and drive us out." The woman was just pulled outside. , Could not help shouting loudly."Little sister, keep your voice down. It's okay for Sun Tianxiang to die or become a vegetable. If he is really cured by that guy, we will have a hard time in the future." The older man said nervously. .

     Sun Tianxiang was widowed in his early years and never remarried until he met Liu Meiyu, the woman in front of him. Because she was very similar to her ex-wife, Sun Tianxiang was also very affectionate for this woman. Sun Family’s business is very big, Liu Meiyu At first, he didn’t make any drastic actions, but later discovered that although Sun Tianxiang was willing to spend money on himself, he did not regard himself as a member of the Sun Family after all. So taking advantage of Sun Tianxiang’s illness, he wanted to get some Sun. Family property.

     Her two elder brothers have worked hard in business for several years, and naturally they want to make some windfall with their sister, because Sun Tianxiang has only one daughter, and the two elders above have passed away. Sun Tianxiang fell ill. There is no big ups and downs under Sun Tianxiang's leadership, but if Sun Tianxiang really falls, they definitely have a chance. But now, they have no chance, because Sun Tianxiang has already woke up."Old Sun board, sit in the backyard, I did your surgery, we have to talk about the medical expenses, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, Sun Tianxiang nodded gently, and glanced at his daughter Recently, the little girl has suffered a lot of grievances because of his own affairs. Although he was unconscious, he knew everything about the outside clearly, so he directly took his daughter to the backyard with Guo Huai.

     "Chengjian, Sun Tianxiang was really cured by him. This, this is too inconceivable. If his operation is performed jointly by us, it will take at least seven hours. After the operation, at least 24 observations are needed. Forty-eight hours, it’s fortunate to be able to wake up within 48 hours. After trying to stand up and walk for at least one month, what method did the Guo Huai Hall Lord use?” Duan Yunfeng couldn't help but said.

     "It's like a god." Liu Chengjian hesitated for a long time before uttering these five words.

     "Little Rou, dad knows that you have suffered a lot of wrongs recently, and you won't do it anymore." Sun Tianxiang hugged his daughter. The little girl couldn't help it anymore, she started to cry, almost four or five. Minutes, the emotions of both people slowly calmed down.
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