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Chapter Directory 311 Pick Up Leaks
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai naturally heard the comments from the people around him. Of course, after living so long, Guo Huai seemed to have guessed the intention of the Zheng Bin in front of him. Guo Huai squinted at the fat man in front of him, and smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth.

     "50 million, I think the price is not low, Mr. Zheng, do you still want to either?" Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "51 million, Guo Little Brother Huai, I'm really sorry, I really liked it." Zheng Bin is not only a jade merchant, he was also a doctor of psychology at a university in United States. He learned from Guo Huai It can be seen from the expression that this has not yet reached the reserve price that Guo Huai can bear.

     "Fifty-five million, Boss Zheng, I'm just a foreigner, or I can save you face." Guo Huai said with a smile, and several people in Sun Feiyang frowned. This rough stone is not very optimistic. I don't know why. Guo Huai actually fucked with this smiling face.

     "Sixty million, if Guo Little Brother Huai is no more high, I won’t need it. I can’t take it out any more." Zheng Bin said with a smile, 60 million, Zheng Bin seems to have seen piles of banknotes. In front of him, because he was sure that Guo Huai would still shout prices."Six, forget it. Now that Boss Zheng has reached this point, let him give this stone to Boss Zheng, and Boss Zheng will have to stone opening later. If I can get a good gem, I'm shooting." Guo Huai Said with a smile, Zheng Bin's face suddenly changed, he wanted to say something, but couldn't say anything.

     Several old people around laughed haha. When these old people yelled 51 million in Zheng Bin, they all saw the doorway. It is impossible for this Zheng Bin to spend so much money to bet on a very poorly sold piece. Original stone, someone originally wanted to remind Guo Huai, but Guo Huai came directly to push the boat along, and several old men couldn't help but applaud.

     "Zheng Bin, go to stone opening. If the gem is out, I will buy it at a high price." Someone in the crowd shouted, Zheng Bin's face was flushed. This stone was pulled out of the jade pit by his 100,000 yuan, if it was just a stone He can't pay much, but the 10% handling fee will cost him at least 5.1 million, which makes him feel distressed. The biggest problem is that a group of people are waiting for his stone opening. If you don’t understand, I am afraid that these people will not let them go.

     "Since I say stone opening, then I will untie it for everyone to see, and let you see how my old Zheng's eyesight is." Zheng Bin said with a smile, listening with confidence, but only he knows the helplessness in his heart."Boss Zheng, how are you going to solve this stone?" Lao Chen, who had explained it, asked with a smile. Today, the Guo Huai piece of precious jade was drawn out. According to the rules, he can get at least one million red envelopes. To Lao Chen In other words, the money is like a strong wind, so beautiful in my heart.

     "" Don't delay everyone's time, cut all at one stroke in the middle, and all say a cut in hell, a cut in heaven, then look at my luck. Zheng Bin said in a strong tone, and Old Chen was unambiguous, and the huge gear was cut off.

     "It's a bet, it's a piece of waste." Three minutes later, the stone was separated from the middle. Several people who were closer to the stone saw it clearly, and cut it in the middle. There was no spar, waste, and a large piece of waste.

     Everyone laughed again, but Guo Huai couldn't laugh anymore at this time, because the texture of the cut surface let him know why the little Fire Divine Beast was so excited. Scrap, yes, this stone is called Yin Yang stone, this old Chen The cut was very level, cut along the center line, and the jade materials on both sides did not touch.

     "Boss Zheng, do you still cut it?" Old Chen asked in a low voice. Zheng Bin knew that there was nothing in the rough stone, but now he cut it as he thought. He shook his head and cut nothing in the middle. What? At this moment, Guo Huai's voice reached Zheng Bin's ears like a natural sound."Boss Zheng, can you still cut the rest? If you don't cut it, it's better to sell it to me. I'll cut it and play." Sun Feiyang didn't hold it, Guo Huai had already walked to Zheng Bin.

     "Brother, although there is nothing cut in the middle of this stone, there may be something on both sides, 30 million. If the brother wants it, I will give it to the brother." Zheng Bin said with a smile.

     "If it is 30 million, then boss Zheng should keep it for himself. There are still 30 rough stones left, and I will look at it again." Guo Huai turned and left, Zheng Bin hurriedly grabbed Guo Huai, "Guo Huài Brother, Let's discuss the price, don't go ah."

     "Five million, and Boss Zheng will keep it for yourself." Guo Huai said with a smile. Several people in Sun Feiyang still shook their heads. Two pieces of waste are five million. The young man is indeed young.

     "Okay, then make a friend, five million yuan. These two dollars belong to Guo Little Brother Huai, but my brother has to give me the money first." Zheng Bin was afraid that Guo Huai would regret it again, so he hurriedly said, Guo Huai took him directly He took out a check for five million, which was given to him by several other bosses who sold Baoyu in the morning and handed it directly to Zheng Bin. Zheng Bin took the money and ran into the crowd without looking back."Brother, you should drive this stone first. It is getting late today. I have to auction off the remaining stone." Wang Dashi did not wait for Guo Huai this time. He also thought that there was nothing to wait. Two pieces of scrap, it's not interesting to wait.

     Guo Huai nodded lightly, and then told Guo Tongyuan a few words. We would take the one that was in the picture. What we have now is money, which makes Guo Tongyuan feel hot. Yeah, there seems to be no one more than the brother. I have two billion dollars when I have money.

     "Little Huai, how are you going to open it?" Old Chen watched Guo Huai put a piece of scrap on the cutting machine and asked in a low voice. I don’t know why. The moment Guo Huai put the scrap on the cutting machine, he suddenly felt this. There may be material on a stone.

     Guo Huai glanced at the lines on the cut surface, took out the carving knife in his hand, and made two marks on the stone, "Old Chen, follow these two lines. If nothing happens, you should be able to see the jade material. Now." Old Chen nodded, and the cutting machine started to work.

     Guo Huai stone opening here, that one is going for auction, but everyone seems to be staring at Guo Huai side, and even Wang Dashi is a little absent-minded. The seventy-first stone, 17 million yuan, was sold by a foreign businessman. After buying it, Wang Dashi's hammer fell and he suddenly heard Lao Chen's voice."It's going up, it's going up, the white gemstone turned out to be a first-class white gemstone, Xiao Jiu, go to set up the firecrackers, the master ordered another first-class gemstone today, haha." Old Chen couldn't hide his joy and said loudly.

     A group of people surrounded them at once, and a few soldiers in the stone opening area directly stopped them outside the yellow line.

     "Bang-bang-bang!" A company commander fired three shots into the sky, and the crowd slowly calmed down. However, it can be seen from everyone’s expressions that this time is more affected than Guo Huai’s first piece of precious jade. Even more force.

     "Old Chen, let's open it and see how much jade material there is. There is a cutting machine over there. I will open the remaining piece." With that, Guo Huai directly pushed the other half of the "scrap" to another one. Above the cutting machine, in almost three minutes, a stone opening master who had helped Guo Huai shouted loudly. The crowd suddenly became commotion again, and the soldiers seemed unable to suppress the situation.

     "Black, black, and black gems, I don't know what variety, at least it is above grade three, Master Chen, first come and help see what grade this gem is." The helping master stammered."Get out of the way. This is my ID. Let me go in. I want to see what level of jewels issued by Little Huai are." Sun Feiyang couldn't help it anymore, holding a special grade pass in his hand and letting the outside surround him. The soldier drove a way for him, and the old man walked up quickly.
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