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Chapter Directory 330 The Secret In The Gourd
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

This time, Taiyun and his party were thrilling, but on the other hand, they were rewarded. Limitless Palace aside, the Jade Core and Yin-Yang Twin Jade alone made Guo Huai stand out in front of Yu'er (Jade). Great for a while.

     "I almost got my life in, it's still showing up." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, Guo Huai scratched his head a little embarrassedly, yeah, I really almost got my life this time. Speaking of this, I have to thank Yu'er (Jade). If Yu'er (Jade) didn't communicate with the sister above, this time the matter really happened.

     "Yu'er (Jade) wife, I have to thank you for what happened this time. If you hadn't asked the fairy to help me restore my Fleshly Body, my life would be really dangerous." Guo Huai smiled Said, holding Yu'er (Jade) with both hands dishonestly.

     "What? The Fleshly Body that I asked my sister to help you recover? No, although I figured out that you are a catastrophe, I didn't contact my sister, and I can't contact my sister. How could she help you?" Yu'er ( Jade asked with eyes wide open.

     "Not a fairy? Who would it be?" Guo Huai told Yu'er (Jade) exactly what happened in Yukeng, and the two of them were stunned with big eyes and small eyes.

     Guo Huai thinks more now. It seems that being demoted to the Lower Realm is not so simple, but thinking about it the other way round, since being demoted to the Lower Realm, let's toss about this Mortal World life. Guo Huai didn't think much about it, holding Yu'er (Jade) in his arms, it was another burst of produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another."Stallion, big badass." Yu'er (Jade) couldn't help cursing. "You said you caught someone related to Blood Demon. Where did you put it? Now there is Jade Core. Let’s take a look at the Array Formation. By the way, see if the one in the gourd is the Eliminating Demons Master Qiu Daoyuan of the year."

     Guo Huai nodded lightly, and a large piece of Jade Core was placed in front of the two of them. A good thing, even if it is placed in Heavenly Court such a large piece, a group of people will be jealous. Guo Huai cautious and solemn cut a small piece from the Jade Core, and then divided it into nine parts. Guo Huai already knew very well about the Array Formation in the gourd, and directly placed the nine-day phantom array. This Array Formation is not aggressive and saves life. Definitely good Array Formation.

     "Yu'er (Jade), please help me protect the law. Take this thing for you. It is the master of Golden Core Stage who will make trouble. Use this thing to blow him up and undying will have to peel off." Guo Huai threw it to Yu' Er (Jade) are two jade balls, one black and one white, which Guo Huai painfully cut from the Yin-Yang Twin Jade, and made three pairs in total, which is absolutely good for life-saving.

     "Elder Brother Huai, speaking of these inferior tricks, I am afraid that all the true monarchs of the entire Heavenly Court together are not your opponents. This is in the lower realm. Is it in the Heavenly Court? You also have a lot of methods. At that time, Jade Emperor was making trouble for you, why didn't you give it to him, haha." Yu'er (Jade) took the jade ball and said with a big smile."Yu'er (Jade), this is a joke, please help me protect the law, if the person inside is the Eliminating Demons Master, I will call you again." Guo Huai said, he was addicted to the array in the gourd again Formation.

     However, Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade) don’t know. They want to find the person with the breath of Blood Demon. It doesn’t matter if the person in the gourd is the Blood Demon ghost or the person related to the Blood Demon, the person in the gourd Two masters who haven't come out for tens of thousands of years don't care about so many masters.

     Two days ago, Guo Huai put the phantom in the gourd and threw the phantom directly into the deepest part of the gourd through the Great Array. The strong fluctuation once again attracted the attention of Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan.

     "Boy, you sealed my clone body today, I took it down, don't let my other clone bodies meet you, or I will definitely break your body into pieces." Guo Huai did a world-shaking The thing, the ghost captured this time is indeed a clone body of Blood Demon.

     In the Battle of the Killing Demons that year, several Great Demons were all sealed, but how powerful is the Great Demon. In tens of thousands of years, a trace of magic escaped from the sealed Great Array, and then transformed into clones. Body, because Mortal World is subject to Mortal World rules, Great Demon is generally very low-key. The strength of clone body is generally not too strong. They are afraid that if Heavenly Tribulation is introduced, thousands of years of hard work will be wasted."Two stinky old men, look at what you see, and then see if this master kills you." Blood Demon's clone body said to Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan extremely forcefully.

     "Old man Li, don't you feel that the breath of this person is a bit like an acquaintance?" Qiu Daoyuan squinted at the clone body of Blood Demon and said, "It's been tens of thousands of years, I didn't expect to meet again."

     "You, who are you? Do you know this lord?" Blood Demon was stunned. The two elders in front of him didn't have any strong breath, how could they know themselves, but how did he know that ten thousand years of tolerance has allowed them to Take the breath away freely.

     "Lao Qiu, it's the breath of that person, how could I forget it? The two of us were trapped here, and the relationship with him is not small. It seems that this little guy outside is somewhat capable and even gave us a big gift. ah. "Li Shixin said with a smile, the breath of his body was suddenly revealed, and the whole gourd shook.

     "Damn, why is there such a big movement, Xiaoye just broke through a few small arrays, you are not going to break the array." Blood Demon has not reacted yet, Guo Huai, who is breaking the array, is caught The movement was taken aback."You, I know who you are, you are the Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan that year, you are still alive, it is impossible, how is this possible." The moment Li Shixin's pressure fell, the bloodline recognized Who are these two people, not the two demons slayering madmen back then, who are they?

     "Haha, old friend, we met again, but this time it seems that we want more people to bully fewer people." Li Shixin laughed and said, Blood Demon trembled, and there were more people and less bullies. Any one of them In this gourd, you can make yourself scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

     "Old Li, don't kill him, ask him how many Great Demons there are in Mortal World now, where are they all, no matter whether we can escape this gourd, we have to figure out the situation outside, and then think of a way to tell the man named Guo Huai’s kid, put Great Demon catch everything in the one net.” Qiu Daoyuan thought for a long time and said directly.

     Li Shixin nodded lightly, retracted his pressure, and looked at Blood Demon with a smile.

     "We have been fighting for so many years, and we can be regarded as old friends. You Great Demon are indeed somewhat capable. The Array Formation back then couldn't trap you." Li Shixin said with a smile, "Is there a way for Master Blood Demon to break this Great Array, let's go out together."Without coercion, Blood Demon felt a lot more comfortable, walked up to them with a smile, and ran? Ken said nowhere to run, fight? When the two people were sealed in the gourd, it was already in the Fusion big accomplishment period. It was a matter of one sentence to want to ascend. According to their strength, they were only in the Bigu Stage realm. Isn't fighting with two people looking for death?

     "Two fellow Taoists, this gourd was stolen by Desire Demon from Taishang Laojun. I know this Array Formation naturally, but if you two want to go out, you have to give me some benefits." Blood Demon said with a smile .

     "Of course there are benefits, and we can guarantee that we are out of this gourd and do not trouble you. Isn't that the biggest benefit?" Qiu Daoyuan said with a smile, "You have a lot of clone bodies over the years."

     "Old-fashioned, I know that you didn't follow your good intentions and wanted to enslave my clone body and pull out the whereabouts of my other clone bodies. You underestimated my Blood Demon. Haha, you stay in the gourd forever." After that, the clone body of Blood Demon directly turned into a cloud of blood, leaving no breath.
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