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Chapter Directory 298 Jade Exchange Market One ()
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Early in the morning of the third day, Sui Wushan took his own people to the hotel where Guo Huai lived with a few woven bags. Eight million in cash was neatly placed in Guo Huai’s room. Sui Wushan's head was drooping. He really can't afford to offend the young man in front of him.

     "Thieves' Gate has the rules of Thieves' Gate. You stole my junior for the first time. You shouldn't steal him a second time. Some things in Thieves' Gate over the years have violated the principles of stealing and ethics. I was originally not you. The people in the Nine Gates shouldn't care about your business, but you have done a little too much." Guo Huai said with a smile while sitting on a stool. Several people in the room were sweating.

     "Master Huai, we knew it was wrong. Imperial Capital Jiuye has already taught us. We don't care about the other Thieves' Gate disciples. There will be no more disciples of Thieves' Gate in Taiyun City who break the rules." Sui Wushan said softly.

     "Take the money back and do some serious business. The thieves who were a hundred times stronger than you in the past will finally return to the right path." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Go back, my little master, I have something to do today, think about it. What I told you is that you can’t do something with good hands. If you really want to do this, go abroad and generate income for the country.” After speaking, Guo Huai didn’t care about the nine million cash on the ground, I walked out with Guo Tongyuan, today is the 15th, Taiyun City jade trading market."Two please wait, tickets. If you want to enter the trading market, you have to buy a ticket, 300 yuan each." Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan were stopped by a man in his thirties and looked at Guo with a smile on his face. Two of Huai.

     "We didn't ask for tickets when we came a few days ago. Why do we have to buy tickets to enter the venue today?" Guo Tongyuan asked loudly. Recently, apart from having a fight with Sui Wushan and venting his vent, his mood has not been very good. "And they, why don't they want votes? They only accept votes for the two of us."

     "This kid is coming to Taiyun City for the first time." The man was not angry, and said with a smile, "Taiyun City has a big city on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month. Only the big city accepts tickets. Taiyun locals do not charge tickets. Those who have participated in the Taiyun Jade Market more than three times do not charge tickets. They are all elderly or locals. They will definitely not accept tickets. You must buy tickets when you first arrive in Taiyun City. "

     "Three hundred, I buy a ticket, my younger brother doesn't need it, I think this is also your Taiyun City rule, it seems that children can enter and exit the jade trading market at will, right." Guo Huai said while looking at the man with a smile.

     "He he, three hundred sheets, but the little brother should take good care of his younger brothers. If you get lost in the jade trading market, it will be troublesome to find it." The man took the three hundred dollars handed over by Guo Huai. Said with a smile."Jushi Street Neighborhood Committee? What kind of ticket is this." Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan walked into the trading market. They threw a place at the door with different face values. There were various admission tickets, including fifty and one hundred. There were three hundred, and one thousand. Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan suddenly understood that they were not the one who bought the tickets for the relationship, and they were taken advantage of. They bought a ticket for 300 yuan.

     "I'm going to find that guy, I can't let them cheat like this because I have money." Guo Tongyuan said loudly, but he was held back by Guo Huai.

     "Don't go, haven't you seen it? There are more people who are being taken advantage of than us. If you buy an admission ticket for a thousand yuan, the people of Taiyun are quite good at doing business." Guo Huai said with a smile, "This friend, Why look anxious? Could it be that the money was stolen." Guo Huai looked at a well-dressed young man standing there with a wry smile and couldn't help asking.

     "I'm the one that you said was taken advantage of." The man whispered, "No wonder the old man said I'm not for business, hey, I will go home when I finish spending the money.

     "Guo Huai, it’s the first time we’ve been here. It’s better to take a look together. If you have one more person, the chances of encountering good things will be greater." Guo Huai said with a smile. The person in front of him felt pretty good, because Such a dull young man is a bit like his apprentice back then."Zhu Lang, I don’t have a lot of money, so I just joined Brother Guo. I hope I can buy a stone that can produce jade. When I go home, the old man can’t say anything to me." Zhu Lang said with a smile. It disappeared instantly.

     "It's really heartless. If you say you change, you will change. The truth with my apprentice is fate when you meet. This time, my brother will help you." Guo Huai said in his heart, saying that gods can hardly break an inch of jade. Nonsense, precious jade has spirit, real good jade, not to mention it is a god, even the masters of Golden Core Stage can also feel the sevens and eights. Of course, Guo Huai has been playing jade for so many years, he has his own method of distinguishing jade, and the things in front of him. I can't trouble him, if he wants to, he can pick out all the jade in the trading market.

     "Several people, come and take a look. The stone of Mt. Taiyun that was just pulled over today has already been sold out several gems." Several people walked to the front of a stall. A boss said loudly, Guo Huai glanced at it. The firecrackers and confetti on the ground, looking at the stones in this house, I couldn’t help but shook my head, and came to a conclusion secretly. This marketing method is OK. A bunch of useless blasting stones can dare to say that they are Mt. Taiyun stones. .

     "Guo Huài Brother, or let's go in and take a look." Zhu Lang said excitedly when he heard someone drive Baoyu out.

     "Brother Zhu, just arrived, let's go around a few times first, not in a hurry." Guo Huai smiled and pulled Zhu Lang aside."Little Brother Huai, actually the stone at that house is really good. The gems are divided into eight grades. According to the color of the jade, the more translucent, the higher the grade. Look at the pendant that the boss wears on his waist. Good jade, that one must be good. "Zhu Lang’s family is in the jade business. They have been in touch with these things since they were young. Although they are a little dull, they listen to these things every day. I haven’t eaten pork and haven’t seen pigs. Run? Speaking of jade, it is all right.

     But after listening to Zhu Lang's words, Guo Huai has a black line on his face. What kind of jade is hanging on the boss's waist? That is a glass pendant. Imperial Capital can buy three antiques for ten dollars on a street, and pay it back. The price can buy five.

     "Let’s go around, maybe there is something better." Guo Huai didn’t reveal it, and said with a smile. Guo Huai doesn’t use Divine Sense to observe the stones. If you want to buy a stone with Jade Core, you have to look at luck. If you buy this Things also rely on their own perception, so living is too boring.

     After wandering for about ten minutes, Guo Huai stopped in a small shop in a corner. The stones in the shop gave him a good feeling, and there should be the presence of Jade Core.

     "This one, and a few over there, how can I sell it?" Guo Huai chose a few stones and asked with a smile.

     "The big one is 100, the small one is 70. If you buy more, you get 10% off." The 50-year-old boss in the house said to Guo Huai without looking at the stone."Boss, one hundred a catty, one kilogram, or one or two ah." Guo Huai then asked loudly. The boss raised his head and walked out of it. Now that he asked such a question, it looks like a stone buyer. If you are not a novice, the set you have made is meaningless.

     Taiyun City jade trading market has a lot of deceptive things by merchants. They all buy the stone and open it. Once the stone is opened, the price of the stone is the seller's decision. It is also sold for one hundred and one catty. Grams are also sold. If you don’t want to buy it, you want to return it. So sorry, the stone is opened and you cannot return it.
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