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Chapter Directory 304 Jade Exchange Market (6)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Li Dahui took out the red cloth from the house, and the sound of firecrackers rang out, which attracted a lot of people. He couldn't help making the faces of a few businessmen who came first look a little ugly. There were a lot of things, but they couldn't hold them up.

     "Dahui, is anyone betting up? What material, are you going to sell it?" Not far away, listening to the sound of a cannon coming over, watching Dahui said loudly.

     "Jade City, the second-level, third-level, and fourth-level treasure, has it. There is no large material, but it is not a problem to make some pendants." Li Dahui said with a smile, but looked at the expressions of the first few businessmen with a little apologize He nodded, there is no way, such things often happen, and it can be regarded as the rules of the Taiyun Jade Exchange.

     "Dahui, you are a little bit unnatural. Why don't you call your brother if you have some good materials? Do you still have stones? I will buy some back later." The middle-aged man heard that there was a second-grade gem and walked away quickly. come. "A few of you are here, haha, Lao Kang is late."

     Several people exchanged greetings, and their eyes all fell on the gems on the red cloth. The 28 gems on the table have been divided into several piles by Gao Yufeng's help. Two pieces of grade 5 are placed on the edge, and the others Arranged in accordance with quality."Several bosses, although we say that we have a share of the gems in the jade market, there must be a first-come-first-served one. Guo Huài Brother offered a total of 28 gems, two for the fifth level, and ten for the fourth level. Four yuan, six yuan for level three, and six yuan for level two. The size difference is not too much. Yangtze River and I will get here a few steps first. If you want, we won’t follow the level four and five. The position is struggling, but the twelve yuan here, don’t join the others.” Gao Yufeng said with a smile, and the seven or eight businessmen standing outside nodded. In fact, they knew in their hearts that they could buy these four. Grade Baoyu is already considered Gao Yufeng's face.

     "Several people, I make low-grade jade in my shop. Why don't you give me these two five-grade stones evenly, two and one hundred and fifty thousand, so that the little brother will not suffer." A thin middle-aged man said with a smile. The price he gave was not low, and no one else offered to bid. He sold two five-tier gems to this person.

     The next auction will be lively. The fourth-grade gems are considered good things in ordinary stores. They are very popular with tourists and locals when they are made into pendants or ring noodles. Guo Huai does not care about these merchants. How much money do you want? Just pay as much money, anyway, the higher the price.Fourteen pieces of four-level gems are divided into seven groups in groups of two pieces. The first group is not so powerful. Everyone is trying. The reserve price is 400,000 yuan from a boss surnamed Jia. The last 680,000 yuan was shot by him. go.

     Starting from the second group, a bunch of merchants on the periphery began to become stronger. The fourth-grade gems are selling well, and they are about the size of an egg. The second group sold 750,000 yuan, and the price is even if the gems are made into finished products It's too much profit, but several businessmen are already a little impatient.

     "I'll make up an auspicious number of 800,000, and I will decide on the two old kings." A businessman surnamed Wang shouted, 800,000 to win the fifth group of two four-level gems.

     "0.88 million, I want these two pieces. There is really nothing too good in the store. I will find an old craftsman to make two pendants in the store." A fat businessman said loudly, finally He bought the last set of two jade stones.There is no other reason why several people are arguing with red faces. Although they are all jade merchants in Taiyun City, they are kind on the surface, but who don’t want to put their face in front of others, besides, they have all been informed that foreign countries are preparing to do rough trading on their own. If this is the case, the number of rough stones in Taiyun City will be greatly reduced. If this is the case, the price of gems will definitely increase. The third is that these gems offered by Guo Huai are small, but they are in good condition. As long as they can be found Good craftsman, this gemstone pendant can sell for a good price.

     "Brother Gao, what do you say about the remaining third-grade gems and second-grade gems." Liu Changjiang glanced at the twelve gems on the table and couldn't help asking, if Gao Yufeng wants to grow bigger, the four of them It's really not an opponent.

     "I want two yuan for the second-level gems and two yuan for the third-level gems. How do you divide the others?" Gao Yufeng thought for a while and said with a smile. Liu Changjiang discussed with the other three people for a while, and nodded slightly. Gao Yufeng only had four, which is considered to be a face to these people.

     "Let me say a few, you have discussed it, how do you say the price? The fourth-level treasure Jade City sold more than 400,000 yuan, you can't cheat us." Guo Tongyuan held a small notebook in his hand and kept the money. Count, see how many people have discussed, and said loudly."Little brother, after a while, I heard people say that the second-level gems were opened in the trading market. It turned out to be little brothers." Sun Feiyang walked out of the crowd, Gao Yufeng's faces suddenly It has changed, the Jade Emperor is here, and these pieces of precious jade are even harder to separate.

     "Xiao Gao, why is this expression? Do you think I'm still addicted to being an uncle?" Sun Feiyang looked at Gao Yufeng's face and said with a smile, "I watched the precious jade auction just now, these stones Now that you have divided it up, the old man, I am definitely not going to cut it horizontally, but I think I can help you determine the price of this gem."

     Gao Yufeng and Liu Changjiang looked at each other and nodded together. They believed in Sun Feiyang's character and believed that the price would not be too outrageous.

     "One million yuan for the third-level gems and two hundred and forty-five yuan for the second-level gems, the price is fair." Sun Feiyang looked at everyone agreeing, and said with a smile, the voice just fell, not just the surroundings. The businessman, even Guo Huai's eyes widened. He wanted to play around with 10 million yuan to prepare for the afternoon auction. He didn't expect this old man to open his mouth. Not counting the one in front, he just got two pieces of gem Tens of millions.

     "Uncle Yang, the price is a bit high." Gao Yufeng couldn't help but whisper when hearing Sun Feiyang's offer."If you put it last month, the third-level up to 700,000, and the second-level 1.5 million will certainly be able to win, but you should have heard the news, Myanmar and India are going to open their own rough stone market. If so, our domestic rough stone prices will surely rise. Also, I have received accurate information that the price of rough stones in Myanmar and India has doubled. It is impossible to bring back rough stones at the price of last month. "Sun Feiyang said loudly. Several jade merchants were stunned. Li Dahui and some other rough stone merchants were also stunned. As the price increases, we must also increase the price.

     "Uncle Yang, your news is sure to be reliable?" Gao Yufeng also has people in Myanmar and India, but there has been no feedback from there for a long time recently.

     "Xiaogao, after the big market is over, the Jade Association will hold a meeting to discuss this round of jade shortage issues. You will know at that time, and the people you sent to Myanmar and India should all be staying in the embassy now. During the Myanmar-India riots, the government soldiers fought with the rebels, and all the Chinese fled into the embassy.” Just after Sun Feiyang's words were finished, some people finally knew why they had not received news from Myanmar and India for so long. .

     "Just press Uncle Yang's price, but wait for the transaction, I have to call the store." Gao Yufeng did not shy away, and directly called the store."Closed for three days, and will open in three days." In a word, just a few minutes in advance, let Lingyufang reduce the loss of several million.
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