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Chapter Directory 316 Woman Landlord
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Mu Puyu's words fell, Lin Yuntian stood up abruptly, squinted at Mu Puyu, chance, the best chance to knock down Mu Family and Sun Family.

     "Brother Mu, there are some things you can't say nonsense." Lin Yuntian said with a smile, looking at Zhao Kaishan beside him.

     "No nonsense, I think you should also have a picture of Guo Huai at my house, haha, Lin Yuntian, when you first arrived in Taiyun City, you were considered to be an outsider in Taiyun City. It seems that Lao Sun and I took you One hand, is it a collusion with outsiders?" Mu Puyu said with a smile.

     "Brother Mu, there is no point in mentioning the previous things. Since Brother Mu has admitted everything, I want to let all the members of the association vote together today. The position of the director should be changed." Zhao Kaishan said loudly.

     The face was finally torn.

     "Old Master Sun, the piece of Black Jade that was opened yesterday is the one that you helped that kid grow eyes, hey, Zheng Bin recognizes it." Zheng Bin received a call from Lin Yuntian yesterday, and he understood that Lin Yuntian meant it, plus the auction in the afternoon, and he hated Sun Feiyang at that time. How could Zheng Bin not grasp this opportunity now."Zheng Bin, do you want to ask me how much money I will give to Guo Huai to pick up the leaks?" Sun Feiyang looked at Zheng Bin and said, "Lin Changyun, just talk about what you want to do, as you said , The evidence is there, is it ready to close the net, haha."

     "Since you and Mu Puyu have both admitted, the matter will be easy to handle. Although your two said that they have done something wrong recently, they have not done too much to betray our Taiyun Jade Association. This time, you will be deposed. Director seats, in addition, the five directors who are related to your two families are also directly reduced to ordinary members. I don't know if you will accept it or not." Lin Yuntian shouted.

     "Haha, Lao Mu, I didn’t expect that the two of us played jade for a lifetime, and today we will be removed from the board of directors at the Jade Association." Sun Feiyang laughed and said, "I have something to ask you about, that How much do you know about the boy? Do you think we colluded with him, did he find us, or did we find him?"

     "Sun Feiyang, is there any point in asking such a question? You two are in collusion, no matter who is looking for whom, it is the same. The most important thing is that you are now three companies making money, and what you make is everyone's money." Zhao Kaishan said loudly.With a sound of "Bump!", the door of the Jade Association conference room was opened. Mu Ningning appeared at the door, with Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan standing beside him. Mu Ningning looked angry, and Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan looked indifferent. .

     "Elder Mu, I don't think I need to explain anything now. Miss Mu Family is accompanying your "partner". The little brother is also okay. We are rich and rich." Zheng Bin said loudly.

     "Originally, the kid didn't plan to come, but I didn't expect to come to Taiyun City to buy a few stones, and he was even named a profiteer. This made the kid very unhappy." Guo Huai didn't care about other people, he walked straight to Sit down in an empty position.

     "Boy, it's an internal meeting of the Jade Association. You go out." Lin Yuntian didn't know why. When he saw Guo Huai appear, he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

     "Didn’t you tell me, I have a leg with Miss Mu Family. Maybe I will be Mu Family’s son-in-law in the future. My prospective father-in-law is a director of the Jade Association. I’m half of Mu Family. No matter what you count, you are eligible." Guo Huai squinted his eyes and said, "You can continue, just like Old Sun said, as long as you can tell why the boy and the Sun Mu family colluded for what, you can tell The reason, the kid turned his head and left.""Boy, the world is all for profit, what else can you do for money, you can take hundreds of millions from Taiyun City this trip, your kid is a pot of platinum earned." Zhao Kaishan said loudly.

     "Disappointment, it's really disappointing. If you say that I work with them for Miss Mu Family, I might feel that your vision is better. At least I am interested in women, but you think I am short of money. It's a failure, it's a failure." Guo Huai couldn't help shaking his head.

     "Damn, I now understand what you are doing. It turns out that you are arrogant and blameless." At this moment, the only non-Taiyun local businessman from the Jade Association stood up abruptly. This person is not someone else. , It is the Pang fat man who has not had time to return to Imperial Capital.

     "Pang Fatty, that day you followed the kid and you also eyes and eyebrows come and go. You are also an accomplice. Your status as a member of the Jade Association has been cancelled from today. From now on, your Pang family will not be eligible to enter Yukeng to pick jade." Lin Changtian Shouted loudly."Stupid B, a group of stupid Bs, you think that your abacus is very good, do you know who is the Guo Huai Hall Lord Guo in front of you? Lack of money, the whole China lacks money, he is not short of money." Pang The fat man suddenly became excited, "A group of old miscellaneous hairs, look clearly, this is the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment. You have never been to the Imperial Capital. More or less have to go online. Look clearly, this is the Hall Lord Guo Imperial Capital Clinic of The opening scene of No Treatment, do you think the Hall Lord of such a medical clinic will be short of money?"

     "Pang Fatty, many people may not make money. You have also seen that there are so many mountains and so many stones in China, and only Mt. Taiyun produces jade. You can't explain what you take out." Zheng Bin said loudly.

     "Zheng Bin, can you tell me how much money you can make in a year? Let me tell you that the Clinic of No Treatment alone is more than the total amount of stones sold in our market, 50 billion, Hall Lord Guo Donate 35 billion directly, will such a person be short of money?" Fatty Pang said loudly, patting the table, and the entire conference room fell silent.At this time, many members took out their mobile phones and searched for Guo Huai's name. Then many members' expressions became heavy. Many of them got the promise of Lin Changtian and the three of them before they were ready to push to the Sun Mu family, Sun When the Mu family fell, all the seven directors related to the Sun Mu family had to fall. Even if the positions of the seven directors were not assigned to them, they did not have any losses. At least compared with these new directors. It's much better to start with those old directors, but now that there are variables, they can't think that this humble boy in front of them has such a big background.

     "Sun Feiyang, Mu Puyu, even if you did not collude, your three-year term of directors has arrived. I think our Jade Association should vote for new directors." Lin Yuntian naturally did not expect Guo Huai to have such a background. In desperation, I can only choose to take the second step.

     "Uncles and uncles, as well as Grandpa Lin, Grandpa Zhao, Grandpa Chu, you have finished talking about our Mu Family. I think I also have something here that you need to take a look at. The position of this director should indeed change." Before Lin Yuntian's words fell, Mu Ningning, who was sitting next to Guo Huai, stood up, holding a USB flash drive in his hand and squinting his eyes."Ningning girl, adult matters, you should be a little bit more involved." Lin Yuntian said with a smile, "Even your old man Mu Qinglong is not qualified to talk like this here."

     "Ningning is the 33rd new owner of our Mu Family. Mu Qinglong is not qualified. If anyone dares to say that Ningning is not a word, he is an enemy of Mu Family." Mu Puyu, who has not spoken, said with a smile.

     "Female Patriarch!!!"
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