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Chapter Directory 354 Miscalculation
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Hearing what Pells said, Mr. Watson stepped forward and prepared to separate the drunk shrimp made by Guo Huai with the knife and fork placed next to his plate.

     "Huh, this level is still a judge, hey, such a delicious dish of drunk shrimp is really a waste." Guo Huai did not speak, a middle-aged man with a wine bottle in his hand in the audience whispered softly. Said.

     The words of the middle-aged made Watson stunned for a moment, and then he looked down the stage. The sloppy middle-aged man in front of him made Watson tremble all over. John Doyle, the only super three-star chef in Michelin three years ago, did not know later. What's the reason? I disappeared in United States. I didn't expect to meet him here today. If others don't know him, how could Watson not know him.

     "Mr. Watson, I didn’t expect to recognize me. If you cut this sauced drunk shrimp directly with a knife and fork in your hand, it will definitely affect the taste of this dish. If you want to really enjoy the deliciousness of this dish, I Let's let this Chinese chef come to help you." John Doyle said with a smile, everyone turned their eyes on Guo Huai.

     Guo Huai extended his thumb to John Doyle, and then a piece of the shell of the Mediterranean lobster appeared in his hand. He stroked the prawn for more than ten times like lightning, and then gently squeezed the table down. The original intact and drunk shrimp were all Fell apart."I am afraid that only you in the entire Hilton Hotel are qualified to taste this sauce drunk shrimp!" Guo Huai smiled and said to John Doyle, "After the chef is over, I hope I can talk to my husband."

     "I'm just a second-rate cook who loses his sense of taste, but today's Douche is interesting, haha, after your Douche is over, I will come to you." As he said, John Doyle gulped into the bottle.

     At this time, the eight judges on the board of judges looked even more ugly. They even thought again that if this dish tasted similar to Mark’s drunk shrimp, they would directly judge Guo Huai and see when he could be arrogant.

     The eight judges picked up the sauced drunken shrimp on the plate and put them into their mouths with a hint of disdain.

     "I thought it was delicious and the taste was average, compared to Mark..." A middle-aged man beside Watson chewed a piece and said disdainfully, but he couldn't send it out before he finished speaking. A voice.

     The other seven judges were not much better than him. Mrs. Susan had already stood up excitedly, reaching out to grab the remaining drunk shrimp in sauce, but at this time Watson had already reached out and grabbed a corner of the dinner plate. Not give way."As a judge, I think I need to eat another piece." Just as Watson and Susan snatched it, an old man standing between the two had already inserted a fork into a piece of shrimp, and then Susan and Watson It also reacted. Of course, there were several other judges. After a while, there was no shrimp on the plate. One of the judges even reached out and wiped the remaining sauce on the plate, sucking his fingers extremely wretchedly.

     "I lost, I'm convinced." Mark saw the scene on the judges' bench. He originally had a glimmer of hope to come back, but now there are only these seven words. He is very thankful that a few people tasted his sauced shrimp first. Until now, he also thinks that his sauced shrimp can definitely enter the Michelin world's delicious recipes, but he knows that the sauced drunk shrimp made by this Huaxia chef is far above his own sauced shrimp.

     "Several people, I believe everyone has a conclusion on the two dishes. We will invite the chef to go back and prepare for the third match." Perce said with a smile. He naturally knew that Guo Huai won the match. , There are still three matches, he is more and more looking forward to."Damn Chinese man, David, can't let that Chinese man win the game. Losing money is a trivial matter. If the chef of the Hilton Hotel loses to a Chinese man, Hilton will lose all his face." The top floor of the Hilton Hotel, An old man over half a hundred years old yelled into the phone, and the phone was officially one of the main members of the United States special ability group, David.

     "I'm watching the live broadcast. The Hilton Hotel is afraid that I have already lost two games. The Huaxia guy is an entourage of a member of the special ability group of China. "Now," David said with a smile, the matter of your Hilton Hotel, what matters to me, Huaxia people have always been mysterious, and now is not the time to reveal their identity.

     The old man at the top of the Hilton Hotel slammed the wine glass in his hand to the ground, and then dialed another phone call. The old man's face looked better.

     The third match was Guo Huai vs. the Italian chef named Shirgai. The two had already started. This time the match was soup. Shirgai looked at Guo Huai with a smile. He didn't believe anyone in the world did it. The taste of the soup will be better than our own, not to mention the tastes of Chinese people are very different from those of Europe and America. This time we have an absolute advantage.Guo Huai's choice of ingredients is very simple. When he saw Hiergae making seafood soup, Guo Huai didn't worry at all that he would lose. Huaxia's cuisine was extensive and profound. Back then, so many dishes of Manchu and Han banquets would pay attention to the order. The dish is meat, and the next dish will be vegetables or desserts. If you don’t even know the principle, it is made with delicious ingredients and you are not a top chef.

     Within an hour, Las Vegas' biggest casino had changed the odds of Dou Chu to one to three, but there was still a large amount of money coming in from Huaxia, all of which was placed on the bet that Huaxia Shenchu won.

     "Huh, a bunch of guys who are thinking about money and crazy." The boss of the Las Vegas casino watched the increasing bets of Huaxia Chef, squinted and said. Just now he received a call from the owner of the Hilton Hotel. The way, the dead can't complete the cook.

     Within an hour and a half, Hill Gai’s Nine Treasure Seafood Soup was brought in front of the judges, and Piercardero squinted at the seafood soup in front of him. He is not going down now, nor is he sitting here, but he can’t go now. If he left, it would be like Little Lingmo said. He is just a tailor, not only for himself, but also for the Peel family's brand."Although I don't know which chef this soup comes from, I still want to taste it." Everyone said with a smile, and he had already served a small bowl, followed by eight other judges. It's also a little bit rich.

     "Delicious, it's really delicious in the world. At least seven kinds of rare ingredients are added to this soup. The flavors are mutually Fusion and delicious." Pierre Cardero said, serving another bowl, but look at the other eight. For the judges, Cardro's face suddenly turned dark, don't these people drink the same things as themselves? How could they have such an expression.

     "Mrs. Susan, Mr. Watson, don't you want to comment on this delicacy?" Perce asked in a low voice.

     "I think we should finish tasting another chef's soup before making a final conclusion." Mr. Watson stood up and said softly. He drank this soup, delicious? It's really hard to talk about, and it even made him feel an unswallowed smell. He glanced at Mrs. Susan as if she felt the same as himself, frowning.

     "Damn it, it must be the drunk shrimp on the road, how did I forget about it." Hilgay slowed down abruptly and patted his head fiercely.
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