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Chapter Directory 328 Blood Demon Reappearance
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

A policeman drove the siren directly through the downtown area and rushed to an abandoned factory in the suburbs. The car stopped and Guo Huai, who closed his eyes, opened his eyes.

     "Master Tiger, your friend lives in the wrong place. This is a good place to kill sb for his property." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Cough cough, my little brother joked. My friend likes to be quiet. Wait a minute and I'll make a call." Qiu Hu finished speaking, took the phone and walked aside. Guo Huai didn't care about Qiu Hu, and began to perceive the building. The movement was just a moment, Guo Huai hurriedly withdrew Divine Sense, because like him, there was also a Divine Sense approaching him, and two Divine Senses met.

     "Haha, Xiaohu is here. I said how I felt very good today. It turned out that a distinguished customer came to the door. Please come in. Please come in soon." Qiu Hu's phone number has not been connected yet, an old man walked out from inside, dressed in white. With a smile on his face, he looked over sharply, as if he was immortal.

     "Master, master, you, me, and people have brought it." Qiu Hu thought for a long time, and said these words.

     "Little friend, how about going in?" The old man said with a smile, Guo Huai nodded slightly, Qiu Hu followed at the end, and the three disappeared into the building.Array Formation, yes, this building is just a blindfold. Guo Huai had already discovered when he drove into the building from the car. The person in front of him is a master of Array Formation. There must be some magic weapon on his body, otherwise it is impossible not to feel his repair. Because of this, a trace of anxiety surged into my heart, and the one who feared most was such a person. Guo Huai unconsciously fiddled with the gourd around his waist.

     "The little friend is very familiar. I don’t know who the little friend learns from. The old man Daoist Yujiang has been in Yujiang City for some days. I don’t know where my disciple has offended the little friend. The master is here to apologize. , But the little friend's shot is too heavy, my criminal is not dying." The old man said with a smile, Qiu Hu who stood by was stunned.

     First is the dressing of his master. Qiu Hu knew when he first met his master that his master does not like white, but today he is indeed dressed in white, followed by the breath of his master. Although Qiu Hu is not high in realm, he still can I feel that my master differs to some extent today, and Qiu Hu, who has learned magic skills, is very uncomfortable with today’s breath. Third, in the special ability group, a few masters who seem to be Bigu Stage came to the group, and none of their masters followed They have been polite, why are they so polite to this kid in front of them today."Heaven's Way Sect Guo Huai, passing by Yujiang, was stopped by your disciple. I don't know if you said I killed your disciple. Where do you start this matter?" Guo Huai squinted at Daoist Yujiang and said .

     "Little Tiger, what the little friend said is the truth? What's the matter with your brother Qin Chuang? It seems that the master has been so kind to you recently that you dare to be a teacher." Daoist Yujiang's eyes fell on Qiu Hu On his body, Qiu Hu knelt directly on the ground with his hands tightly covering his head. He wanted to shout, but he couldn't make a sound. Outsiders couldn’t see what happened to Qiu Hu, Daoist Yujiang. With a simple wave of his hand, the bug that Qiu Hu had been in Qiu Hu's head started to get excited.

     "Senior, this kind of punishment is a bit too heavy." Guo Huai said, and with a wave of his hand, a silver needle that was hard to see with the naked eye pierced the bug's body and lost its vitality for a moment. Qiu Hu also gradually calmed down.

     "Little friend, the teacher has the rules of the teacher, I taught my disciples, it seems that the little friend should not interfere." Daoist Yujiang said with a smile."Daoist Yujiang? No one in Huaxia has mentioned this name for 300 years, right." Guo Huai squinted and said, "Although the kid has never seen Daoist Yujiang, he knows a little bit about this person. A pure immortal skill does not seem to be a predecessor. Look like this, Seven Stars Demon Insect, such things are rare."

     "Who are you anyway?" Daoist Yujiang exclaimed, a powerful pressure covering Guo Huai.

     "Who am I? Why don't you first tell me who you are? A descendant of Great Demon? I don't know which descendant of Great Demon you are, where is Daoist Yujiang now?" Guo Huai said loudly, the pressure that hung over him was exhausted. Lost.

     "Haha, I didn't expect you to even know Great Demon, then I don't care who you are, because you have to die." The old man yelled, and a piece of white clothes on his body turned black. Qiu Hu was directly affected by that powerful Guo Huai's breath really fainted, Guo Huai didn't dare to be careless at this time. There was an extra long sword in his hand. This long sword was obtained from the old gentleman's gourd, and it was the strongest method he could use now.

     "Heaven's Way Sect, I have never heard of it. You can't lie to me. You are a member of Heavenly Court. I didn't expect that the Great Witch of Buddhism and Taoism didn't find me. You, a Heavenly Court, dare to control us. Regarding the Great Demon, you're looking for death." As he said, the sky suddenly became gloomy, and a bloody breath surrounded Guo Huai."The descendants of Blood Demon?" Guo Huai frowned. The bloody smell reminded him of something, but Samadhi True Fire was immediately sacrificed. "It is the ghost of Blood Demon. You are the deity of Blood Demon. Could you run away? Does Array Formation come out?" Guo Huai roared loudly, Samadhi True Fire evaporating all blood.

     "Samadhi True Fire, what is the relationship between you and the great old man? I will not kill you today, and I will not let you go next time." The voice fell, the bloody smell in the air disappeared, and Guo Huai saw an afterimage to Fleeing, he took out the unpacked gourd directly on his body, and shouted "Close!" at the afterimage, and the collection of characters on the gourd worked, and the afterimage was directly loaded into the gourd.

     "Cough cough cough, if you want to run, I always sacrificed Samadhi True Fire. Even my life force is used. You still want to run. If all this makes you run, I will play a ball in Mortal World. "Guo Huai said with a pale face. The phantom array just now is gone. He is now squatting in an abandoned building when the police car rang outside.

     "Brother, brother, did we come too late." Guo Tongyuan realized that the matter was getting bigger right at the moment when Guo Huai's breath disappeared. A group of people followed Li Yào towards this side, and when they got there, they found out Guo Huai was squatting on the ground."I shouldn't have followed a police car long ago. It is performed in Hong Kong and Taiwan movies. Following a police car, it must be late." Guo Tongyuan said loudly. No one of the policemen behind him dared to speak. The kid in front of him is nothing, but think about it. The big guy who made their chief tremble with just one call, and the group of guys who came later with the gold medal of Violent Dragon Group, made them completely stupefied.

     "Little Huai, you are too impulsive this time, how about it? Nothing, right?" Xing Heavens Above asked with a smile, he could feel that Guo Huai's body was weak, which made such a Bigu Stage scared. The popularity is weak, showing that the opponent is not weak this time.

     "Mother, I don’t know if it’s worth it. It’s done, but I didn’t get any benefits." Guo Huai took a deep breath and said, and then put a pill in his mouth, so he had to return to Imperial Capital and let Yu'er ( Jade) Guardian, see for yourself who this guy in the income gourd is.
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