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Chapter Directory 307 High Price Of Rough Stone (2)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Little Huai, I looked around, so you are here, what's wrong, you fell in love with this stone?" Sun Feiyang walked over from a short distance and said with a smile, "This rough stone has a mediocre performance and should not be placed Here, I contacted the people of the association to see which one provided it. It seems that there is a sufficient number."

     After Sun Feiyang finished the phone call, a middle-aged man of about 50 trot to the stone with a helpless expression and sweat on his forehead.

     "Wu Kui, you didn't do this before. If you don't have a suitable rough stone at home, you can tell the association that you took out such a rough stone, but you can't tell it." Sun Feiyang said with a sullen face.

     "Old Sun, this time my Wu Peng brat did it. I was ill and was hospitalized a few days ago, otherwise it would be impossible to take out such a stone." Wu Kui couldn't help but shouted, "Old Sun, you Don’t be angry. I’ll let this stone be taken away. I’ll change it. There’s a bigger one in my family." Wu Kui knew in his heart that if this matter can’t be done well, in the future, Wu Family would want to provide the stone in this big market. Difficult.

     "Father, I think this stone is not bad, so it's better to sell it to me. Now that there are so many people, it's not easy to toss back and forth. It's better to take this stone first and I buy it" Guo Huai said with a smile."Little Huai, the performance of this stone is really mediocre. I think it's hard to predict, so you think about it." Sun Feiyang looked at Guo Huai and said. Wu Kui knew that the relationship between this young man and Sun Feiyang was unusual, so he immediately started Considered that if you sell this rough stone to him, Old Sun will find himself troublesome in the future.

     "Little friend, this stone is really ordinary. I think it's fine. I'll get another stone later. I will pull this stone away after the big market is over." Wu Kui said with his head down.

     "I really want to take a photo. Maybe someone will grab it from me. I feel that there is material in this stone." Guo Huai said with a smile. Anyway, I can't say that there is a first-grade gem in this stone, so I want to buy it.

     "Old Sun, what do you think?" Wu Kui said helplessly.

     "Since Little Huai has taken a fancy and insisted on buying it, I will tell the auction team of the association to take this rough first. As for the reserve price, let's change it to 6 million." Sun Feiyang said softly, and Wu Kui nodded quickly. If six million can be sold, this stone will also make a lot of money. As for whether or not Baoyu can be sold as Guo Huai said, Wu Kui doesn't care.

     "Old Sun, leave this to me. I'll go to the auction team. If it's really Guo Huai who took this rough stone, I will give him a 10% discount on the transaction price." After Wu Kui finished speaking, he ran away quickly. , For fear that Guo Huai or Sun Feiyang will regret it."Master Huai, the performance of this stone is really bad. If you want to bet, I saw a few pieces that performed well. You can consider it." Sun Feiyang saw that there was no one around, and this name was changed to Master Huai again, Guo Huai With a black line on his face, I had known that I didn't say that I was Chen Qingyuan's apprentice at the beginning. Secret Gate knew a lot of names, so I wouldn't be a little embarrassed to say anything.

     "Father, I just said, you have different things, you should call me Little Huai. After the stone is taken, I will stone opening directly. At that time, the old man had better prepare more money, and the Baoyu that he opened may be interesting. "Guo Huai said with a smile. Sun Feiyang nodded first, then shook his head. The stone didn't look like it could produce a treasure.

     The auction was originally scheduled at three o’clock. For some reasons, no one was on the podium until four o’clock. A man in his early forties shouted all over his head, holding a microphone in his hand. After a group of armed men, Guo Huai later learned that they were from the Northwest Military District. Every time in the big city, the Northwest Military District would send a battalion of soldiers to maintain order."Today's highlight of the big city, the Baishi auction is about to begin. Because of some problems with our organizing committee, it could start at three o'clock, but it's already four o'clock, so the organizing committee decided to pay the auction result this time. 5% off, I apologize to everyone again." The middle-aged man said loudly, and the people in the audience nodded, 5% off, not much, but for rough stones that cost tens of millions, this time the discount is not small. .

     "This person's name is Wang Dashi. He is the queen auctioneer of the Jade Association. He presides most of the 100-stone auctions in the big city." Sun Feiyang said to Guo Huai, but Guo Huai seemed absent-minded.

     "Master, I will take a picture of the stone in a moment. There is a stone opening tool at the scene. I want to open it at the scene and sell it directly." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Sun Feiyang nodded slightly, but he didn't believe him anyway. This stone can make Baoyu, I am afraid that this time Little Huai will be ashamed.

     "The first rough stone to be auctioned today is No. 083, which is the slightly smaller stone here. You can go and take a look. The reserve price is 6 million. The auction will start in three minutes." Wang Dashi said loudly, several jade stones. The merchant walked over, but it didn’t take three minutes at all, because everyone had looked at the stone with which they were eye-catching several times, and the stone didn’t look like a rough stone that could be drawn out of precious jade. In less than a minute, no one went there anymore. Look at the stones."Since everyone hasn't watched it, let's start the auction. The reserve price is 6 million. If you want it, you can bid." Wang Dashi said embarrassingly. Originally, Wu Family sent this stone, and Wang Dashi has many. According to my opinion, I have been auctioned 18 times in a row in the market, and I am afraid that it is going to pass this time.

     "Six million, everyone can think about it. Although this stone is slightly smaller than other stones, it may not have nothing. Let's look at this color, this dark pattern." Wang Dashi said a few words, he has no confidence. I bet on the stone myself, and I have seen this stone myself. This color is not like the original stone, this dark pattern, the stone from which the precious jade is drawn has no such pattern. Wang Dashi wants to directly announce that this stone is out of order.

     "Six million, I look at the stone is good, I pay six million." Guo Huai smiled and said, Wang Dashi immediately brightened, someone bought it, he is a foreigner, following Director Sun, is it possible that Director Sun flicked What? But anyway, Wang Dashi got excited.

     "This little brother is very discerning, six million, is there any increase in price? You can think about it, such a large piece of rough stone, cut in 30 centimeters into the gem, the quality can reach level five, and the six million will come back. , Is there any higher?" Wang Dashi said hard, but a bunch of businessmen laughed playfully."Cut 30 centimeters in and out of Baoyu. I don't think you can get out Baoyu even if you cut it in the middle." An old man whispered, but he heard a lot of people, and everyone burst into laughter.

     "Little friend Guo Huai, this stone is not small for gambling. Although the little friend made some money just now, it shouldn't be thrown like this." Gao Yufeng smiled and walked to Guo Huai's side and whispered.

     Wang Dashi naturally saw a few people moving around and they all walked towards Guo Huai. Did this kid know a lot of businessmen, so he hurriedly dropped the hammer and sold the stone. Don't regret it then.

     "Since everyone has no eye on this rough stone, then this stone belongs to the little brother. If the little brother wants to take the stone away now, please go to the back and settle the account." Wang Dashi said loudly, and many people watched. Guo Huai shook his head one after another.

     "Master, let someone transport the stones to the stone opening area, I want stone opening."
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