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Chapter Directory 294 The Secret In The Gourd
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Wang Jiajia was taken down by the fat middle-aged man in front of him. Although the Wang family is not a big family in Imperial Capital, Wang Jiajia’s monthly living expenses are almost tens of thousands of yuan, but the other party directly said that he would buy a medicine for 100 million yuan. But Wang Jiajia was stunned.

     "Reporter Wang, if 100 million is not enough, the price should be negotiated, 130 million, or 150 million if it doesn't work. Money is not a problem." The middle-aged man looked at Wang Jiajia and didn't say anything. Said.

     "Cough cough, this gentleman, I'm really embarrassed. I'm going to take this pill by myself. You can ask someone else." Wang Jiajia whispered, 150 million yuan, which is indeed a great temptation, but Wang Jiajia knows After today's auction, she knew the value of the medicine, even if she didn't take it, she still had to keep the medicine in the Wang family.

     "Hey, I hope there will be pill auctions in the future." The middle-aged man shook his head helplessly and walked out of the Clinic of No Treatment.

     Jia Yuan fell asleep, and a group of students from Clinic of No Treatment were tired. The people of Violent Dragon Group kept order. Dragon King and Huaxia Military Region jointly ordered that all those who took the medicine must report the medicine. In the military region, no medicine can be taken out of China, otherwise it will be treated as a traitor.It was almost three o'clock in the morning of the next day, and all the talents from Gu Family had gone. The soldiers who stayed in the Violent Dragon Group of Clinic of No Treatment gave a sigh of relief. Whoever can take the medicine, who is not in China University There is a background, if you send these people out of Gu Family safely, what happens again has nothing to do with Clinic of No Treatment.

     Of course, many people did not take away the pill. They naturally knew the value of the pill. They have already discussed with Gu Yun and put the pill in Gu Family. Whoever takes the pill will come directly to Gu Family to take it. Of course, put it. In Gu Family, I can’t let it go for nothing. For the storage fee of 10,000 yuan a day, Gu Yun came straight to the floor and raised the price, but everyone has no objection. If you have money to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on pill, you can spend hundreds of thousands more. They pay for the storage fee.

     However, these people are not idle, nor is Hall Lord Guo Huai of Clinic of No Treatment. He and Yu'er (Jade) have been in the secret room for a long time, and the gourd obtained from Sun Tianxiang is placed in them. In front of him, Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade) each played for more than an hour, and finally saw some doors.

     "Elder Brother Huai, I heard it. The pill outside sold at a sky-high price of over 400 million. The few pill that you gave Sun Tianxiang is worth at least one billion. If there is nothing good in it, you can just I have to pay." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile."Big Wife, there is nothing in it. This gourd alone is worth the money of the pill." Guo Huai said with a smile, not to mention that he could not have nothing in this gourd, and it seemed that there was still Some things he needs.

     "How confident is it that you can open this gourd?" Yu'er (Jade) asked with a smile, "You don’t have the Jade Core on your body, so you can’t lay out Array Formation. If there are any powerful guys in the gourd, I’m afraid we two are very Something may happen ah."

     Guo Huai nodded lightly. Only then did he find that he hated less when he used it. Before, he used Jade Core to fiddle with Array Formation to absorb the aura, but now it's really a bag.

     "Big Wife, then you said we can't open it yet. If I don't open this gourd today, I feel itchy." Guo Huai couldn't help but said, "Or let's try it, don't force it, the Array Formation on this gourd The Array Formation on Laojun Gourd is not as powerful, and even if backlash, I can resist it."

     "Then let's go. Telepath True Monarch was famously bold back then. You can't die." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, and his eyes fell on the gourd again.

     "Don't worry, now I am not the stupid and daring I was back then." Guo Huai said with a hint of embarrassment, "Just help me protect the law, don't let other people disturb me."Yu'er (Jade) smiled and nodded. Gu Family's secret room doesn’t say anything else. This defense is definitely leveraged. Besides, there is Yu'er (Jade) as a monster guardian, not to mention Golden Core Stage. The master of, cannot influence Guo Huai.

     "Without Array Formation, I really dare not care." Guo Huai dropped Divine Sense on the gourd and couldn't help but said. There was a nine-nine corpse formation on the gourd, which made Guo Huai frowned.

     It takes three hours for Guo Huai to enter the setting. Yu'er (Jade) disperses Divine Sense. Apart from Dragon King and Bigu Stage masters, there are no outsiders within a hundred miles, and Guo Huai will no longer protect the law. I leisurely found something to eat and started eating.

     "This gourd doesn't seem to be passed down from the decent sect, so be careful." After breaking through the nine-nine mummy formation, the Sifang Yasha formation appeared. Although it has little influence on Guo Huai, which decent figure is in his gourd These things were made on the Internet. It was a corpse and a Yaksha. Guo Huai was right at all. When he broke the Array Formation a little bit, the gourd was also lively."Qiu Daoyuan, how do I feel that someone is opening this gourd, do we have a chance to go out ah." Inside the gourd, two old men with the appearance of Taoist priests are playing a game of chess. One of them smiled and said that no one knows this person now. Who is he, but if it were placed ten thousand years ago, when the Great Witch was rampant, this person's name would be famous, Demon-Slaughtering Daoist Li Shixin.

     "Old man Li, I think you want to go out and want to get confused. Let's stay in it for almost ten thousand years. We were trapped in this gourd when we were trapped by Desire Demon. How could someone get it from Desire Demon? Let’s save it, don’t forget, Desire Demon is easy to deal with on its own, but coupled with that dream monster, I am afraid that it is Heavens Above underground, no one can beat it." Qiu Daoyuan shook his head and said, this man was ten thousand years ago He is also a ruthless person, but thousands of years in the gourd have made him lose the passion of the year.

     "It's really moving, can't you feel it, someone broke the Array Formation outside, please feel it." Li Shixin couldn't help but exclaimed, "Haha, I didn't expect that I was trapped for thousands of years. There is a chance to go out.” At this time, Qiu Daoyuan also felt the changes in the gourd, and had been suppressed by a few Great Arrays. Now that the pressure has suddenly decreased, how could they be unhappy.Guo Huai has broken through four Array Formations outside. The more you go inside, the more pressure Guo Huai feels.

     "Is there really a terrible person in it? Such a big formation is rare even in Heavenly Court." After Guo Huai broke the fifth Array Formation, he began to slowly gather Divine Sense together. "Don’t open it. If there is a good person in it, I will save it. If there is a devil inside, I will die when I die. If the people on the earth are in a terrible situation, this kind of thing will make Lao Tzu eighteen. Layers of hell are never superb, but light ah."

     It doesn’t matter if Guo Huai stops, the two enchanting characters inside are anxious, Jiuzhong Great Array, they can feel that most of them have been unlocked outside, but there has been no movement for more than half an hour, and it seems to have stopped. Up.

     "Lao Qiu, it's up to you. See if we can contact people outside. If it's Great Demon, we won't lose anything if we are trapped inside, but if we are decent masters, then we can go out." Li Shixin couldn't help but said.

     "I have comprehended ten thousand years in this gourd, and finally realized the mystery of the top ten iron rules. I hope it can save us." Qiu Daoyuan said softly, and a sound transmission passed from the gourd.

     "Divine Sense retracted, Xiaoye is gone." Guo Huai Divine Sense gathered, and when he was about to leave, a voice came into his mind."Nanhai Sanxiu Qiu Daoyuan is polite. I don't know which god has come to the rescue, but why did it stop after saving."
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