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Chapter Directory 366 Old Set
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Daniel was so angry that he couldn't speak, but he really couldn't help it. He lost in the first game. He lost facelessly, and lost his temper at all.

     Guo Huai's proud face makes the people who bought Guo Huai won can't help but want to scold the street. This is only the first competition. There is a kind of you who win three games in a row and then scream, when the time comes, brothers will ask you to eat , drink and be merry a dragon.

     "Mr. Nangong, do you need to rest in the middle, if you don't need to rest, I think we will start the next competition." Daniel said with a black face.

     "Mr. Daniel, your face is not good. If you don't rest, then I don't need to. I won the first game. Look at what you want to bet on in the second game. I will stay with you to the end." Guo Huai took a sip and the waiter passed it. The red wine that came over said with a smile. "It's terrible, Brother Qi, is this the best wine in your casino?"

     Qi Dong nodded first, and then shook his head. Niang, your kid drinks your wine every day. Of course, it doesn't taste good. If I were you, I wouldn't even taste it.

     "Forget it, let's start the second game, Mr. Daniel, what do you want to bet on, say, don't waste everyone's time." Guo Huai said with a smile."Dice, I also bet on dice with you, there are twelve dice in the dice cup, you shake me guess, I shake you guess, whoever guesses close to the final point counts who wins." Daniel said loudly, the first dice lost to you If it's done, then you have to retrieve it from the dice.

     "He he, Mr. Daniel, why don't I tell you a joke." Guo Huai said with a smile when he heard Daniel said he wanted to bet on dice. Daniel didn't speak, Guo Huai started to speak.

     "A hunter used to go hunting, but he came across a bear. Unexpectedly, he failed to hunt but was fucked by the bear. The next day he went again, but was fucked again. On the third day, he appeared in the bear again In front of him, Xiong couldn't help but said something. Guess what he said?" Guo Huai smiled and said, "The bear said, are you here to hunt or sell, why do you always get this kind of ah. "

     Guo Huai's voice fell, and a group of United States people didn't know what it meant, but there were already many people on the other side of the ocean in Huaxia who got into the table with a smile.

     "Huaxia, what do you mean?" Daniel asked with wide eyes.

     "He he, Mr. Daniel, you lost the first dice, you still compare the dice with me, is it the third dice? If so, you really look a bit like that hunter, he he." Guo Huai When the voice fell, a group of United States people suddenly realized that Daniel had been angrily unable to speak."Since you want to compare the dice, let's do it. How about two wins in three rounds? This time I don’t take advantage of you. If there is a tie, then you win." Guo Huai said with a smile, holding the dice cup In his hands. Daniel also took the dice cup in his hand, and the twelve dice were already placed in it.

     "I'll shake it first." Guo Huai said, shaking it in a normal way, this time Daniel concentrate one's attention completely listening to the sound in the dice cup, and his eyes are staring at the dice cup, Guo Huai Suddenly I felt a strange breath, perspective, damn, no wonder this kid felt a little unusual at the beginning, it turns out that he knows how to do this.

     Guo Huai put the dice cup on the table. He was not ready to make tricks. He won two games in three rounds. Let's try what Daniel can do first.

     "Twelve dice, three six o'clock, three four o'clock, three three o'clock, two two o'clock, one one o'clock, a total of forty-four o'clock, open it and see." Daniel said confidently.

     The old croupier opened the dice cup, and a group of more advanced people saw the points in Guo Huai's dice cup clearly, exactly the same as Daniel said, and then applauded.

     "It's over, this foreigner has two brushes. This time Little Brother Huai is probably a little dangerous." On the Dragon Mountain, a group of Violent Dragon Group members looked around a notebook, Xing Tian whispered."Brother Xing, you just have that little money, and if you lose, you lose. Brother, I put my wife on top of ah." A very powerful guy under Xing Tian said with a smile.

     "You guy gets a bargain and sells well. If I didn't transfer money to you, can I still not grasp this opportunity to make money?" Xing Tian punched that guy on the chest, already knowing that Nangong Hao is Guo Huai, how could Guo Huai lose.

     "Huaxia, listen well, it's time for me to shake it." Daniel said, the dice cup shook up, very fast, a group of people who pressed Daniel to win felt that the sound was really happy, almost ten seconds, the dice cup fell , Daniel looked at Guo Huai with a smirk.

     "Forty-four, yours is also forty-four. I still don't know if you think carefully. This time, no matter what I guess is right or wrong, I lose. I guess your points are also forty-four." Guo Huai said without thinking.

     The old croupier opened Daniel’s dice cup, three six o’clock, three four o’clock, three three o’clock, two two o’clock, one one o’clock, exactly the same as the situation in the Guo Huai dice cup just now, Guo Huai got it right. It was also forty-four, but according to the previous rules, Guo Huai lost the game because it was a draw."Hua Xia kid, it’s a good guess, but it’s useless if you guess it right. A draw is considered a win." Daniel said with a smile, comfortable, that’s what I want. You just won me like this. Got it back.

     The old croupier looked at the two and nodded to indicate that they could start the next game. This time it was Daniel who was shaking first. Guo Huai didn't seem to hear Daniel's loyal sound. Daniel's dice cup fell, Guo Huai said with a smile I got a number, thirty-eight. You just won thirty-eight. This time it's thirty-eight.

     The moment Guo Huai said the points, Daniel's facial expression moved unnaturally. It was indeed 38 o'clock. Daniel shook it casually, but he naturally knew the points. He didn't expect this Chinese person to be so lucky and even be ashamed. That's right, but it's useless if it's right. You lose in a draw.

     "The cook of Huaxia is so lucky. I guessed it right, but made him guess it right. It seems that what he said is too good for the old man to work. I have to go to Chinatown to buy one when I go back." Said thoughtfully, and several other people nodded one after another.

     Guo Huai was not idle either. He held the dice cup in his hand and started to shake it. This time it took a long time to shake, and he even sweated. Daniel didn't bother to listen this time. Just look at how much it is. Up.In about half a minute, Guo Huai buckled the dice cup, Daniel frowned, and all the twelve dice could be seen clearly, but there were eleven dice that could see the time, but one in the middle was spinning rapidly. It has not stopped.

     "Guess, United States guy, I know that my brother shakes a little longer, you can't guess it." Guo Huai said jokingly, while Daniel stared at the dice, waiting for the dice to stop.

     In two minutes, the dice had rotated for two full minutes, and Daniel did not dare to look at the dice cup like this, because it was very exhausting. Although the dice did not stop, he had already guessed the number of points that would appear.

     "Thirty-seven o'clock, Mr. Dealer, please turn on Di Zhong," Daniel said with a gentlemanly smile.

     "Mr. Daniel, you guessed wrong this time, 38 o'clock!" The old croupier opened the dice cup, 38 o'clock, and Guo Huai also rolled 38 o'clock this time.

     "He he, I just won you at thirty-eight, this time it's thirty-eight, I won you again, it's hard to say that brother, I want to change my lucky number ah. "Satisfied, yes, Guo Huai showed that again Kind of disgusting smug expression.
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