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Chapter Directory 343 Guo Bad Big Marriage (4)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Then Wei Jing and Ouyang Dan came to the stage again. The wedding went smoothly. Because Lin Shuang was pregnant, the process was simplified a lot, but the process was very beautiful.

     It is worth mentioning that this time the lineup of the maiden family is too strong. The two offered tea to the elders of both parties. Guo Huai is naturally Guo Liuyi and his wife. They sat there for a long time, Lin Sanyuan, the old man of the Lin family. It should be as it should be by rights, but there are also Violent Dragon Group Dragon King Xia Wudi, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng, the owner of Xuanyuan Family, and Nangong Mou'ce, owner of Nangong Family, making people stare.

     "I am Xia Wudi, I have no children and no daughters. Violent Dragon Group has a righteous daughter. Today I will accept another righteous daughter. From now on, Lin Shuang's business will be my business. Xia Wudi is a rough person. If someone makes trouble with my daughter No matter if I’m from other people or from the Lin family, Violent Dragon Group is not a vegetarian.” Xia Wudi’s impassioned statement made people in the audience stare. Xia Wudi supported Lin Shuang and Lin Xingyu Can't help shrinking his head.

     "Brother Xia said, we don't have much. Lin Shuang is also our righteous daughter. In the future, no matter what aggrieved in Guo Family or Lin's family, come to us and we will call you the shots." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng and Nangong Mou'ce's words were also very direct. Of course, this was not meant for Guo Huai. Lin Sanyuan smiled helplessly."Let’s let Mr. Guo Huai say a few words, and everyone can say whether it’s good or not." The happiest person today is Guo Huai. After Ouyang Dan’s words, a group of people who have good relations with Guo Huai began to make a fuss. "Little Brother Huai, say a few words, tell me how to catch up with my younger brother and sister, haha."

     Guo Huai is not stage fright, and is not nervous when facing 800,000 heavenly soldiers. What a small scene.

     "Thank you everyone for being able to attend the kid's wedding today. It cost you money." Guo Huai's first sentence made everyone laugh, "but the kid is not short of money. If anyone in this room is short of money, you can come and talk to the kid. Yes, if you don’t want it, the money you gave to the kid today will be all used for the education and medical care of children in remote areas of China. Every Hope Primary School will have your name in the school history, and every children’s hospital will have it too. Your names, thank you everyone!" Guo Huai bowed deeply to everyone, thunderous applause in the audience.

     Many people at Imperial Capital know the situation of Guo Huai's last elixir auction, and they all know that there are many Hope Projects in China that are related to Guo Huai, but they did not expect that Guo Huai is so atmospheric."Finally, I have only one purpose for prescribing Clinic of No Treatment. No medical treatment, no medical treatment, Huaxia no medical treatment. I hope Clinic of No Treatment you can net sparrows at the door, and it is best to make Clinic of No Treatment close down a business. for good and put the best face on it." After Guo Huai said, the people in the audience were once again suppressed by Guo Huai's domineering, and the applause lasted. "Host, I'm going to accompany my daughter-in-law, and I will leave the rest to you." Guo Huai said, handing over the microphone to Ouyang Dan, and walked back with a smile.

     "Wucheng Guo Huai, German doctor Shuangxin." I don't know who shouted, but the next eight words suppressed his voice, and it rang in Gu Family.

     "Hua Xia Guo Huai, German and medical Shuangxin."

     "Hua Xia Guo Huai, German and medical Shuangxin."

     "Everyone, I know that Huaxia is lucky to have such a doctor, but everyone is hungry now. Today, Clinic of No Treatment has prepared meals for everyone. Please hurry up and sit down. On behalf of Clinic of No Treatment, I hope Eat and drink well, of course, if you are driving here, don’t drink, everyone’s safety first.” Ouyang Dan said with a smile, and the staff were seated. The Gu Family and the waiters invited from several restaurants started. After the dishes, Gu Family became lively again."Hua Xia Guo Huai, German and medical double xin, see if you can." Guo Huai returned to Lin Shuang, several girls also gathered around Lin Shuang, Little Lingmo put his hands on Lin Shuang's belly I said that I wanted to feel what it was like to have a baby in my belly, so Lin Shuang not to know whether to laugh or cry, but Yu'er (Jade) saw Guo Huai coming and said something unceremoniously.

     "He he, this is public opinion, there is no way, who made your husband so good?" Guo Huai said with a heartless smile, several girls stared at Guo Huai, and then a group of people laughed Up.

     "Brother, notice that Grandpa's table is out of alcohol. I sent all my private possessions, and they still want it." Guo Tongyuan said helplessly.

     "Enough today, don't be too real, you kid, there is a spring in the backyard, you go take ordinary wine and blend with the wine I gave you, they drink now, they can't drink it anymore." Guo Huai said with a smile. Handed Guo Tongyuan a wine gourd.

     "High, it's really high." Guo Tongyuan ran away in a hurry, and several people laughed. Then Guo Huai went out to toast, which again attracted cheers from a group of people. The dinner was tossed until three or four o'clock in the afternoon, and the guests began to leave slowly. After a day of tossing, Gu Family could stop for a while."Little Huai, the people who drink too much have been arranged to stay. Your three brothers seem to be looking for you, waiting outside." Gu Yun said with a smile.

     Guo Huai smiled and walked out. The three brothers were busy today, so they have to go and see for themselves.

     "Fourth old, let's not talk about anything else, give me the whole drink, you feel comfortable today, brother, I'm just finished now, you give me a whole glass of wine first." Jia Yuan said sweaty, originally the whole Gu Family Guo Huai has deployed Array Formation. Gu Family is not cold or hot, but Jia Yuan is still hot and sweaty. Think about it, there are so many people here. Although Jia Yuan is not alone in charge of the accounts, such a large flow of funds in a day , It also made him excited.

     "Three brothers, come into the house and say, I will give you all the food and drink, and you will fill up your stomach first." Guo Huai invited the three into the house without saying much, and made one in front of everyone. The table was delicious, and the wine was naturally good, and the three of them ate like hungry wolves.

     "Cough cough, three elder brothers, eat slowly. I haven't found you so real before. Which table can you go to to eat?" Guo Huai said with a smile, and the three of them turned red.

     They don't want to eat at ordinary tables. Guo Huai's next dead table did not let three people jump in the queue, which led to the three people still not eating."Brother Yao, you're going to eat in the kitchen. Eat less, give me and my third brother evenly." Jia Yuan didn't have much, and he put the plate in front of him, Li Yào snatched it. , "I didn't eat it at all in the back kitchen." A group of girls looked at the three of them with all their faces, and laughed again.

     After almost an hour of tossing, the three of them ate nothing left of the dishes on the table, and there was no wine left. Jia Yuan burped and realized that the food just now was a bit unsightly. He smiled and looked at a few. Girl, a little embarrassed.

     "My brothers and sisters, I was a little hungry just now, but today Lao Jia's contribution is not small." Jia Yuan said with a smile, "Lao Si, you are really fine, last time I got 50 billion pills, you know this time How much is it? It's a waste of you not to engage in private equity. "

     "Second, how much is it? Did you wrap your fourth brother with a big red envelope, haha." Li Yào asked with a smile. He had asked more than once on the way here, but Jia Yuan just didn't say it.

     "How much? Say it to scare you to death." Jia Yuan said loudly, "After deducting the fraction, there are still 110 billion, which is really too strong. Brother Tengfei and Little Lingmo gave over 100 million. You don't know. Imperial Capital and several families have given more than 100 million, and the Taiyun Jade Association directly awarded 700 million. The fourth child, your face is really good."
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