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Chapter Directory 295 Nothing Is Missing
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

It doesn’t matter what Qiu Daoyuan said. It almost scared the Divine Sense that Guo Huai had just got together. It was too scary. After a few hours of tossing, I was ready to go back. I didn’t expect someone to wait for him to continue breaking the array. It.

     "I didn't intend to disturb Shangxian's practice. The kid just broke into the formation unintentionally and said goodbye." Guo Huai calmed down and said to the gourd, "Grandma's, Nanhai has more casual cultivators, and there was a lot of evil back then. Xiu gathered in the world, and he was sent down by the old Jade Emperor to suppress him. If he was someone he knew inside, he would really be killed.

     "Friends please wait, meeting is fate, why don't you talk, I have no malice." Qiu Daoyuan said quickly.

     "Qiu Daoyuan, this name seems to have never been heard before, I don't know if Yu'er (Jade) knows, let's go out and talk about it." Guo Huai calmly thought, "Shang Xian joked, we never saw it before. Now, sometimes it’s better not to see each other. The kid says goodbye. I will ask my daughter-in-law if she knows you. If my daughter-in-law knows you, then I will be like a way to save you.” After Guo Huai said, Divine Sense quickly followed The gourd was pulled out.Qiu Daoyuan and Li Shixin looked at each other. The two returned to the chessboard again and played chess. After ten thousand years, this kind of thing was not encountered once, but this time they gave them a little more hope. Their minds quickly fell on the chessboard, as if nothing had happened.

     "Big Wife, come in quickly, there is something big." Guo Huai wail like ghosts and howl like wolves' roar, it shocked Yu'er (Jade) who was meditating. Did something happen? In the blink of an eye, Yu'er (Jade) had entered the secret room, Guo Huai was sipping the wine in the gourd, as if nothing happened.

     "If you lie to me, you will be dead." Yu'er (Jade) glared at Guo Huai and said loudly, although waiting outside for seven or eight hours is nothing, but Guo Huai wail like ghosts and howl like wolves just now At that moment, Yu'er (Jade) was really scared.

     "Big Wife, there are people in this gourd, saying that it is South China Sea casual repair, I broke five Array Formation, fortunately I stopped in time, otherwise the matter will be serious." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Nanhai Sanxiu? Did he tell you what your name is? If it's Nanhai Sanxiu, the people there seem to be masters. They can be trapped in it for thousands or even thousands of years. This is definitely more patient than you "Yu'er (Jade) said thoughtfully. She had heard of it when she followed Chang'e on the road to the sky a long time ago in Nanhai Sanxiu."Qiu Daoyuan, yes, it's called Qiu Daoyuan." Guo Huai got some food out of the gourd, and started to eat, thinking that he should take time to find Jade Core.

     "Qiu Daoyuan? Eliminating Demons Master Qiu Daoyuan, is there anyone else? There should be Li Shixin, the demon eliminator. The two of them disappeared together at the time." Yu'er (Jade) reacted fiercely, Wan Years ago, Great Witch was in power. At that time, Great Demon old criminals, humans and Great Witch cooperated, and decided to give the humans the merits of the road to the sky. At that time, two ruthless demons appeared, Eliminating Demons Master Qiu Daoyuan and the Taoist demons Li Shixin, but during a fierce fight, the two fell into the trap of Great Demon and disappeared for ten thousand years. Is it that Guo Huai is so lucky that he accidentally found two people who are against the sky.

     "Yu'er (Jade) wife, it won't be a coincidence, but it seems to be different from what you said, just one person. Could it be that Great Demon was trapped inside and pretended to be ah." Guo Huai said with a trace of disbelief."It is also possible, but I think we two Divine Sense will go in together this time. If it is really the two Nanhai casual cultivators back then, you might as well rescue them and let them owe you a great favor. Then you It’s not difficult to go back to Heavenly Court. Think about it. The Great Witch owed their favor to them, and they owed your favor to you. At that time, Imperial Capital would not care about it.” Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile. This time Guo Huai was tempted by words.

     "It’s not working today. It’s dawn. I’ve been tossing it all night. I’m afraid I might not be able to break the Array Formation like today. Anyway, they’ve been in it for nearly ten thousand years, and it’s okay to stay longer. Questions.” Guo Huai finished speaking, and ate something, and sat cross-legged. Although there is no need to sleep, he still needs to regain his strength.

     "Fourth, fourth brother, rich man, come out and count the money, if you don't come out again, the money will be mine." Jia Yuan's pig-killing voice remembered in the yard, Guo Huai sighed, hey, Lay, really lazy.

     "Fourth, fourth, my brother will not do business in the future. I will come to Clinic of No Treatment to help you. I will mix with you in the future. Do you know how much money we paid for the pill yesterday?" Jia Yuan looked excited. Said.

     "Second brother, let me correct it. It's not how much money we took, it's me, it's Clinic of No Treatment." Guo Huai said with a serious face, Jia Yuan's face drooped."Fourth old, without you, I was almost exhausted yesterday. You scored a little, 1%, I don't want more, only 1%." Jia Yuan said cheeky.

     "Second brother, we are brothers. If you are short of money, donate what you should donate and take the rest. Look at what you said, brother, am I like such a stingy person?" Guo Huai smiled Said, Li Yào and Wang Sheng who walked in from the outside laughed. Jia Yuan looked at the three of them with embarrassment, and slapped her head severely. Yes, we are brothers. What do I think? ah.

     "Second brother, how much money, you are also a billionaire, how much money can excite you like this." Guo Huai said with a jerky in his hand and smiled.

     "Forty-nine thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight billion, not counting the fraction. I am the man who helped Violent Dragon Group, 531 and Gu Family, and there are 49.8 billion left. Oh my god, brother, I'm here Wuchang has been working hard for so many years but has saved more than a billion yuan. Speaking of working capital, he can spend up to 500 million yuan. It's good for you. You made more than 40 billion yuan by selling medicine in one night." Jia Yuan sighed.

     Li Yào and Wang Sheng also had relaxed faces at first, but when they heard the number of 49.8 billion, the relaxed energy of their faces disappeared. It was nearly 150 billion in one night, no one in the world. The place is not so profitable, right."If there is more money, there will be some figures. In fact, more money is not necessarily a good thing. According to what I said earlier, three brothers, please help me get a foundation for helping children, helping the disabled, and children’s education. I'm really worried about giving it to others." Guo Huai said with a smile, and the three nodded fiercely, trust, this is trust.

     Several people from Guo Huai returned to Clinic of No Treatment from Gu Family. Clinic of No Treatment has already started business. Yesterday, although the auction of pill medicine has doubled, everyone who participated in the auction was told not to speak up, but it was still spread in Imperial Capital. Up.

     "What? Dafu, you said that Guo Huai guy sold nearly 50 billion pill in one night?" Huaxia No.1 heard Li Dafu's report and suddenly couldn't sit still, 50 billion, although Imperial Capital has a lot People can spend 50 billion, but you don't dare to think that these 50 billion are sales in one night.

     "Dafu, arrange for me to meet Guo Huai recently. He is not short of money. Think about what he needs and prepare for me." After speaking, No. 1 Officer hung up Li Dafu's call.

     "What do I need? With so much money, what else is needed, and he has a hand against the sky, he doesn't seem to lack anything." Li Dafu sighed and said.
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