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Chapter Directory 352 Guo Bad VS Mark
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

An elderly lady in the judges was very interested in the two pieces of cake. She held a cutting knife and cut a piece of mousse cake tremblingly. When she was about to cut the second piece, the original complete mousse was The cake was directly divided into eight even equal parts, which made the old lady's eyes widened.

     "If the taste is the same, then this self-cracked cake will win." The old lady smiled and said, Anthony's face was a bit unsightly, because he knew that his piece of cake would not be directly divided into eight portions.

     "Mrs. Susan, the four of you taste the divided cakes, the four of us taste the cuts, and then we exchange, how about it." An old man sitting next to the old lady said with a smile.

     "Mr. Watson, just do as you said." After a while, each judge put a cake in front of each judge. The eight people rinsed their mouths with water, and then ate the cake.

     "I want to meet two chefs. This is so delicious. Why should I have such desserts? I will be addicted in the future. Ten million, ten million a month. I want to hire this dessert chef to go home. Help me make desserts." Mrs. Susan said loudly, and the other three people on her side nodded one after another. They wanted to say but didn't know how to express it."It's delicious, it's delicious. I think this cake was made by Anthony. It's so delicious." Mr. Watson said with a smile. The cake he had just ate was really delicious, as did the other three people on his side. Nodding one after another.

     "Mr. Watson, although I don't know the taste of your cake, but I think it's as delicious as mine." Susan smiled and divided the remaining half of Watson's cake into four. For everyone on his side, Watson took the four pieces of cake that Mrs. Susan had divided in front of him.

     Then the eight people rinsed their mouths with water again, and then ate the cake in front of them again, but this time their expressions were completely different.

     After Mrs. Susan's four people took another bite of the cake, their expressions became quite ugly. There was even an old man who quietly spit out the cake and never wanted to eat a second bite. Mrs. Susan was better. He swallowed the cake, then took a sip of water.

     Watson stood up abruptly at the moment his mouth touched the cake, and then he took a big piece of cake in his mouth, chewing slowly, his eyes closed, as if he wanted to keep his mouth. The taste was the same, but the other three were not much better. One of the young women shed tears."Delicious!, delicious!" Watson exclaimed, "I want to know who made this cake. Like Susan's wife, I am willing to pay another ten million to invite this chef to visit the Watson family. Although I know this is presumptuous, I still hope this chef can agree to my request."

     At this time, the kitchen was quiet. Others didn't know. They naturally knew that the piece was made by Guo Huai and the piece was made by Anthony. This time, Anthony had lost.

     "Hello, get acquainted. My name is Djo Antoine." Anthony has changed his clothes. From Mrs. Susan's expression just now, he already knows that he has lost this time. Own Chinese people. But to lose is to lose, this time he was convinced that he lost.

     "Huaxia, Guo Huai, this is my real name, but I don’t want too many people to know this name, Mr. Anthony, I didn’t beat you this time. I made this admiration according to your method. Si cake." Guo Huai stretched out his hand, his mouth did not move, but Anthony heard Guo Huai's voice, because he had been in contact with people with special ability before, Anthony probably guessed Guo Huai's identity and nodded lightly."Dear viewers and judges, the first round of the competition is over, but I think we will save the results of this competition until the end to be announced together. Let's take a look at the second round of the battle of the chefs." Pells Speak loudly. However, there was a mess in the audience. The cake made by Guo Huai was eaten cleanly, but the rest of Anthony's piece was taken away by the audience in the audience. They couldn't believe that this dessert would lose. , The second round of fighting chefs began, and everyone began to quiet down.

     "My name is Tim Mark, I am good at seafood, please advise." This time, a white man who is not tall came out. He is the seafood chef of the Hilton restaurant. The matter of Anthony just now made him no more to Guo Huai. The slightest contempt. "The dish I am going to make this time is shrimp in Mediterranean sauce. It is a very simple dish. As long as Mr. Nangong Hao can make more seafood than my shrimp in Mediterranean sauce, I will give in."

     Guo Huai smiled and nodded. This time he was not the same as before, because during this time in China, Yu'er (Jade) was entangled in cooking various delicacies. Guo Huai would take time to read some delicacy recipes. Of course, Guo Huai's ability to understand is placed here, all the dishes are done almost once, seafood, Guo Huai thought of a good dish.A lobster about one meter long was taken out of the water by Mark, and then immersed in a pot of Volga that was already prepared. After a while, both hands quickly removed the hard shell of the lobster. Several chefs nodded. Mark It was a retired navy. By chance, he got a cookbook. Then, relying on his tenacity, he figured out how to make seafood a little bit. The shell of the lobster was opened with his hands. Most people could not do it, but Mark did it. Things are very easy. This method is similar to that of Pao Ding Jie Niu. It can only be done if you are familiar with lobsters to a certain extent.

     Guo Huai also started to move at this time. His actions were similar to Mark's, but he was obviously more violent. First, he broke the lobster's two large tongs, then broke the lobster shell, and took out a whole piece of shrimp meat. .

     The two looked at each other and nodded like confidants.

     "Oh, no, no, Mark, you can't do this, your hands will be burned, which will affect your future career as a chef." The oldest chef among several chefs said softly to Mark.

     There is no reason. After making the concentrated sauce, Mark directly picked up a stainless steel pot and started to make the sauce, but he didn't wear any protective gear in his right hand. He directly held the stainless steel pot. The world for more than ten minutes, the sauce It was boiling and the stainless steel pot was red, but Mark still held it in his hand."Mr. Wilson, only by touching the temperature of this sauce with my hand can I find the perfect temperature for the meat of this Mediterranean lobster. It will be ready soon. I'm fine." Mark's other hand is not idle, it has already started. Picked up a knife and quickly cut the lobster into pieces of meat.

     "It's now!" Mark yelled. He already felt that his palm could no longer support the temperature of the stainless steel pan. He poured the sauce directly into the plate with the lobster. The shrimp in Mediterranean sauce was made. The right hand is already hot.

     However, the next movement of Guo Huai made Mark's eyes widened. Guo Huai also held a stainless steel pot with his hand, which contained the prepared sauce. After a while, it was boiling, but the stainless steel pot was already burning. It was red, and Guo Huai didn’t have a painful expression. At the moment when the sauce was so fragrant, Guo Huai took out the wine gourd, and a ball of wine directly covered the shrimp meat under his hand. The shrimp meat that was already motionless seemed to have After losing his life, he shivered fiercely, and then the sauce was poured on the shrimp.

     "Drunk shrimp in Mediterranean sauce."
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