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Chapter Directory 359 Bury The Hatchet
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"The US$20 billion I lost to Mr. Nangong will be placed on Mr. Nangong’s card within seven days. Yes." Huaxia, yes, Mr. Qi is from Huaxia, he said directly in Huaxia, looking at Guo Huai unblinking.

     "Mr. Nangong, if I were you, I would choose 5% of the stocks. These stocks can sell for at least 28 billion U.S. dollars in the market." Mr. Watson said with a smile.

     "I deserve these. I want to know how you want to solve the shooting incident." Guo Huai squinted his eyes and looked at the two masterminds of this incident and said, "No more money matters. I'm not short of money." After that, a small knife suddenly appeared in Guo Huai's hand, and it flew into the table, and the blade directly sank into the marble tabletop.

     The bodyguards behind Mr. Qi looked at the throwing knives inserted on the table, and they all burst into cold sweat. Such a knife could never stop him."I found the people, but Mr. Hilton can't escape the relationship either." Mr. Qi said with a smile, without any nervousness. "When the killer failed, I kept thinking about how to compensate Mr. Nangong. The money earned from the bet was given to Mr. Nangong, but the statement sent from the casino just now, I also think that the big casino has lost several hundred million yuan this time, which makes me somewhat admire the unity of the Huaxia people." Mr. Qi naturally did not know. Most of the people who can bet on Guo Huai to win in Huaxia are people who know Guo Huai thoroughly. Of course, they are willing to bet and lose. The big casinos with this money cannot see it.

     "I heard that Mr. Nangong went to United States to participate in the special ability martial arts club. Since Mr. Nangong is not short of money, our big casino has received a lot of mortgages in the past 100 years. I can ask Mr. Nangong to go to the collection room of the big casino to choose Ten items are used as compensation for this time." Mr. Qi said in Sketch in light shades. Both Mrs. Susan and Watson stood up suddenly. Ten items seem to be few, but if you can enter the collection room of the big casino Ten things, that is definitely a sky-high price."Mr. Nangong, going to the collection room of the big casino requires eye-sight. If you have enough confidence in you, this compensation is a good opportunity." Madam Susan said with a smile. Guo Huai nodded lightly, and Mr. Qi took a deep breath. This Nangong Hao is not easy. If he is just a good cook, it will be nothing. He is also a person with special ability in China. The best thing can be solved like this.

     The Las Vegas Grand Casino was done, and everyone turned their attention to Tim Hilton again.

     "Everyone, please wait a minute, I need to make a call." Tim Hilton gritted his teeth and said, before a few people said anything, he took the phone and went out. He naturally knew that there were ten things to choose from the big casino collection room. The value of this time, I am afraid that this time I really fell. This kid has a big appetite, and he has to report to the family."Hua Xia people? I asked him to send him the things we got ten years ago. Since we can't find out anything, we might as well try as compensation, maybe we can satisfy the Hua Xia people. If not, tell Qi Dong, Hilton The hotel is willing to spend 30 billion to let the Chinese people go to the collection room to fetch ten more things. I will go to Mr. West of the Grand Casino for this matter." The phone said softly after thinking about it for a while. I really got into trouble. I really didn't expect that an impulsive move of myself would bring such a big loss to the family.

     Hilton Family is very efficient. When Mrs. Susan and Mr. Watson were discussing food with Guo Huai, Hilton came in from the outside, followed by a blond woman pushing a small car.

     The moment the car moved into the meeting room, Guo Huai gently twisted his head, and his eyes fell on the car. Tim Hilton's heart tightened. He didn't know if the Chinese teenager was satisfied with these things.

     Tim Hilton naturally couldn't see what Guo Huai was thinking. At this time, Guo Huai's thoughts had all fallen on a few things on the car."Laojun Gourd, how many Laojun Gourds stayed in Mortal World back then." Guo Huai couldn't help but think to himself, "and the Buddha's vajra, how can it be abroad, flying sword, mother, and the quality is really high. ah. It’s done, it’s developed this time.” Of course, Tim Hilton didn’t know what Guo Huai was thinking about. Even the people in the small meeting room didn’t find anything unusual about Guo Huai. Even Mr. Qi looked at it with disdain. Looking at the things on the trolley, could these things dismiss this Chinese teenager?

     "Mr. Nangong Hao, these things were obtained when my ancestors were exploring the sea. According to various researches, they should be from China. As compensation for this incident, I don't know if Mr. Nangong can be satisfied." Tim Hilton said softly. .

     "Tim, you have been busy for so long, is it just to prepare these things? Haha, Hilton Family, I just received the news from the big casino that Hilton Family has stopped all business dealings with the big casino, it seems I must I have to agree. You take these things to bully us Huaxia people don't understand?" Guo Huai did not speak, Mr. Qi stood up and said with a smile.

     "Qi Dong, what do you mean, how do you know the value of these things." Tim Hilton blushed and said softly. As for the value of these things, he didn't know the value."I don’t know, don’t you know? A few years ago, many people took this kind of small gourd to the casino as a mortgage, a hundred dollars apiece, but later we didn’t charge it. There is also a Chinatown that can be bought for a dozen dollars. A model of a small sword, dear Mr. Tim, you are so talented." Qi Dong said loudly.

     "Qi Dong, these things are just for Mr. Nangong to see, not to mention the things that are different from what you said. These things are old things, do you understand the old things?" Tim loudly responded, "Except for these things, Our Hilton Family is willing to compensate Mr. Nangong US$20 billion as compensation for today’s affairs."

     This time it’s Guo Huai’s turn to have fun. He originally wanted to take advantage of these things and take them as his own. However, the two people quarreled a few words and brought themselves 20 billion in extra income. People happy.

     "Actually, I have never been a person who holds a grudge. After so long, I am not as angry as I was just now. Since Mr. Tim and Mr. Qi are so sincere, today's matter is over. This time we are here to participate in the Budo Club competition. Yes, we don’t want to cause trouble, but no one can bully us.” Guo Huai took the flying sword on the car and picked it up with his nails. Qi Dong smiled slightly, and Tim Hilton was finally relieved. Tone."I have accepted the things in this car. Although, like Mr. Qi Dong said, it may not be very valuable, but this little gourd, in the words of our Chinese people, has some sayings, Fu Lu Fu Lu, I forgive you. If Mr. Qi has something like this, I will go to your collection room to take it out." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Everyone is hungry. Since the contradiction is resolved, then we are friends. I'll get you something later. It’s like making friends."

     This time it’s Hilton and Qi Dong’s turn to be happy. They have been watching the live webcast. The food made by Huaxia Chef can be recognized by the most nasty people in the United States. It must be Mortal World delicious and can solve grievances at the least cost. If you can mix it up with a delicious meal, why not do it.

     "Then we have a good food, but there are still some things outside that need Mr. Nangong's help. As long as you say that what you hid just now is a misunderstanding, I don't think people outside will trouble our hotel anymore." Hilton whispered, carrying A trace of request.

     Guo Huai smiled and agreed happily, 20 billion US dollars, when is his speech so valuable?
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