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Chapter Directory 336 Keep Your Sister's Rules
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Yu'er (Jade), give the hidden talisman to the two seniors, they can come out." Guo Huai was not sure how long his Heaven-Deceiving Great Array could fool God, so he quickly said to Yu'er (Jade) .

     Two talisman papers of invisible material were thrown at Qiu Daoyuan and Li Shixin. The moment Tianwei appeared, the hidden strength of the two was almost exposed, and then the hiding charm disappeared on the two of them. Now it is no different from ordinary people.

     "Haha, I'm out." Qiu Daoyuan yelled. People have already appeared in the room. Li Shixin also looked excited. After tens of thousands of years, he finally saw the light again.

     At the moment when the last Great Array broke open, Taoist Gu spit out blood. Although he was just a clone body, the Great Array was connected to his life essence and blood. The Great Array was broken. The aura of the Enclosed Demon Land has drastically reduced a lot, and the clone body is of course also affected.

     "Two seniors, the outside world has changed a lot from you back then. I will go out soon. No matter what you see, don't be surprised." Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade) also came out of the Great Array, in the hands of Guo Huai Holding Laojunshan's gourd, I didn't expect that apart from sealing the two Human Race masters, there were no pills, and I couldn't help feeling that the loss was huge.

     "Elder Brother Huai, Tongyuan is outside, and his face is uncomfortable. Let's go out and have a look first?" Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, "Clinic of No Treatment seems to be an interesting person."Yu'er (Jade)'s voice fell, and Qiu Daoyuan and Li Shixin's faces became gloomy. Although their auras were hidden, they could only reach the pinnacle of Bigu Stage in terms of their strength, but they had fought Great Demon for so long. How could they not feel the breath of Great Demon? The two looked out of Clinic of No Treatment together.

     "Little friend, just as the girl Yu'er (Jade) said, there is indeed an interesting guy outside. Let's go out and have a look. If you want to come, this person is also like meeting the two of us." Li Shixin said with a smile, Guo Huai nodded gently, and the four of them opened the door of the backyard. Guo Tongyuan outside wanted to say something, but Guo Huai blocked him, and several people walked towards Taoist Gu.

     "Qian Dao Qiangu is reasonable. I waited for Hall Lord Guo at Clinic of No Treatment for many days and finally figured it out." Dao Ren Gu said with a smile, because he just vomited a mouthful of blood and his breath was a little unstable.

     "Taoist Gu, I think it should be the old demon Gu Qian, Gu Qian Gu Qian, it was a word of desire back then, I really didn't expect that Master Desire Demon should be so careful now. Great Demon's face was lost to you back then." Qiu Daoyuan said loudly, Guo Huai came back to his senses, grandma’s, this is really fucking with Great Demon, he caught a Blood Demon clone body, and now a Desire Demon clone body is in his Clinic of No Treatment ."Haha, two, long time no see, Daochang Qiu is still so unforgiving when he speaks, but should you say thank you to me? If it wasn't me who trapped you in the Great Array back then, maybe In the end, Great Witch will kill the donkey when the grinding is done.” Desire Demon clone body said loudly.

     "Desire Demon, this method of sow dissension is a bit awkward. Senior Qiu has a good saying. Great Demon's face is lost by you." Yu'er (Jade) stepped forward and said with a smile. Thousands of people are not in the Bigu Stage realm. Although it is the clone body of the Great Demon, there may be some small tricks, but the four people here are all in the Bigu Stage realm, and I am afraid that he will fail.

     "Little girl, there is the breath of Great Witch in her body. I don't know that it is a descendant of that guy. I just like you, a descendant of Great Witch with soft skin and tender flesh. I have been tossing about it in recent years, haha, today, little girl Come to Pei Lao Fu." Taoist Gu looked at Yu'er (Jade) with a lewd smile.

     "If you want grandma to accompany you, you have to see if you have that ability, and you have to see if my husband agrees." Yu'er (Jade) is not angry, Desire Demon has sex, he knew it tens of thousands of years ago , There is no need to be angry with him."There are so many of you today, do you want to fight against the old ways like you did in the past?" Taoist Gu said, squinting at Guo Huai. "Little guy, why don't we make gestures, my gourd is cheaper for you."

     Guo Huai didn't speak either. There are two Human Race masters here. He just came out of Great Array and his vitality has not recovered yet, so naturally he is not ready to take the lead.

     "Pack you a Desire Demon clone body, the old man is enough, just think carefully about you, the old man satisfies you, and hasn't seen you for tens of thousands of years, I want to see what you can do with a Desire Demon clone body." With that, Li Shixin stepped forward and squinted at Taoist Gu Qian.

     "Demon-Slaughtering Daoist Li Shixin, I pooh, since you are looking for death, I will take your life today to pay tribute to the thousands of children who died in Demon Clan." Master Gu Qian said, the original white clothes turned black, the whole The Clinic of No Treatment was shrouded in the dark, just like when Guo Huai went to Gu Family.

     Guo Huai wanted to say something, but Qiu Daoyuan stopped him and shook his head slightly.

     "Little Huai, don't worry, old man Li is still 100% sure of dealing with a Desire Demon clone body." Qiu Daoyuan said with a smile, but after a moment, Qiu Daoyuan's face turned gloomy."Li Shixin, for so many years, have you been sleeping in the gourd every day? There is no growth at all. If so, then you can go to death." Taoist Gu said loudly.

     Several people did not expect that the clone body of this Desire Demon was originally in the realm of Bigu Stage, but after a while, it directly reached the Golden Core Stage and reached the peak of the Golden Core Stage, faintly breaking through the Golden Core and forming the momentum of the Nascent Soul.

     "I didn't expect Mortal World to look like this now. No wonder Desire Demon has such a big tone, driven by desire. Anyone who has desire can provide Desire Demon with strength. Old man Li is in danger." Qiu Daoyuan shook his head and said, but Did not mean to come forward to help.

     "Desire clone body, the capital of Desire Demon." Taoist Gu shouted loudly. Nine exactly the same Taoists Gu appeared in the air and surrounded Li Shixin. Behind them, a castle appeared. The same thing.

     "A clone body can even summon the capital of Desire Demon, is it possible that Desire Demon has escaped the seal?" Qiu Daoyuan said loudly, his expression anxious.

     "Elder Brother Huai, if this continues, Senior Li is afraid that he will lose. If he is included in the Desire Demon Capital, it is impossible to rescue him with our current strength.

     "Senior Qiu, are you old enough to help?" Guo Huai asked, looking at Qiu Daoyuan."If you agree to one fight, how can you not talk about the rules of the world? It was because of the wheel fight that Great Demon dropped the handle. This time Old Man Li lost, I let Desire Demon rest and I will hurt again." Qiu Daoyuan held his hands tightly. Holding a long sword, closing his eyes tightly, he began to gain momentum.

     "Damn, I'm worried that the wheel fight will lose my tongue. It's not easy to handle. Let's go together. If a group of people fight one, it is not a wheel fight. You can't get it. I can get it. I finally rescued you. If you are Desire Demon Take it away, and the little master’s business will be lost.” When the voice fell, Guo Huai flew up, and the Yin-Yang Twin Pearl directly destroyed one of the nine sub-shades, and the Desire Demon capital gradually disappeared.

     "Boy, this is fight alone, you dare not follow the rules." Desire Demon clone body shouted loudly.

     "Follow your sister's rules. You used Mortal World's desire to even summon the capital of Desire Demon. What rules are I still observing. Will you let you clean up one by one to finish?" Guo Huai said loudly, hand The dagger inside destroyed another phantom, and his eyes were fixed on one of the voice phantom and the real body.
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