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Chapter Directory 342 Guo Bad Big Marriage (3)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

At 11:58 in the morning, the back garden of Gu Family was full of people, and three hundred and sixty tables were prepared. As a result, some people did not have seats. Gu Family had to arrange in several yards around the back garden. One hundred and eighty tables, this allowed all the guests to sit down. Now everyone is in the back garden. They don't want to miss this most classic Chinese wedding ceremony.

     At 12:18, two wedding hosts appeared on the stage, a man and a woman. At first everyone thought they were familiar, but suddenly someone called out their names. These two are now the gold medals of China Channel One. Host? I didn't expect to come to Guo Huai as the wedding host.

     Things have to start from three days ago. Jia Yuan Li Yào and Jia Yuan Li Yào have been arguing for the location of the wedding ceremony for a long time. There are not many opportunities like this, and no one wants to let it go. But then Guo Huai received a call, two brothers There is no need to argue. Compared with others, the two seem a bit unprofessional.

     Ouyang Dan and Wei Jing heard about the big marriage of Clinic of No Treatment Hall Lord Guo Huai. At the beginning of Clinic of No Treatment’s opening, they went to Clinic of No Treatment to see a doctor together. They were caught by Guo Huai because of their occupational diseases. The three Chinese medicines were completely cured. At that time, Guo Huai didn't even ask for money for the two of them. The two discussed and directly asked Ying to be the officiant of the wedding. Guo Huai naturally agreed."Dear friends, dear friends, I hope you all return to your place. Friends with children, please take good care of your children, and the wedding will begin soon." Wei Jing's voice sounded, and after a while, the entire back garden stood in an orderly manner Well, all eyes fell on the podium.

     Guo Huai was standing aside in a suit, Lin Shuang's belly slightly bulged, standing on a platform suspended in the midair surrounded by flowers not far from Guo Huai.

     "Boy, I've been watching the bride for a long time, how come I feel something is wrong." An old man said softly.

     "Grandpa, no matter how old you are, we young people don't have to look at the bride. What are you looking at?" his grandson said jokingly, and the old man slapped the young man on the head.

     "I mean the floating table under the bride's feet doesn't seem to be supported or pulled by anything. How can it be suspended in the air." The old man said to himself, and the people around him immediately looked at him when he heard the old man's words. To the bride, yes, there is really no external force, floating in the air."Our bridegroom, Mr. Guo Huai, must not be necessary to introduce him to everyone. He is young and promising. After being famous, he is the grandson of our most respectable Mr. Guo Liuyi in China. Of course, in the words of Mr. Guo, What my grandson is doing now is more meaningful than what he is doing, but I would like to say a compliment. I hope you don’t hit me. If you have a master, you will be Guo Huai for your grandson.” Wei Jing’s words fell, and the audience was thunderous Applause, they didn't expect that the most serious host of China Radio could say such a thing, but the last two sentences really said to their hearts.

     "Wei Jing, Mr. Guo Huai is indeed very good, but I think our bride is even better than Guo Huai, because she used to be a teacher of the groom’s official, a teacher, preacher, and karma, so Mr. Guo Huai can With today's results, our bride has done a lot. "Ouyang Dan's voice fell, and the audience laughed. The atmosphere of the wedding scene was very good.

     "Ouyang Dan, I don't think we two should say more, don't delay the fine time, lucky day, let's invite today's witnesses, let them here, let's go back to a recording program quickly." Wei Jing A joke made everyone happy again. However, Ouyang Dan's words later calmed the scene, and no one even dared to gasp."Below are our witnesses, Grandmaster Yufeng, the father of Huaxia Guoxue, and the exhaust one's thoughts and ingenuity No. 1 Officer Cai Tianyang Chairman for the rise of China. Welcome." Ouyang Dan said loudly.

     In fact, when Ouyang Dan and Wei Jing knew that Grandmaster Yufeng was the witness, the two almost fainted happily. They never thought that there would be such a day when they could stand on the podium with the master to officiate the wedding, but Guo Huai's first In a few words, Wei Jing almost choked while drinking water.

     "Grandmaster Yufeng is now resting in the backyard. You two will talk to the master about the wedding process, what needs to be done by the master, and a witness. It is estimated that this day will not be available until you are ready to cooperate." Guo Huai smiled and said to Ouyang Dan and Wei Jing a day ago.

     "Hall Lord Guo, who is the witness? With Grandmaster Yufeng, it is not easy to find a witness who can match the master." Ouyang Dan said with a smile.

     "It's not anyone else. President Cai will be free tomorrow. He will come. You can cooperate with him. You don't need to take it too seriously. The main thing is to let Grandmaster Yufeng take charge." After Guo Huai finished, Wei Jing coughed. , Ouyang Dan was stunned.

     "President Cai? Wei Jing, which President Cai ah Little Brother Huai said." Ouyang Dan asked stupidly."Dandan, who else is President Cai? Huaxia also has several President Cai ah." Wei Jing calmed down, said with her thumb deep, Ouyang Dan covered her mouth at once, although she had seen it in some official events. Cai Tianyang, but it is definitely the first time that Cai Tianyang has participated in such a private event.

     The two men prepared a day's lines and routines and changed them all directly. With such a big-name witness, the main city people really have little meaning in this wedding ceremony.

     After Ouyang Dan finished speaking, Grandmaster Yufeng was in front and Cai Tianyang was behind. The two walked onto the rostrum together, and the audience suddenly burst into thunderous applause.

     "Master, I am so lucky to stand with the master. I remember visiting the master when I was young and studying. Today I joined Little Huai to get married. I have to give the master a gift of apprenticeship." Cai Tianyang faced Grandmaster Yufeng With a deep bow, the master gladly accepted it."President Cai bend to a task and spare no effort for me, it is indeed China's fortune. This Clinic of No Treatment is for the country and the people, and it is also China's blessing. The old man can see such a happy thing in his lifetime and he will not lose his life. "Grandmaster Yufeng said with a smile, "Today as a witness, I will just say a few words. I know both dolls. Xiaoshuang should call me uncle. My relationship with your master is pretty good. As for Little Huai , If I say that the expert is a teacher, I am afraid I have to call him a teacher. Originally I wanted to write an adverb for you, but then I thought about it, or don’t display one's slight skill before an expert in front of Little Huai. Make a wise man in his old age.” Grandmaster Yufeng's voice fell, and the audience looked at Guo Huai in a flash.

     They never thought that Grandmaster Yufeng had such a high evaluation of Guo Huai, and even Guo Huai couldn't help but shook his head. This descendant, he really dared to lift himself up.

     "Today, the two tie the knot, they have formed a good relationship for a hundred years. I won't say more. Everyone can see that they are both talented and beautiful. I wish them happiness in the future and a happy family of three. Haha." Grandmaster Yufeng said to me, his eyes fell On Cai Tianyang's body. The people in the audience naturally laughed, and they never thought that the grandmaster Yufeng, who had passed away from the past, was so cute."The master brought all the blessings. I will just say a few other things. Guo Huai and Lin Shuang are married. I am very happy to see so many people here, among them many acquaintances. I hope you will support Clinic of No Treatment, this Clinic of No Treatment is not just a medical clinic. It is also our hope for China. We are based on the world and hope that the world can live a better life. Bless you, two little guys, when the child is born, I I will come back again." Cai Tianyang finished speaking and walked to the stage with Grandmaster Yufeng.
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