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Chapter Directory 327 Turbulent
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Guardian, Demon King is dead, dead." Before Liu Ba's words fell, a young man standing beside him whispered, Liu Ba's face suddenly became gloomy, and he pulled the young man outside. , The prison door was closed again.

     "Little friend, this is the prison director Liu Ba. He is a guy who cannibalize people without spitting out bones. Be careful later." Duàn Bāzhǐ whispered to Guo Huai. Guo Huai smiled, not afraid of him looking for me, just afraid of him No, no, how can I find out the man behind the scenes ah.

     About three minutes later, Liu Ba walked into the prison again and smiled at Guo Huai. He couldn’t believe that this kid would kill the butcher and the mad dog. The biggest problem is that Demon King’s death seems to be the same This kid also matters.

     "My friend, I think we have some misunderstandings. I am the warden of the prison. I don't know why my friend is in the prison?" Liu Ba said with a smile, and then he pulled a guard beside him and kicked the guard. On his waist, the guard to the end, act recklessly."I also want to ask Warden Liu. I don't know why I was taken to prison. I seem to have been checked by the traffic police. I was taken here without any formalities. It seems unreasonable. Does that Tiger Hades have anything to do with Warden Liu?" Guo Huai smiled and looked at Liu Ba. After a while, Liu Ba's eyes darkened, Guo Huai stepped forward and helped, and the two went out like this, Guo Tongyuan followed Behind, a group of prison guards and the people in the chant were all stunned. Only Duàn Bāzhǐ watched the three leave with a deep smile, high, really high.

     Liu Ba was controlled by Guo Huai's puppet art. The two went straight into the warden’s office. Guo Huai sat on the leather sofa and looked at Liu Ba who had a lifeless look in one's eyes. Xiao Xiami caught it. It’s time to watch Look at the big fish behind.

     "Master Huai, Qiu Hu asked me to call him back in ten minutes. He wants to know the cause of Qin Chuang's death. I only know that Qiu Hu has a very powerful presence behind him. I am not qualified to contact him at all. My kung fu is Qiu Hu. Teach me, he gave me a pill, and my whole body was full of strength." Liu Ba said with his head lowered.

     "Call Liu Ba and tell him the truth. Qin Chuang is dead and killed by the two boys he sent. See what he said." Guo Huai said with a smile, Liu Ba called Qiu Hu's phone."Master Tiger, Demon King is dead and killed by the two people you sent. What is the origin of the person you sent? I didn't dare to find him because I was afraid that beat the grass to scare the snake. Look at the next step. What to do." Liu Ba said into the phone.

     "Impossible. The two teenagers are just the rich second generation from Imperial Capital. How could they have killed Qin Chuang, Qin Chuang is the master's direct disciple." Qiu Hu said loudly, just because Guo Huai heard him, he passed the disciple in person. I have to catch this Qiu Hu first.

     Liu Ba hung up the phone. Qiu Hu didn't say that he was coming. Guo Huai walked out of Yujiang Prison in a magnificent manner, took a taxi to the traffic police brigade, and met Qiu Hu again. Of course, Qiu Hu didn't know all this.

     "Master, Brother Qin died. He was killed by two Dragons from across the river. Liu Ba didn't make it clear about the specific matter, but I have seen two Dragons from across the river, but they are two teenagers. As a teenager, we haven’t offended anyone recently, and I don’t know where these two people came from." Qiu Hu said to the phone. He didn’t dare to tell his master Guo Huai because he was from Yujiang, because if the master knew that for this reason The big brother is dead, then he will die miserably."You are a little disappointed. I was able to kill Qin Chuang. At least the strength is at the peak of Innate. You didn't have any news. Haha, disappointed, really disappointed." The phone said with a big smile, Qiu Hu trembled , Dare not speak.

     "Little Tiger, I'll give you one last chance to find the person who killed Qin Chuang and send it to me. Otherwise, you can go to Qin Chuang. I want to see someone before tomorrow night, hahahaha." The phone hung up, the laughter did not disappear for a long time, Qiu Hu's hand holding the phone was also raised, his face pale.

     "Xiao Chen, let all the people in the team assemble and come to me." Qiu Hu opened the window, took a deep breath, and shouted at Xiao Chen who was smoking in the compound. Xiao Chen was almost burned by the smoke. King Tiger Hades ordered it, please execute it now.

     "Xiao Chen, you have met the two people in the car we checked today. Tell them that that person may no longer be in Yujiang Prison. Liu Ba's phone cannot be reached. I'll go to Yujiang Prison. You are scattered. I drove to find and found the whereabouts of the two people. Call me immediately." Qiu Hu said with a sullen face, and the police nodded one after another."Lord Tiger, look, there are two people in our yard, just like the two you mentioned, one big and one small." Before the policeman went out, a traffic policeman by the window saw the traffic police team walking. Two people came in, not Guo Tongyuan and Guo Huai, who else could be.

     "You all go down, no need to look for it, someone is here, Xiao Chen, please invite the two up, be polite." Qiu Hu suddenly changed his face, the person is here, and his master has an explanation.

     The people in the office dispersed. Xiao Chen had invited Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan into the room. Qiu Hu greeted the door. He felt the breath of the two of them, Martial Cultivator, without any Martial Cultivator breath, what? Maybe he killed his brother. With the strength of these two boys, he couldn’t do anything in his own hands. However, based on years of experience in the arena, Qiu Hu didn’t dare to do it rashly because he knew from the master whether Less Martial Cultivator can hide your breath.

     "Yeah, right? Let's meet again. How is our car inspection? If there is nothing wrong, is it our car should be given to us? Imperial Capital is still okay, we have to go back." Guo Huai asked with a smile Tao."You two, I'm really embarrassed. Today, the tiger drank a few more glasses. Some drunk law enforcement. Forgive me, the car is okay, but it's not here anymore. A friend came to me today and let me call the shots. I loaned it out. Otherwise, let’s go to my friend tonight. First, I’ll invite the two to have a meal. Second, let’s drive the car back. Brother, do you think it will work." Qiu Hu smiled Said.

     Guo Huai squinted his eyes and looked at Qiu Hu. He didn't dare to use the puppet technique anymore. Qin Chuang's death had already let him know that this Qiu Hu was already in the state of Innate, and it should also be related to the breath of Great Demon. Since he called him out, watch It looks like he is going to see the Lord, and hiding is not enough. Although he is a little worried, Guo Huai asks himself that he can protect himself.

     "My younger brother was not very comfortable in the chant. This time I went to see your friend, so I don’t want him to go. I’ll go with you. Let’s have a good meal in the evening, how about." Guo Huai said with a smile, although Tongyuan Daoist's methods were not ordinary back then, but considering his current strength, it is better to let him stay.

     Qiu Hu didn't say much. He reached out and invited Guo Huai out, and then asked Xiao Chen to match Guo Tongyuan. The two set off in a police car.Soon after Guo Huai left, Jia Yuan, according to the monitoring system of Yujiang City, knew that Guo Huai and Guo Tongyuan were in the traffic police brigade and drove there directly, followed by several leaders of Yujiang City. What made Jia Yuan puzzled was how many When the leaders of each city arrived at the traffic police brigade, they looked around like they had entered a den of thieves.

     "Brother Yuan, why did you come to Yujiang? It wasn't because you drove so well that you were checked by these bad traffic police." Guo Tongyuan saw Jia Yuan walking by and said loudly.

     "Tongyuan, where is your brother, where is Guo Huai, where has he gone?" Jia Yuan asked nervously.

     "Follow an interesting guy to do something more interesting. Brother Yao ate alone and didn't let me follow. Brother Yao, Brother Yao came here too." Guo Tongyuan then saw Li Yào walking down from a military vehicle. , Asked loudly. How did he know that Li Yào came to Yujiang by a military plane, and then drove a military vehicle directly from the army to kill him here, and the military satellite can naturally tell him where Guo Huai last appeared.

     "If something happens to my brother, I want you to bury the corrupt officials in Yujiang together."
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