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Chapter Directory 363 Eve Of Gambling
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Yesterday, Dou Chu drew a handicap against the sky. In the end, the United States people did not take advantage of it. It is said that many Chinese people made a pot of platinum. Unexpectedly, only one day later, the "arrogant" Chinese people would challenge the gamblers. , Really dare to be ah.

     "Mr. West, you can't open the market this time? If it doesn't open, then I'm going to open it." Las Vegas is not only a big casino and one casino, but the one calling West is the second largest casino in Las Vegas. The boss, he also has a special identity, Daniel's uncle Jeep Said.

     "If Mr. Jeep Said wants to open the market, then open it. Mr. Nangong Hao is my friend. Our big casino will not open the market with our friends." West said to the phone.

     On the phone, Jeep Said showed a sneer and didn’t open the market with his friends. If it weren’t for the great Mr. West, how could I leave the big casino and stand alone, but since your big casino is not open this time, Then we will play a lot of money at Xijing Casino.

     "Since Mr. West said so, then our Xijing Casino is ready to open the market. If Mr. West is interested, you can cheer for your friends and place a bet. You don’t play a lot. One loses three. Hope this Chinese people can bring us surprises again.” After Jeep Said finished speaking, the phone hung up, and West himself laughed in the house."Qi Dong, let people go to the Xijing Casino to bet, 10 billion US dollars bet Nangong Hao can win." West's call made Qi Dong completely stunned, the boss even bet Nangong Hao to win, this is not normal, Daniel The boss of strength knows ah. But Qi Dong seems to suddenly want to understand, this Chinese guy dared to yell with Daniel, maybe he really has strength. More importantly, since he met Mr. West, it seems that Mr. West has never lost a bet.

     After the Xijing Casino opened the handicap, gamblers all over the world boiled again. What is Daniel's strength? Anyone who gambles knows that the gambling king Dennis has accepted a closed disciple. Although he has not participated in the gambling king contest, he is in Russia The two major casinos in Macau, Lectra's four top ten gambling kings, made Daniel's reputation very famous.

     As for the other side of the market, it is also famous, but it is not in the gambling technique, but in the cooking. Naturally, everyone who bet this time bought Dennis to win. Of course, except for the people in one place, that is Huaxia, this is also the place where Jeep Said will bet. He has seen the crazy gambling of Huaxia people."Oh my God, look at it, the bet to win over 100 billion Huaxia people turned out to be over 100 billion. These people are crazy. They want money and want to go crazy." West made a bold move directly in Las. Vegas took over the bet from Xijing Casino and drew a one-thousandth rake. Jeep Said naturally agreed, but such a high bet surprised Jeep Said.

     "Xiao Pei, hold a mentorship meeting right away. I want cash, sell all the stocks in my hand, and place a bet on the website for the bet that can triple my assets. I want Yuan International to be more than Huaxia A first-class company, I want Yuan International to become an international brand." Jia Yuan said to the phone. The secretary Xiao Pei confirmed it several times. When he finally walked out of the president's office, he said softly, the boss was crazy.

     Not only Xiao Pei, although Jia Yuan holds 63% of Yuan International’s shares, this time the board of directors let

     Others are sensible and impatient, and take all the belongings of Yuan International to gamble, the original Wucheng Vile Tetrad has not changed at all.

     "Since everyone disagrees, the kid is embarrassed. I will discount all your shares. Then I will sell the entire Yuan International. I think many people will be willing to take over." Jia Yuan walked out of the meeting room Everyone was shocked when he threw off such a sentence."Boy, are you crazy? Your injection of such a large amount of money into the United States has attracted the attention of the National Security Agency and the Economic Bureau. You kid, be honest with me, don’t mess around, if you do something about money laundering Hook up, the old man, I can't spare you first." Jia Yuan walked out of the meeting room and received a call from his grandfather directly.

     "Old man, in one day you will understand what an amazing thing your grandson has done. The old man knows a lot about money laundering, but you underestimate your grandson. The young man is ready to make extra money for the country. Jia Yuan said loudly.

     "Smelly boy, your courage is indeed getting bigger and bigger, Xiaoye, okay, if you have Guo Liuyi's grandson half as powerful, it doesn't matter if I call you Xiaoye later." He laughed on the phone.

     "Grandpa, I need one billion dollars, and I want to place a bet at Xijing Casino." Xuanyuan Tengfei was badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire) by his daughter-in-law. It was already the due date but nothing happened. Xuanyuan Xiongfeng has not seen his grandson recently. Who would have thought that at the first sight, he opened his mouth to be one billion, or US dollars.

     "Tengfei, what is the first article of our Xuanyuan Family's family motto, have you forgotten it? Ten years from now, you will be the head of the Xuanyuan Family. You should bet with me for a billion. You are so disappointed." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said loudly."Jia Yuan called me just now to borrow money, asking for 3 billion US dollars. Under my stalker, I got a message for 2 billion US dollars. He sold Yuan International. I placed a bet at Xijing Casino, a gambling agreement, that was the turbulent Huaxia God Chef who was fired yesterday. Today, he will bet against the apprentice of the gambling king Dennis. He pressed Huaxia God Chef to win. I think we Xuanyuan Family must follow This time I bet, one loses three, one billion becomes three billion, and I feel comfortable thinking about it." Xuanyuan Tengfei said with a smile.

     "Asshole, why do you believe that Jia Family kid, what if you lose the bet? One billion dollars, no, you have already lent Jia Yuan two billion dollars. This is all the assets that Xuanyuan Family can use now ah. "Xuanyuan Xiongfeng couldn't help but said loudly.

     "Old man, you are really old. My father doesn’t understand, you don’t understand. Why should I believe in Jia Yuan? Because Jia Yuan is the righteous brother of Guo Little Brother Huai, because Jia Yuan said Guo Huai was not there recently Hua Xia, I have already guessed who the Hua Xia chef is. When A Duo gives birth, I will be the head of the family." Xuanyuan Tengfei said something that seemed extremely rebellious, but Xuanyuan Xiongfeng laughed. Up.Eight billion yuan, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng is indeed amazing. In ten minutes, it was adjusted from other Imperial Capital families to eight billion US dollars. Except for the two billion loaned to Jia Yuan, the other six billion were directly transferred to the Xijing Casino account. , Suppressed the bet that made the people of United States feel fantastic.

     "Drunkard, where's the money? You should still have money after paying the bill?" Yes, this drunkard is the guy who bet 30,000 yesterday and won 3 million.

     "There is 700,000 left, and I am all on the bet that will make me a millionaire again." Then, the drunkard took a sip and looked at Guo Huai who was sitting on the stool with his eyes closed. , The gambling battle is about to begin in ten minutes, he really wants to shout.

     "Huaxia Chef will win!"
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