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Chapter Directory 319 The Fright Of Yushan (2)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"God big, you must be kidding me, today you must pull the stone away. I will double your wages for you. As long as you pull out Mt. Taiyun, you don’t have to worry about the rest. If you are afraid of dumb thunderstorms Now, you can take a moment to find the dumb thunder. The stone has been exploded, and you can’t go now.” Zheng Bin said loudly.

     Da Gou yelled his brothers aside, and they discussed with him. Gou Da walked to Zheng Bin again, "Boss Zheng, the salary is tripled. That is, after the ticket is done for you, each person will be six. Wan, if it works, our elder brothers will start to install stones, if not, we will turn our heads and leave. Today we are doing nothing."

     "The dog is big, you treat me as a triumphant, triple it, why don't you grab ah." Zheng Bin said with a black face.

     "Boss Zheng, now the jade is so hot, we are not asking for a high price. In addition, Boss Zheng is going to the back mountain this time. It seems that Boss Zheng is no longer a member of the Jade Association." Dog said with squinting eyes.

     "Sixty thousand is sixty thousand, hurry up and load the car, and I will give you the money when I go down the mountain." Zheng Bin gritted his teeth and said, the dog laughed and waved to the brother behind him, and a group of people started doing it.

     Mu Ningning and the three of them walked for almost an hour, behind a huge boulder, vaguely seeing who the man was."Zheng Bin, it's Zheng Bin. I'm so brave enough to dared to enter Yushan to steal rough stones. He won't have to be in the jade world in the future. I want him to sit in prison this time." Mu Ningning said fiercely. Zheng Bin, she has no good feelings at all.

     "There are a total of eight people in Zheng Bin. That person has a gun on his body. There are still a few sprays over there. It is estimated that they will leave after pulling this cart of rocks. Let's just wait. There is no need to conflict with them. "Guo Huai said with a smile. If Mu Ningning is not there, it is probably not the way to deal with it.

     "Ring ringing!" As soon as Guo Huai's voice fell, Mu Ningning's call suddenly remembered. Guo Huai frowned. At the critical moment, this woman used to do things without leaking. What's wrong.

     "Damn it, they found us." Guo Huai saw Zheng Bin glance this way, and then Gou Da took out the pistol and walked here.

     "Little Brother Huai, hide yourself and I'll go out." Before Guo Huai could speak, Mu Ningning had already stood up. It was too late when Guo Huai wanted to stretch out his hand. He couldn't stand up by himself. The other party had a gun. Guo Huai doesn't want anything to happen to Mu Ningning."I thought it was. It turned out to be Miss Mu. I don't know what Miss Mu came to Yushan. Maybe it was a date with your little lover in Jade." Zheng Bin squinted and said, he couldn't think of it. , I will encounter Mu Ningning when I steal the rough stone.

     "Zheng Bin, why did I come to Yushan? I should ask you this sentence. You are no longer a member of the Jade Association, and now Jade has been sealed for three months. I think you have come to Yushan with such a big battle. Needless to say Right." Mu Ningning said loudly.

     "Gou Da, the girl you mentioned is right in front of you. This time I was caught by her. We must not be able to run. Even if we did, it is estimated that there is no place for us to stay in China. Kill that kid, this girl belongs to your brothers." Zheng Bin said loudly, and the dog held the pistol tightly in his hand. After thinking about it for almost a minute, he slowly raised the gun.

     "Shoot, shoot." Zheng Bin then shouted loudly. He knew that if the three of them were not killed this time, his whole life would be over.

     "Bang!", the dog did not expect that he would actually shoot. At such a close distance, Guo Huai would undoubtedly die. Everyone was killed. Now it is not a big crime to snatch a woman and get a good break, the dog thought. , Pounced on Mu Ningning."The dog is killing people. What are you guys doing in a daze? Catch the kid and kill him if you can't catch it." Zheng Bin then shouted to the brothers behind the dog, Guo Tongyuan mouthed. With a piece of grass, watching everyone like watching a movie.

     "Damn, it's really the year's horoscope augurs ill ah." Zheng Bin's voice just fell, Guo Huai had appeared beside him, a dagger was put on Zheng Bin's neck, and everyone didn't see how it was. What's going on, Gouda's eyes widened. Didn't this boy be shot to death by himself? Why is he still alive?

     "What are you doing in a daze? Take the guy." Gouda suddenly came to his senses. Just now Zheng Bin ordered himself to kill people step by step. Fortunately, the person did not die. If he died, Zheng Bin might be fine. There is no chance to sit and wear.

     "Boss Zheng, you have seen it too. You and this kid are so close. This gun is not eye-catching. We don't need to pay for this time. If you hurt Boss Zheng by mistake, you have become an evil spirit below. Don't blame your brother. Let’s ah.” As he said, the dog-big pistol rang again. Not only Zheng Bin could not think of it, Guo Huai did not expect that this dog turned his face faster than a book. The gun was not aimed at all, and ran at him and Zheng Bin hit him, directly on Zheng Bin's shoulder."A group of desperadoes, killing you can be regarded as walking the way for the sky." Guo Huai said, flying a flying sword all over the body to Gouda, and then the seven people behind Gouda fell to the ground together. At this time Zheng Bin stared. With eyes widened, Mu Ningning was also shocked by the scene before him.

     "Is this the method of Huaxia Jiumen?" Mu Ningning murmured, no wonder Guo Huai said at the beginning that he and Guo Tongyuan could do it, but it was done like this.

     Guo Huai got it done here. Guo Tongyuan came down directly from the big rock and pulled the bodies of the seven people together. Mu Ningning's eyes widened again. How big is Guo Tongyuan, not to mention pulling the dead. These guys are not light, but Guo Tongyuan put them together in one hand for a while.

     "Brother, it's up to you to destroy the dead body." Guo Tongyuan said with a smile. Guo Huai nodded lightly. Zheng Bin was not lightly shot by the shot just now. Now he is sitting on the ground blankly. The sight frightened.

     A ray of flame appeared on Guo Huai's fingertips, and then the flame fell on the seven corpses, but for a moment, the seven corpses were burnt clean and there was no ashes left."Sister Mu, what do you think? These are desperadoes. Every one of them has a life lawsuit, and they die. I didn't kill this Zheng Bin. I will hand him over to the police. Time is running out, you Stay here, Tongyuan will accompany you, and I will go into Yukeng to take a look." After Guo Huai said, he walked straight into Yukeng, Mu Ningning was still in shock, Guo Tongyuan picked it up from outside Yukeng After a pile of stones, a diamond pestle came out of his hand and it was sharpened.

     "Why are you upset? It's just killing a few desperadoes. There is no retribution." Guo Huai walked into Yukeng, always feeling an unknown omen on his body, making him frown. "When I find Jade Core, I will go back to Imperial Capital. Lin Shuang is still waiting to visit Laozi."

     Guo Tongyuan grinds the stone, and Mu Ningning looked at Guo Huai in Yukeng in a daze, but they didn't expect that Zheng Bin, who had been shot once, disappeared under their noses.
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