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Chapter Directory 302 Jade Exchange Market (4)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Sun Feiyang directly wrote a check for 3 million to Guo Tongyuan and left with the stone. Guo Huai was not worried that the check was false. Sun Feiyang gave him a good feeling.

     "Brother Guo Huai, in fact, if you want to bet on stones, you have to wait until after three in the afternoon. The official market will give you a hundred stones. There are half gambling materials and full gambling ones. Stones usually have to wait until the big city officials have them.” Gao Yufeng followed Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan and said with a smile.

     Since this Guo Huai had some friendship with the Jade Emperor Sun Feiyang, Gao Yufeng told himself that he had to make a good relationship with these two outsiders.

     "It turns out that three o'clock in the afternoon is the real beginning of the big market." Guo Huai nodded gently after hearing Gao Yufeng's words. "Brother Gao, I don't know what the general transaction price of a hundred stones in this big market is. Who provided the official stone ah. "

     "My brother may not know it. In the past, most of the stones in Taiyun City came from the old pits on Mt. Taiyun, but with the inclination of environmental protection and local policies these years, fewer and fewer stones are pulled out of the old pits on the mountain. Now, half of the stones in the big city are brought from Mt. Taiyun, and the remaining half are shipped from neighboring countries. As for who these stones belong to, of course it belongs to the Jade Association. This association cannot be entered casually. Either there are stones or money." Gao Yufeng said with a smile."On the 5th of this month, in the big market on the 5th of this month, one hundred stones sold for 350 million, and no one was sold out. But you did a good time on this trip. Generally, on the 15th, the total amount of money sold will be The highest in a month. If you want to make a few rocks for fun, you have to prepare more than ten million." Gao Yufeng continued.

     "Ten million? You don’t really have that much money, Junior Brother Tongyuan, you have to use the three million you have at that time. We will drive a few more rocks later to see if we can make up 10 million. In the afternoon Get some good stuff." Guo Huai said with a smile, Gao Yufeng has a black line on his face, do you say that if you open a Baoyu, you can open a Baoyu? If betting on stone is really so easy, there won't be many people losing a family fortune in this jade market every month.

     "Brother, if you just want to play casually, just buy some stones in this market. You are still young, so you can't be impulsive." Gao Yufeng said with a smile.

     "Thank you Brother Gao for reminding us. Let's open a few more yuan. Brother Gao will be busy if there is anything." Guo Huai said with a smile, and he did not bring any money this time. In fact, Guo Huai was not prepared to be here If you want to get Jade Core in the jade trading market, you have to go to Mt. Taiyun and find it yourself."Brother, we have three million in our body. If we don't need to perceive, we choose stones with our eyes alone, let alone make ten million, these three million won't be saved." Guo Tongyuan watched Gao Yufeng walk away and said in a low voice. .

     "Don't worry, brother knows the score, I'm still sure about betting on the stone." Guo Huai said with a smile, squatting down beside a big booth.

     "Little brother, come to buy jade? I am definitely all the stones pulled out of the old pit of Mt. Taiyun. I dare not say that there can be jade, but it is definitely better than theirs." A middle-aged man in his thirties looked at Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan squatted on the ground and walked over with a smile and said.

     "Boss, how do you sell this stone?" Guo Huai asked while weighing a few stones in his hand.

     "He he, this is my brother's business card. The two are from other places. My name is Li Dahui." The middle-aged man said with a smile, "I am a guest from afar. There are one hundred small stones and three big ones. One hundred and one kilogram, enough to buy five thousand, I have all the tools for stone opening, free stone opening."

     "Brother, things are not expensive. One hundred, we can buy a lot with our money." Guo Tongyuan said with a smile. Guo Huai put his arm around his cheap junior and nodded helplessly."Junior brother, go there and pick it. Remember, don't use your perception to choose stones. It doesn't matter if you produce jade or not. Don't use your own future as a bet." Guo Huai said with a smile, and pushed Guo Tongyuan away. .

     Guo Huai squatted on the ground by himself. He was different from Guo Tongyuan. Back then, he stayed alone on the Jade Mountain for a hundred years. Basically, he can see what is in the jade and what is not. Since choosing stones is based on ability, then rely on ability.

     "Don't look at the small ones, but buy the big ones. With such a small stone, it is impossible to hide anything in it." Guo Tongyuan picked it up for more than half an hour, holding seven or eight stones that looked pleasing to the eye. But after thinking for a while, he threw them all on the ground, and strode to a relatively large pile of rocks.

     "The small one is thirty-eight, including the two big ones. Brother Li will see how much it costs." For an hour, the bamboo basket in front of Guo Huai was filled with stones, and Li Dahui weighed the two big stones. At a glance, the total is 18,300 yuan, and after erasing the fraction, the total is 18,000 yuan.

     Guo Tongyuan rolled five large stones to the stone of Guo Huai. Originally, he wanted to move the five stones directly with his hands. Later, I thought about it, he was just a child of ten years old, and he made a hundred kilograms. Something, it will definitely scare Li Dahui, and simply roll the thing over."Little brother, you have 23 thousand and three things in total. You can give them two thousand and three." Li Dahui smiled and said, Guo Tongyuan looked at Guo Huai, Guo Huai took out a pile of cash from his body and handed it directly Li Dahui, Li Dahui withdrew fifty-one and gave it to Guo Huai nine-thousand, this transaction is considered complete.

     "Two brothers, if you are going to prepare the stone opening, you should take it away. If you take it away, I can help you contact the logistics company and mail the things to your home. It is guaranteed that nothing will happen." Li Dahui said with a smile, and it can be sold in the morning Go to 60,000 yuan, this trip to the big market is not in vain.

     "The two big ones won't open, and the others will be solved in a while. See if you can get the money from the afternoon market." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Junior, open all these rocks. "

     "Fully open, I know how to do it this time, I can do it myself." Guo Tongyuan said with a smile, and then without waiting for Guo Huai, he directly moved a large stone to the cutting machine, and put the stone in a decent way. Cut the surface.

     "Brother, you can cut these stones directly in the middle." Guo Huai stepped on the stone of Guo Tongyuan on the ground with his foot and said with a smile. They all look good, but is there any jade related to the appearance of the stone? Guo Huai looked at Guo Tongyuan and really didn't know if all the Jade Cores of the old boy were taken."Little brother, your luck is not so good, or you can pick another one, which is given to you by your brother." Li Dahui watched Guo Tongyuan untie five stones, not even the eighth-level treasure Jade City. Come out, can't help but say.

     "Brother Li, this immortal can hardly break an inch of jade. It's normal to bet down. Brother, take a rest and watch your brother get you some precious jade." Guo Huai said with a smile.
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