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Chapter Directory 334 Uninvited Guest
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade) didn’t know, at the moment when Qiu and Li sacrificed the contract stone, the sky over the entire Imperial Capital changed. The cloudless sky suddenly darkened, and thunder broke out. Ordinary people thought it was a thunderstorm, but didn't think much about it, but the Martial Cultivator who entered the Houtian realm felt a little uncomfortable.

     “Because of the influence of the monsoon climate, Imperial Capital has a short-term aurora climate. Don’t panic. The relevant departments are investigating the cause of the incident.” The Imperial Capital TV station issued a notice for the first time, which greatly eased the panic of the citizens of Imperial Capital. However, these Martial Cultivators do not believe what monsoon climate influences to produce extreme climates.

     "Foster father, Guo Huai didn't make such a big movement." Xia Feiyan said softly, "Xing Tian went to Guo Huai's place. There will be nothing wrong."

     "This is Tianwei, I don't know if it was made by Little Huai, but the center of Tianwei is indeed above the Clinic of No Treatment." Xia Wudi said softly, "I hope nothing will happen."

     The shriveled old man below Mt. Changbai Tianchi suddenly opened his eyes at the moment Qiu and Li sacrificed the contract stone, and a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared in the calm Tianchi, and the shriveled old man was at the center of the whirlpool."Impossible, how could Mortal World have a contract stone? Could it be that the group of people that year were reincarnated and reborn in Mortal World? God is unfair. Is this going to destroy our last hope for Demon Clan?" The deflated old man shouted. Roaring, the creatures in the Tianchi flee each other as if they were facing an enemy.

     At the same time, on some seemingly desolate and uninhabited islands in the South China Sea, a group of elderly people who can't see their strength also appeared, looking at the direction of Imperial Capital, thoughtfully.

     Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade), as the center of the "storm", were completely shocked by the two contract stones combined together. The power of the contract allows a Great Witch and two Human Race masters to sign a life and death agreement. The power of contract is definitely a truly terrifying existence.

     "Today, Great Witch Kong Xuan signed a life and death contract with Human Race Li Shixin and Qiu Daoyuan. The three agreed to extinguish the demons together and die together. Whether the Great Witch rises or Human Race is in power, the three-person contract will remain the same for life."

     The simple two lines made Yu'er (Jade) wide-eyed. No wonder that after so many years in Heavenly Court, I rarely see Kong Xuan smile happily and meet Great Demon, the great master of Great Witch. He always rushed to the forefront, every time he came up was a desperate style of play. He was called the first killer of Heavenly Court, which was far more ineffective than Mortal World in those days."If Kong Xuan knows that we have saved the people who made the life and death contract with him, if you return to Heavenly Court in the future, you will ask Kong Xuan to deal with the Jade Emperor, he will go, haha." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile. "You two will withdraw the contract. We have already known your identities, and I can tell you who I am now."

     As Yu'er (Jade) said, there was an extra crystal bead in his hand, slowly floating in the air, and Qiu Daoyuan and Li Shixin had their mouths widened across the Conferred God Formation.

     When Qiu and Li two people took back the contract stone, the pressure over Imperial Capital suddenly disappeared without trace. When everyone was too happy to be happy, an invisible pressure came again, even more than the Tianwei just now. Horror, some Houtian Martial Cultivators were directly stunned by the pressure. Even Guo Huai in the gourd had to stabilize his mind and resist the pressure of the bead of Yu'er (Jade).

     "Moon Soul Bead, you, you are not the one, you are the Rabbit God who followed her back then?" Qiu Daoyuan murmured, Yu'er (Jade) smiled and nodded, the beads retracted, Imperial Capital finally recovered Calm down.

     "Moon Soul Bead, my wife, I didn't expect you to have such a good thing on your body. You didn't show it to your husband. You are not good." Guo Huai naturally recognized Yu'er (Jade). The beads could not help but said."If you didn't show you Moon Soul Bead, you've already caused so many things. If you know I have this thing on my body, you still don't know what trouble it will cause." Yu'er (Jade) said with a trace of anger. Yi said, Guo Huai scratched his head with embarrassment. There have been a lot of things recently, but let's not be what you said.

     "Rabbit God, I don't know the origin of this little friend." Qiu Daoyuan looked at Guo Huai and asked, "The little friend is proficient in Array Formation, is it the descendant of Old Lord Tai Sui?"

     "The two guessed wrong this time. You don't know this big bad guy as normal, because when Great Demon was rampant, he was not born yet." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, "But in recent years Heavenly Court has the most In the dazzling soaring Golden Immortal, Telepath True Monarch is definitely a good player. They are very good in every aspect, otherwise they will not be sent to the lower realm by the old Jade Emperor to toss." Yu'er (Jade) finished, and endured it by himself. I couldn't help laughing.Qiu Daoyuan looked at Guo Huai carefully and nodded slightly. Although it is Guo Huai's Fleshly Body, with Qiu Daoyuan's strength, he can still see some Ne Duan, the Fusion Stage master of the year and the person who later soared to Heaven Realm. It’s completely different. As long as you dodge the wrath of the sky in the later stage of ascension, if you wanted to ascend to the Heaven Realm back then, you had to carry the thunder, and being able to ascend to the Heaven Realm at that time was definitely the strength of a quasi-saint. Think about Kong Xuan. The existence of Li Shi who was able to kill Saint and signed the life and death contract with the two of Human Race shows how powerful Qiu Daoyuan and Li Shixin were at that time.

     "Two seniors, don't have to look at the kid like this. You made a mistake in Heavenly Court. After several years of cultivation in the lower realms, you can go back sooner or later." Guo Huai said cheeky, Qiu Daoyuan and Li Shixin laughed.

     "My little friend, what's good about Heavenly Court? It's still comfortable in Mortal World. I think we were slaughtered in Mortal World, how majestic, how many times better than the days of Heavenly Court." Li Shixin said with a laugh. Indeed, Heavenly Court did not exert much effort when Great Demon was rampant because of the rules.

     "He he, Mortal World's days are really good. We can't do anything like this. It's better to let the kid break the Array Formation. After the two come out, let's talk carefully." Guo Huai said with a smile, Qiu Daoyuan shook his head gently."Little friend, you still don’t want to break the Array of Gods. We are already very happy to be able to chat with you like this. I think a lot these days. With our current strength, I am afraid that when the Array Formation breaks, we will It directly arouses the wrath of the sky, when Mortal World people are in a terrible situation, it will be unbearable for you and us, so don't unlock the formation of the gods." Qiu Daoyuan said softly.

     "Two, when Elder Brother Huai opens the Array Formation, you will hide your strength directly, and then Elder Brother Huai will open the Heaven-Deceiving Great Array. Then I will completely seal the strength of the two, as long as the two cooperate with us Good, nothing will happen." Yu'er (Jade) said, holding two concealment charms in his hands.

     "Since Rabbit God has such a good thing in his hands, what are we worried about, my little friend, get out quickly. The old man can finally go out and let people prepare food and drink. The old man hasn't had a good drink for tens of thousands of years." Qiu Daoyuan looked at the things in Yu'er (Jade)'s hand and laughed and said, tens of thousands of years, and finally have a chance to come out.

     Guo Huai smiled and nodded, and once again invested all Divine Sense in the Great Array, the Conferred God Array was opened, and the two peak powers were about to be released. It was exciting to think about it, but at this time, Clinic of No Treatment but an unexpected guest came.
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