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Chapter Directory 349 Talented People
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The Japanese head high, chest out and boarded the first plane. The others also boarded the plane according to the national flags. Everyone boarded the plane. Margit Charlie smiled and boarded the last plane. aircraft.

     One hour after the plane took off, all the planes carrying special ability personnel began to spin in mid-air, and all the special ability personnel on board were stunned. I don't know what the organizing committee meant.

     "Hello everyone, it's me, Magit Charlie." Magit who took off last took a topic and said with a smile, "This special ability martial arts event has too many participants, and it has doubled compared to previous sessions. The club has not prepared so many seats for the Budo Club, and can only start the elimination round from now. Next is the Pacific Ocean. Ten minutes, everyone jump in. Those who can reach Las Vegas alive are naturally eligible to participate in the Budo Club. Good luck, everyone, and I’m waiting for everyone in Las Vegas."

     Margit Charlie's words fell, and everyone was stunned. The Budo Club Organizing Committee had used various tricks before, but this time it seemed a bit too big.

     "No, this is not a martial arts society, this is murder. Although we are special ability personnel, we are not gods. How could we swim directly to Las Vegas." Several big guys on a plane shouted loudly. "The big deal we abstain and send us to a safe place.""Sorry sir, we have no way to meet your request." A voice came from the cockpit on the plane. "There are still seven minutes, please hurry up, let us help you!" As he said, a small mouth was opened in the cockpit, and then four high-explosive gas bombs were thrown behind, a pungent smell made several people fierce. Coughed.

     "Jump, if we inhale too much gas, we will definitely die." One of the big guys said, he jumped directly from the plane, and then all the people on the plane jumped off.

     "What should we do?" Yán Feng asked with a smile, "Swimming to Las Vegas is also a good choice." Although Yán Feng is a master at playing with fire, he was very prepared when he came from Imperial Capital this time, although only with I have a small backpack, but it contains everything for emergency in the wild. What happened to those with special ability, those with special ability are also human. One thing that Yán Feng’s master told him, he always remembered, only the special ability, which is more careful than ordinary people. Only by doing so can you live longer than ordinary people.

     "Damn, it's high-explosive gas, jump." Peng Gang couldn't help but said, but was pulled by Fēng Rui beside him, and then a knife hand knocked Peng Gang out, Guo Huai smiled and stretched out He gave his thumb, and then walked to a position across the cockpit."Hold your breath, let me try to communicate with the two in the cockpit." Guo Huai said with a smile. A bunch of people looked at Guo Huai with a trace of doubt, but no one was going to jump off the plane.

     "Cunning Huaxia people, what are you waiting for, let's jump, this time it is a gas bomb, I have many other good things here, do I need to give you something else?" said, the cab Opening a small mouth, at this moment, Guo Huai shot like lightning, and the person in the cockpit about to throw something into it fainted. The driver hadn't realized what was going on yet, and was already controlled by Guo Huai.

     "Open the door!" Guo Huai said with a smile. The pilot turned the plane into automatic flight mode and opened the door to the cockpit. A group of people stared, and a few high-explosive gas fell directly down the door. .

     "Several people, don't be idle. Throw the fainted guy inside. We can't have a lot of people on this plane." Guo Huai said with a smile, Yán Lie beside Yán Feng smiled and was about to be caught A big guy that Guo Huai stunned threw out the plane and gave Guo Huai a thumb.Others are not stupid, they also know what Guo Huai has done to the driver. It should be something similar to hypnotism, but this is too fast. It directly hypnotizes the driver through the gate, compared to ordinary hypnosis masters. To be hundreds of times stronger, the Yin Family brothers couldn't help but distance themselves from Guo Huai.

     "This brother, from the first sight you know that you are not a mortal. Our two brothers were offended by the previous incident. I hope my brothers can forgive me." Yin Lei said with a smile, afraid, of course, if he is hypnotized by this person No matter how great the two people are, they can't show it.

     "As a Huaxia contestant, I won't do it to you, but you'd better converge." Guo Huai said with a smile, his eyes fell on Yin Shan, "If you continue to try to use the law of space against me, I don't mind letting you see what is called the law of space." Since he has shown some strength, Guo Huai is naturally ready to deter the Yin Family brothers.

     "Do you still understand the laws of space?" Yin Shan's face turned pale suddenly, and couldn't help asking. Just now he did spatially cut Guo Huai. After all, there is such a person beside him who is not like a friend. It must be uncomfortable.

     Guo Huai stopped talking, and Yè Peng was more direct. He threw the pilot off the plane, wasn't it just an airplane, and found the location of the Budo Fair from the historical positioning, and the Huaxia people flew to Las Vegas in the most comfortable way."I know you people from United States didn't follow your good intentions." On the plane where the Japanese were located, there were originally 12 people. When I laughed, I felt a cold neck, and my head and body were separated. Ninja, at least reaching the peak of Ninja's strength, directly used a special method to enter the cabin, and then the four people who jumped off the plane appeared again. Inside the plane.

     "Bump!" Tai Chi Tigers are not waiting for leisure. One of the teenagers kicked on the doors of the cabin and the driver's cab and directly kicked the door out of a big hole. If they were seen by outsiders, they would definitely be restrained by the scene. Masters, absolute masters can gather power on their toes, and burst out such terrible power, and it is also difficult for the Martial Cultivator of Innate peak realm to take such a kick.

     "Open the door, or you will be dead." A Thailand special ability person said to the people in the cockpit. The two didn't take it seriously, but after a while, one of them suddenly opened his eyes. , The dead can't die again, the pilot quickly opened the hatch, but he did not escape the doom of death, a follower of the Thai player has already taken over the plane.Then there are special ability people from some countries who used various methods to get things done on the plane, but at least 30 special ability people on the plane jumped off the plane. As for what method they can use in Las Vegas, who do not know either.

     "China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India and Burma, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, India, and Iran. The pilots and crews of the special ability group of these nine countries are already lifeless. It is estimated that they have hijacked the plane. Others The plane is flying." On the top floor of the largest casino in Las Vegas, a middle-aged man said to a man who looked extremely monster.

     "Nine countries, the strength of Asia should not be underestimated. Margit Charlie should be back soon. He is here to let him see me." The man said with a smile, and the woman under her crotch stood up slowly, with a room of **** .

     "Davis, this is the situation in South America. The Budo Club will begin immediately. You have to pay attention to abstinence. If we can't get the first place in the Budo Club team competition this time, I think the old man will not let you go." A white man pushed The door came in and said with a smile at the extremely demon man.

     "David, pay attention to your attitude, your identity is no different from her in my eyes." Davis pointed to the woman under him and said to David. David clenched his fists, but after all he did not dare to say a word.
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