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Chapter Directory 296 Jade Tour
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Mojiang Province is a large province in southwest China. It has several jade mountains and neighboring countries are also rich in jade. Over time, Mojiang is famous for jade. Taiyun City, the capital of Mojiang Province, has gradually formed the largest jade trading market in China. Called "Jade City".

     "Brother, we've been here for two days, when will we go out and shop ah." Because the Clinic of No Treatment just opened there, Guo Huai didn't think about bringing anyone else, but Guo Tongyuan has been suffocating recently, and finally Guo Huai Let Yu'er (Jade) stay in Imperial Capital and bring Guo Tongyuan to Taiyun.

     "Take a rest, the 15th is the big market. I can't find any good things after I went there recently." Guo Huai was lying on the bed, playing with a fist-sized stone. He just picked it up on the roadside of Taiyun City. Yes, Guo Huai didn't infiltrate Divine Sense, he took out a knife in his hand and started carving on the stone.

     "Give me the money, I'll go out around." Guo Tongyuan couldn't help but said.

     "This is a thousand yuan, don't mess with it, he he." Guo Huai smiled, drew a wad from a wad of money and threw it to Guo Tongyuan. Guo Tongyuan originally wanted to say something, but he looked at Guo Huai and took care of it. With an unreasonable expression, he gritted his teeth and walked out with the money.

     In less than half an hour, Guo Tongyuan came back from the outside in a gray head, holding two large stones in his hand, and did not speak. The stones were thrown on the ground and he was lying on the bed."A thousand dollars to buy such a broken thing?" Guo Huai glanced at the stones on the ground, and looked at Guo Tongyuan and asked, "Junior, at any rate, you are also the one who did great things back then. Is this the eye power?" Guo Huai Get off the bed, touched the stone with his hand, shook his head and said.

     "Just with my eyesight, go to bed, call me when I eat and when." Guo Tongyuan finished speaking, lying on the bed. Guo Huai's eyes widened. He didn't want the style of this cheap junior, but after thinking about it, he went to bed and went for a stroll at night.

     At 7 o'clock in the afternoon, Guo Huai shouted Guo Tongyuan and went out to taste the delicacy of Taiyun City, but just walked out of the hotel, a woman in her thirties looked at Guo Tongyuan and shouted.

     "Young man, I told you not to go out alone. You have to listen. The money was stolen. Did the two stones you picked pit your grown-up?" The woman had a lot of voice, and many people around watched. past.

     "Sister, you, did you admit the wrong person? I have been sleeping in the hotel in the afternoon." Guo Tongyuan stammered. Guo Huai looked at Guo Tongyuan playfully. No wonder he came back so early and the money was stolen after a long time. Ah.

     "How can you admit the wrong person? The two stones you removed are in front of our house. I won't ask you for money, so you don't need to be nervous." The woman said carelessly."Sister, you take this one hundred dollars. We can't ask for this stone for nothing. Thank you ah." Guo Huai stepped forward and handed the one hundred dollars to Guo Tongyuan. Guo Tongyuan's face was flushed and he wanted to find Drill in a seam.

     "Then I will accept the money. You'd better let the adults follow along. To tell the truth, if you come here to see and see the gambling, you can play, don’t gamble. You can’t tell if you have a little eye.” The eldest sister finished speaking and put the money in her pocket and left.

     "Senior Tongyuan, I said that your eyesight isn't that bad." Guo Huai said with a smile, "but you don't only have money to be stolen."

     Guo Tongyuan lowered his head and Guo Huai laughed loudly. The two walked into a restaurant. Guo Huai hadn't spoken yet, Guo Tongyuan had already ordered a table of dishes.

     "Brother, if I find out who stole my money, I will have to give him three knives and six holes." Guo Tongyuan's voice was not small, and several people looked at Guo Huai's side maliciously. Guo Huai did not speak, it was not easy to find someone who stole the money.

     "Brother Sui, it was your sheep caught just now. Be careful. The person you started with seems to have an older brother. He is eating here at Uncle Wu." In the toilet, a young man whispered to the phone."Both are fat sheep. If Brother Qi wants to start, brother won't eat alone." The phone said loudly, "but Brother Qi's courage is getting smaller and smaller." After speaking, Brother Sui over there hung up. Phone.

     However, Qi Baoshan was not angry. He was indeed less courageous. However, it seemed that some of the people who followed him hadn't entered the game for some days. Unlike the people of Sui Wushan, they had to lead the game every few days.

     "Junior Brother, this is 10,000 yuan. You still have the money for a while. If you lose it again, we really don't have money to eat." Guo Huai said, taking out a bundle of money and putting it in On the table, suddenly everyone in the dining room looked at them.

     "He he, brother, this money can't be lost, I still want to get the lost money back." Guo Tongyuan said with a smile, he naturally understood what Guo Huai meant.

     "Brother Qi, these two people consider everyone else beneath one ah." Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan walked out of the restaurant after eating. A teenager whispered to Qi Bao Baoshan, "Should I go to pull the wool?"

     "Sui Wushan's sheep, let them toss first. That kid feels a little weird to me. Don't be troublesome because of Dragon from across the river." Qi Baoshan fumbled once in Taiyun a few years ago, but that time The man who was stolen didn't bother him. Since then, Qi Baoshan has been very accurate and restrained a lot. This has also allowed him to go smoothly in recent years.Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan were walking on the road, and a one hundred bill was stuffed into Guo Tongyuan’s buttocks. This location is the thief’s favorite place. Cut a small mouth and take the cash away, but Sui Wushan’s people seem to be very cautious. No one did it until the pedestrian street, but a few people around Guo Tongyuan and Guo Huai had walked back and forth several times.

     "Brother, the things have been taken away. It seems that I am really going to drink the northwest wind these days." Guo Tongyuan felt a cold in his buttocks. He reached out to touch his back pocket. He was cut open and there was nothing left. A cool breeze blew in through the slit, and it was chilly.

     "Imperial Capital met a few Thieves' Gate people last time. I didn't expect to meet again in Taiyun this time. Junior Brother, are you talking about fate?" Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Fate a fart, talking about Thieves' Gate, these years I have stolen other people's things, when was it stolen by others, and his mother was stolen twice in a row. This time I have hacked on money. Let’s go to their base camp and see.” Guo Tongyuan said, closing his eyes, and the location of the stolen money appeared in his mind. Regardless of whether Guo Huai agreed with him or not, he pulled Guo Huai towards a nearby one. The mansion ran away.

     "Master Sui, I thought it was Dragon from across the river, but it was just two brainless boys." A young man in his early twenties said, throwing a Chinese dollar to a man in his forties."It's not the best Dragon from across the river. Lao Tzu likes fat sheep like this. You guys have watched these two fat sheep. Now that they are brought to your mouth, there is no reason not to eat clean." Sui Wushan smiled Said.

     "Boom!" After a few people in the room didn't realize what had happened, Guo Tongyuan kicked the door open and walked in with an unhappy expression. "I despise people like you the most in my life. Why don't you have to steal it?"
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