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Chapter Directory 347 There Are Bombs!
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

However, after the two brothers of Yin Family left, the atmosphere in the special ability group improved a lot. Guo Huai almost understood that these two brothers were aliens from the special ability group and had a bad relationship with many people.

     "Zhou Zhan, talk about the special ability martial arts competition this time, and the team competition. This time it seems that the changes have been not small." Yán Feng said with a smile.

     Zhou Zhan stood up, holding a remote control-like thing in his hand, pointed it in the air, and a big screen appeared in the air. The heads were crowded above, and the words of the 18th Special Ability Budokai appeared on the screen. An old man stood under the words, and then the old man spoke the rules of the Budokai in fluent Chinese.

     "There are a total of 378 countries participating in this martial arts club. There are 1,380 contestants. All contestants will participate in the individual competition. The individual competition is a knockout competition. The winner enters the winner group competition, and the loser Enter the failure group. If the failure group fails again, it will be eliminated, and finally the top three of this special ability martial arts will be determined. Their country will get all the resources in this area." A three-dimensional mountain appeared in front of the old man. It was painted in three colors and marked one, two, three.

     At the moment when the shape of the mountain range appeared, Yán Feng and Peng Gang stood up abruptly. Of course, they knew where this was. This is the paradise of Martial Cultivator. Guo Huai looked at the mountain range in thought."All countries above A-level can choose to participate in team competitions. Countries above AA-level must participate in team competitions. Considering that there will be casualties in individual competitions, the team competition will allow each country to add two special ability candidates as back-ups, and decide the first place. One person will have the right to use this place for one hundred years.” As he said, a small island appeared in front of everyone, Guo Huai stood up abruptly, and even Zhou Zhan was stunned, because he didn’t know what the old man said. Where is my island, but it seems the young man who followed Little Lingmo knows.

     "Elder Brother Hao, do you know where this is?" Nangong Lingmo naturally sensed the changes in Guo Huai and asked in a low voice.

     "I don't know what's in the mountain just now, but if this island really exists, there are definitely a lot of treasures here. Taking this island will increase the strength of the Huaxia special ability group by at least ten times." Guo Huai said softly, not only to Nangong Lingmo, but also to several other people.

     "Little Brother Hao, is there anything special about this place? Please tell me my brother." Zhou Zhan said with a smile. From the time he got the information of the Budo Club to now, he has checked a lot of information and asked many people, but No one knows why this island will be rewarded as a team championship, but hearing Guo Huai's statement, this place seems unusual."If the Budo Club can win the first place, I will tell you about this small island. If you can't win the first place, it's better not to tell you. The temptation of that place is too great, I'm afraid you will not be able to bear it. "Guo Huai said softly, Zhou Zhan didn't ask too much. If the temptation is too great, it may not be a good thing for them.

     Then the old man talked about the eight budo clubs around the world. The Asian contact point was set in Japan, which made a group of people extremely unhappy. Of course, not only the Chinese family, Tai Chi Tiger South Korea and many Southeast Asian countries were unhappy with the fixed point in Japan. Objections were also raised.

     "Baka, they are upset and upset. If we can win the first place in the Budokai group this time, let alone the point of contact in Japan, even if we apply for the Lower Budokai to be held in Japan, they will not have any objections." Mt. Fuji said, an old man said loudly.

     "Yán Feng, Peng Gang, we will go to Japan tomorrow morning, and we will take a special plane to depart from the Imperial Capital Airport tomorrow. You two will bring your own things, and the people you will follow are also Martial Cultivator. How much can you take care of." Said with a smile, the two nodded and left the special ability group."Little Brother Hao, this time you followed Little Lingmo. This girl will be handed over to you. I hope that if you encounter any difficulties, for the sake of all Chinese, you can help." Zhou Zhan didn't know. Why would he say such a thing, but as the leader of this special ability martial arts club China special ability group, he can feel Guo Huai's body a breath that he can't figure out.

     "If you want to participate in the martial arts club safely, I don't think we should leave tomorrow. We will leave tonight. Sometimes we don't follow the schedule, it will be much safer." Guo Huai said with a smile, Zhou Zhan thought about it, and just left after calling Two people opened the phone, at nine o'clock in the evening, Imperial Capital flew directly to Japan.

     "Little Brother Hao, are you really Little Lingmo's boyfriend?" Guo Huai drove Lingmo and Zhou Zhan, and later received a young man who was about the same age as Zhou Zhan and drove to the Imperial Capital Airport. Zhou Zhan couldn't help it. Asked.

     "Zhou Zhan, you are very annoying. I have said it several times. When I grow up, I will marry Elder Brother Hao. Are you annoying, keep asking and keep asking." Guo Huai did not speak and sat down The co-pilot's Nangong Lingmo opened his eyes again and said."Little Lingmo, I don't believe what you said. I asked Little Brother Hao. If it is true, I have to hear Little Brother Hao say it." Zhou Zhan was not angry, and said with a smile. "Little girl, I remember that you recently walked very close to the Guo Huai Hall Lord Guo of Clinic of No Treatment. Last time the Clinic of No Treatment opened, someone said that I saw you again. Why are you now to like the new, and hate? the old ah. ”

     "Little Lingmo is great. When she grows up, I will accept her." Guo Huai reached out and touched Nangong Lingmo's head and said with a smile. Zhou Zhan stared at the two for a while, shaking with a hint of helplessness. After shaking their heads, Guo Huai and Nangong Lingmo looked at each other and they laughed.

     "My brother Yán Lie." When the four arrived at the airport, Yán Feng and Peng Gang stood behind one another and waited. Yán Feng pointed to a young man who was his age and said with a smile.

     "Fēng Rui, Innate peak state, my hair is small." Peng Gang pointed to a young man behind him who was slightly younger and said with a smile. Fēng Rui nodded as he looked at everyone.

     "I won't say more about this, my brother Yè Peng, I must have heard of it. This is Nangong Little Brother Hao, the person brought by Little Lingmo. Let's get on the plane and talk on the plane." Zhou Zhan laughed As he said, several people nodded, but Yè Peng's eyes kept looking at Guo Huai, Guo Huai couldn't help but smile, Yè Peng also showed a rare smile."Elder Brother Hao, stay away from the Yè Peng. Zhou Zhan is so embarrassed to say what brother. We all know that Yè Peng. He has called Master Zhou Zhan since he was a child. Who knows what the relationship between them is, everything in disorder "Yes." Little Lingmo whispered in Guo Huai's ear. Guo Huai reached out and touched Nangong Lingmo's head. You little guy, what's in your head every day.

     A few people were about to board the plane. Guo Huai stood outside the plane and strolled around. He was about to sit on this big guy. Guo Huai was a little scared in his heart. If something happened to this guy in the air, even if he could fly with the sword, it would be undying You have to lose your skin, and now you have to take Little Lingmo. Guo Huai couldn't help shook his head and gritted his teeth and boarded the plane.

     As the plane took off, Yè Peng glanced at the ground through the window. In an inconspicuous place, two people in black with backpacks disappeared into the night. Yè Peng frowned because of the distance between the two disappeared. The plane they had planned to take the next day was not far away.

     "Uncle San, ask your people to carefully check the plane we have previously ordered. Someone is going to hit our idea, but it seems to have failed." Yè Peng said a few words in Zhou Zhan's ear. Zhou Zhan dialed a phone with a dark face and said softly.

     In almost ten minutes, Zhou Zhan's phone rang again, and three words were replied over there.

     "There is a bomb!"
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