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Chapter Directory 317 The Dust Settles
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Mu Puyu's words fell, and the meeting room became quiet again. Since ancient times, the family head has always passed on males to females. I didn’t expect Mu Puyu to say such things in front of so many people. This is not a casual statement. The old Patriarch of Mu Family, by saying this, he must pass the position of Patriarch to Mu Ningning.

     "Jade Fengzi, it really is jade Fengzi ah." Sun Feiyang was the first to applaud and said loudly. Back then, he dared to take all of Mu Family's wealth and go abroad to gamble on jade, winning China a jade mountain in Myanmar for fifty years The right of exploitation, such a person is not Fengzi, and who is Fengzi, today Fengzi is crazy again.

     "Since Mu Ningning is the next Patriarch of your Mu Family, we naturally can't say anything. I don't know what Miss Mu wants us to see?" Lin Changtian said with a sullen face. He originally thought that Mu Family and Sun Family could be handled smoothly. , I didn't expect this to happen now.

     Mu Ningning walked from the back to the forefront, focusing on the members of the Jade Association. Some members couldn't help but lower their heads. They only discovered now that Miss Mu Family's momentum is much stronger than Mu Qinglong. , It's not much weaker than Mu Puyu.Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan sat in the back and looked at everything in front of them with a smile. It was interesting, indeed interesting. Mu Ningning turned on the projector in the conference room, then plugged in the USB flash drive with a smile, and everyone in the audience focused their eyes on the big screen.

     "Let’s talk about the rough stone yesterday, Mr. Zheng Bin, Mr. Zheng, this rough stone was photographed by you at that time, and then you cut all at one stroke and there was nothing, but Guo Huai picked it up and leaked it out. One white two pieces of first-class gems, am I right?" Mu Ningning asked loudly.

     "Everyone was there that day. It was indeed Lao Zheng that I didn’t have enough eyesight. Lao Zheng admitted, I don’t know why Miss Mu mentioned this matter again? If this stone was not given to the kid by Director Sun at the time, I don’t believe he would bet on waste "Zheng Bin said loudly.

     "Scrap? I remember that the price of this scrap, Mr. Zheng's price is not low." Mu Ningning narrowed his eyes and said, "Then I want to ask Mr. Zheng. A month ago, your Zheng family's convoy was pulled from Yukeng. Where did this stone go? Boss Zheng’s trick is self-produced and self-sold, and you can play it.

     Mu Ningning released the second photo, and everyone immediately understood what was going on. The stone Zheng Bin took yesterday was his own. In other words, when he started shouting all over the sky, it was an extremely bad business conspiracy, but Guo Huai was not fooled at the time."Here, I sold this stone to Liu Mengxian. Later, I regretted it, and only sold it at a high price." Zheng Bin said nervously, but there are old rivers and lakes in a conference room. This kind of thing was also used in the jade market before. Has appeared, but now that person is in jail for economic crimes, and has not yet come out.

     "Director Zhao, are you in charge of such economic fraudsters?" Mu Ningning squinted at Director Zhao in the audience. Now everyone is getting nervous. After all these years of business, no one is a little bit tricky. .

     "For the rest, look at it for yourself, I won't say much. The Jade Association has the rules of the Jade Association. These breakthroughs were taken by Yukeng Monitoring. Look at what our noble members are doing." Mu Ningning said After that, the photos on the screen began to appear in front of everyone.

     "Okay, it's great. Members of the association have one ton of rocks each time. You have a truckload of rocks, forty tons, right? TNT should be used for the explosive breakthrough just now. That's great!" Sun Feiyang Angrily turned back and laughed, looking at the members who lowered their heads and said loudly."Aren’t you here to force the palace? With your head down, you can’t do anything. You can call up Yukeng’s monitoring and visit Grandpa Sun’s house, our house, and the five people you said are related to our two families. When the director's house went to pull the jade, we have ever pulled one more rough stone." Mu Ningning said loudly.

     "Severe punishment must be severely punished. On behalf of the Jade Association, I thank Ningning for exposing so many shady scenes for us. Our board of directors will thoroughly investigate this matter." Lin Changyun said loudly. When the picture was finished, his heart fell. There is nothing in the picture. The Lin family's figure, at least this matter does not involve the Lin family.

     "Grandpa Lin, how can this be? There are better things behind." Mu Ningning said with a smile, "I don't know how Grandpa Lin, Grandpa Zhao and Grandpa Chu should explain this agreement."

     There was an agreement on the screen. The members who had lowered their heads glanced at it, only to see the three signatures that were missing. Lin Changtian, Zhao Kaishan, and Chu Yujun almost didn't lose their breath.

     "Kaishan, isn't this agreement already destroyed? Where did the Mu Family girl come from? The four agreements that day, three of ours have been destroyed, the Ruan family’s share has been taken to Myanmar and India, and Mu Family girl’s hands Why would there be another one?" Lin Changtian asked with a nervous expression."How do I know? You watched me destroy the agreement. Is there something wrong with Lao Chu?" Zhao Kaishan couldn't help looking at Chu Yujun.

     "Mine was also destroyed at the time. For now, don't worry about how this agreement fell into Mu girl's hands. Think about what we should do." Chu Yujun whispered.

     "A few members just picked more rough stones. How should the behavior of the three grandfathers be qualitative? Let me talk about, I think there is a word that should be suitable, traitorous, you are naked traitorous behavior." Mu Ningning loudly Said.

     The content of the agreement on the screen is very simple. The three companies agreed to ship the rough stones mined by the three companies directly to Myanmar and India through a special method to support the opening of the Myanmar-India Jade Trade Conference. For a period of one year, Myanmar and India will give them to the three companies at the price of the rough auction. Full payment. Not to mention whether the price of rough stone will be higher than that of domestic ones, the 10% handling fee and jade tax are both very large.

     "Grandpa Lin, one of the three of you will explain to everyone. If the explanation is not clear, I don't think the three of you will have a better old age." Mu Ningning said loudly.

     "Ms. Mu, I came to force the palace this time. I was all instigated by Lin Changtian. I am guilty. I hope the Jade Association can give me a chance." Lin Changtian hadn't spoken yet. A member shouted, Lin Changtian's The face is darker."Miss, we did this only because of their threats. If we don't come to force the palace, the Lin family will join several other directors to remove us from the Jade Association. This is the recording of Lin Changtian calling me." Then, I thought the member said loudly, still holding a recorder in his hand.

     "The old man recognizes the winner and the loser. It is really the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before. I didn't get Lao Mu before, and I still felt a little dissatisfied. This time the old man completely convinced him." Lin Changtian suddenly seemed old. Several years old, he murmured, "Mu girl, where did you come from that agreement?"

     "General Ruan first asked you to cooperate, and then he came to me. As a sincere cooperation, I naturally gave me a copy of this agreement. However, I did not agree to his request for cooperation. To do such a thing.” Mu Ningning said with a hint of contempt.

     The three old men slowly sat in their positions, a farce the dust has settled.
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