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Chapter Directory 333 Life And Death Contract
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Stephen certainly did not make this call in front of Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade). He and Charlie returned to the embassy together. Although Guo Huai did not receive a positive answer, according to Guo Huai's current meaning, the medicine was sold to United States is a matter of morning and evening, and this matter of myself is more than half done.

     "Hello, please find Mr. Shaq, I'm Stephen from the Chinese Embassy in China." At nine o'clock the next day, Stephen couldn't help but dial the business card Yu'er (Jade) gave him.

     "I'm Shaq, but I don't know you, why would you have my call." Mr. Shaq was taken aback, and then said. Although Stephen has not seen Shaq himself, he has heard Shaq's voice in many video materials. That's right, the voice is Regis Shaq.

     "I took the liberty to make this call with you. This call was given to me by a lady in China. She said she was from Luosheng Family. I don't know if Mr. Shaq has an impression of this Luosheng Family." Stephen asked softly.

     "Luosheng Family? No..." Shaq was about to say that he didn't know him, suddenly the appearance of Yu'er (Jade) appeared in his mind. "I know. Just tell me if you have anything. Only I can do it. I will help you."Stephen was so excited that he almost dropped his phone on the ground. Regardless of whether he can finally reach a cooperation with Guo Huai, he can get involved with Shaq. With this alone, he can do a lot in United States. If Shaq can If you give him some pointers on stocks or other investments, Stephen will have no worries for the rest of his life. Of course, Stephen did not say much on the phone, but just told Shaq that after returning to China in a few days, he would tell him in person. Shaq readily agreed. Of course, neither Yu'er (Jade) nor Guo Huai knew all of this.

     "Yu'er (Jade) wife, it seems that I underestimated you. I didn't expect that the largest empire in Mortal World will have your people." When things were done, Guo Huai put his arms around Yu'er (Jade) and said with a smile.

     "Huh, I went directly to United States to find you at the beginning. You are ashamed to say that you yourself are delicious and spicy in China." Yu'er (Jade) pouted and said.

     "He he, the husband will compensate you well in the future." As he said, Guo Huai's An Lushan hand stretched out again and was grabbed by Yu'er (Jade). "Big villain, let's talk about business first. The people in the gourd are really Qiu Daoyuan?""I don’t know, there is also a Conferred God Formation and a Zhushen Formation. I can break the Array Formation completely. However, if these two Great Arrays are broken apart, with my current strength, I can’t get the two For the Great Array of Array Formation level, if there is Great Demon in the gourd, it will be dangerous at that time." Guo Huai said softly. "But the guy who took in with the breath of Blood Demon seems to have really disappeared."

     "I will go in with you this time. If it is really the Eliminating Demons Master Qiu Daoyuan of the year, I will be able to recognize it." Yu'er (Jade) said softly, "But if we two go in together, we must find For those of us who protect the law, otherwise once someone makes trouble, we are afraid that we will be trapped in the gourd forever like them."

     Guo Huai nodded gently, and then called Guo Tongyuan over. The Yin-Yang Twin Jade's jade ball was directly given to Guo Tongyuan, and then Xia Wudi was contacted by phone, and then the group leader of the Eight Dragons was dispatched again. Even with more than two dozen Violent Dragon Group Innate late masters, such a formation is rare in China.

     "Brother Xing, no matter what happens, don't let people come close to this room, my life will be handed over to you." Guo Huai pulled Xing Tian aside and whispered, he naturally did not tell Xing Tian this time What to do, Xing Tian didn't ask much, nodded fiercely.After finishing the arrangement of the people outside, Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade) sat on the Yin-Yang Twin Jade, one black and one white, one by one, and then Guo Huai threw a few pieces of Jade Core around, Guo Huai The strongest Array Formation that can be deployed now is completed.

     "Elder Brother Huai, if you are two senior demons, don't get excited, neither of them can make this gourd." Yu'er (Jade) said softly.

     "If it is them, why can't they be rescued?" Guo Huai asked puzzledly.

     "Elder Brother Huai, why are you so stupid? Think about it. When they were sealed and entered the gourd, they were already masters at the top of the Fusion Stage. They were able to ascend at any time. They stayed in the gourd for such a long time and would make no progress. , Don’t say it’s coming out, after you open the last Conferred God Formation of the gourd, you must immediately set up the deception formation, otherwise it will be known by the above that the rules of Mortal World cannot accommodate them. In case the sky thunder comes down, At that time, all Mortal World deaths and injuries have to be counted on you. Even if you take the road of merit ten times, you will not be able to resist so many deaths." Yu'er (Jade) said solemnly.

     Guo Huai realized the seriousness of the matter at this time, and even wanted to beat the return drum.

     "It's not impossible for them to come out. After opening Array Formation and seeing them, I will find a way." Yu'er (Jade) looked at Guo Huai's helpless look and said with a smile.Sister Chang'e is a fortune. When she was in the lower realm of Yu'er (Jade), Chang'e waved her jade hand and threw eight stealth charms to Yu'er (Jade). Although she didn't say anything, now I want to come. Help Guo Huai find some great helpers in Mortal World. If Yu'er (Jade) still doesn't know the purpose of her sister to let her down, then he will be the jade rabbit who has followed the first fairy of Heavenly Court for so many years.

     Guo Huai looked at Yu'er (Jade)'s confident expression, smiled and nodded, his Big Wife is definitely not ordinary, breaking the array, breaking the Array Formation. Besides, the soldiers are here to cover the water and the earth, the young master from Heavenly Court I have lived so moisturizingly, Xiaoye took this matter.

     Although the last two Great Array Guo Huai were very clear back then, he did not dare to be careless. He knew that with his current strength, a little carelessness would most likely fall into the Great Array. If he really fell into the array, This Mortal World is afraid that no second person can break the array to save him.

     The Zhushen array broke open, Guo Huai settled, Yu'er (Jade) nodded gently, Guo Huai's voice transmission was passed into the gourd, Qiu Daoyuan smiled at Li Shixin, this little friend finally came again Up.

     "Senior, the kid is here again. You should be able to feel that I have brought my wife." Guo Huai said with a smile, "As long as the senior can prove that he is the Eliminating Demons Master Qiu Daoyuan, the kid will find a way to break this. The final Array Formation.""Great Witch blood? I don’t know which bloodline the girl is from. Of course, I can prove who I am, but that was all ten thousand years ago. Although the little girl has the Great Witch bloodline, only the Great Witch inheritance from that year Only then can I know if I’m the real Qiu Daoyuan.” Qiu Daoyuan said.

     "In the past, Human Race and Great Witch jointly exterminated demons. If the senior was really Qiu Daoyuan, the contract of the year should be on her. Seniors don’t care about the descendants of Great Witch. Only seniors can show the contract to juniors. The juniors can naturally judge whether the seniors are Qiu Daoyuan." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile. I am afraid that Telepath True Monarch didn't know much about the contract between Human Race and Great Witch.

     "Haha, it seems that the girl is after a few deceased people, it is interesting and interesting, since the girl knows about the contract, then I will show you the life and death contract between me and old man Li and Kong Xuan back then, haha." Qiu Daoyuan laughed and said, then glanced at Li Shixin beside him, the two closed their eyes at the same time, and two and a half stones full of energy emerged from the two of them.

     When Yu'er (Jade) heard the name of Kong Xuan, he could confirm that there were two demon slaughter gods of the year. No doubt, she still wanted to see the first battle with Kong Xuan, the Great Witch. What is the life-and-death contract?
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