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Chapter Directory 368 Unable To Lose
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Daniel was awakened by the last words of Jeep Said, and completely woke up. Yes, if he loses and loses one hand and one leg, then he is really finished. His master Dennis will definitely go to Xijing The casino is looking for trouble. Whether Xijing Casino makes a profit or loses this time, if it offends such a gambler, Xijing Casino does not need to open in Las Vegas in the future.

     Daniel glanced at Guo Huai with a smirk on his face. Who the hell is this person? He has seen his cooking skills. He is indeed a master at the gambling technique, but how could he be so good at the gambling technique. Only after achieving the current results, this young man can't work harder than himself.

     "Mr. Nangong Hao, I need to rest for fifteen minutes. For our third match, I hope it will start after fifteen minutes. How about." Daniel looked at Guo Huai and said with an indifferent expression on his face, "If you want to rest, then Just rest, I just went there for convenience.” After saying that, Guo Huai stood up by himself, regardless of other people, and went straight to the toilet.

     Daniel returned to a lounge in the big casino. For about ten minutes or so, Daniel came out of the lounge and his spirit was completely different. The anger, helplessness, and consternation just now disappeared completely. Now Daniel came out full of confidence. A strong sense of self-confidence even affects many people in big casinos."I, Daniel is back, I will win the remaining three games, don't worry." Daniel returned to his seat and said loudly, the whole gaming room boiled again.

     Guo Huai came back from the toilet and looked at Daniel whose confidence was soaring. He frowned. This guy is really a talent, but whether he is a talent or a genius, he shouldn't bully Little Lingmo. He who bullied me should pay a lot. cost.

     "Mr. Nangong Hao, it took a little bit of your time. I'm sorry. I'll decide what to bet on in the third game. After all, I'm already behind two games. I think Mr. Nangong Hao can win two games in a row. Just rely on luck." Daniel said with a smile.

     "The third game is still up to you. Luck is luck, but your gambling technique is really average." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Come on, everyone must be waiting. If I win you, I can earn at least 30 billion. U.S. dollars, happy to think about it ah."

     Daniel also laughed. The young man in front of him won two games in a row. He didn't complain about losing. He didn't expect that now he still wanted to irritate me, but how did he know it? Regarding the gambling technique, whether you are a gambler or a gambler My apprentice, how can you compare with such a banished immortal."Let’s play Stud in the third game. Since we all have 10 billion US dollars, it’s good to play Stud. Not only can we play, but we can also call a few other people. In the end, whoever has more money left? Who wins, I don't know what Mr. Nangong wants?" Daniel said with a smile.

     "Stud, I know, I saw it when I was watching a movie in Huaxia. We can play this, but we really can’t play this. I don’t know who else in this room wants to play. You can join us and don’t 10 billion. If there are too many, there are not so many people playing, one billion, one billion should have many people able to take it out, one billion can be used on the table, and five more people, the late ones will be gone." Guo Huai said with a smile , "Let's end up with more money than anyone else."

     Daniel smiled and nodded, no matter how much money he can, he has to win this Chinese, he can't afford to lose.

     "Daniel, I'll give out one billion. How about counting me as one this time?" A man in his forties exclaimed. Someone in the crowd immediately recognized this middle-aged man, from Italy. There are quite a few in United States. Property, but if you really know the identity of the middle-aged man in front of you, he is the eldest son of the Italian mafia godfather, Vittorio the young.

     "If Mr. Vittorio wants to participate, I naturally agree. I don't know if Mr. Nangong agrees." Daniel said with a smile, and Guo Huai nodded casually.With the first one, it was easy to find the ones behind. After a while, four people came to the gambling table, a young man from the Middle East, a Japanese, a United States, and a Chinese.

     "Mr. Nangong Hao, it seems that you are coming to United States for the first time. These people let me introduce you, Mr. Vittorio. If you go to Italy, you can contact Mr. Vittorio no matter what happens. I can fix it for you." Daniel said with a smile.

     "Mr. Nangong, although I am a lot older than you, I saw your chef yesterday, and today I saw you and Daniel bet on these two games. I really hope to make you a friend. This is my business card. If you After going to Italy, you can contact me.” Vittorio smiled and handed Guo Huai a hot stamped business card, and Guo Huai smiled and took it.

     "Mr. Abdullah Abed in the Middle East, if Mr. Nangong Hao can beat me this time, you can go and play with Mr. Abed. If you lose, you lose one hand and one leg, it’s better not to go there. Now, it’s a bit hot there after all.” Daniel said with a smile.

     Abed friendly handed Guo Huai a business card. Guo Huai put the card on his body and nodded to Abed."Mr. Daniel, it is now two to one. If you say that you have less hands and legs, I want to follow the current score. You are afraid that you have one less. I didn't expect to laugh now." Guo Huai said with a smile. "This person is from Japan, so you don't need to introduce it to me. I don't know what this Chinese friend is called."

     Guo Huai's words fell, and the Japanese stood up abruptly, looking at Guo Huai with a gloomy face, but looking at the smiling Chinese people beside him, he still sat down slowly.

     "Mr. Nangong Hao, haha, I’m very fortunate. I know Little Lingmo’s grandfather Nangong Mou’ce. You must win this time. After winning this Daniel, go to San Francisco with me to play and go to Chinatown. Our place." The middle-aged man said with a smile, "Sakata Kameji, what are you looking at? Hongmen doesn't want to attack your Yamaguchi team now. It doesn't mean that you won't be in the future. By the way, I forgot to introduce it. My name is Hong Tai, let's talk slowly when we win this group of guys."

     "Hong, this is the United States Las Vegas, I think if you suddenly disappear here, Hong Men has nothing to do." Sakata Kameji squinted at Hong Tai and said, "I just want to participate in this bet, Hong , You don’t want to trouble me, or I will make you regret it, Mr. Daniel, I hope you can win this game. I am still very optimistic about you. I and your master are good friends."Daniel smiled and nodded. Now the situation is a bit clearer. This Sakata Kameji must be facing Daniel. Hong Tai will help Guo Huai in the gambling game. As for Vittorio and Abdullah Abed, who will be facing then? I no longer know.

     "The staff is ready, let's start." Daniel said with a smile, "but I want to change to a croupier. Although I don't object to Mr. Marid being a croupier, I still hope to find a new one."

     The old croupier in the last two games smiled and nodded. He also counted that Daniel would do it. After all, no matter what cards he used, the top ten players in the top 10 gambling contests of the year could send him what he wanted. At this time, Daniel will definitely not let himself be a croupier, because he is a big casino player. If Xijing Casino collapses, the Las Vegas Casino will benefit the most.
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