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Chapter Directory 380 Door Poisoning
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Master, you can't call Master Huai anymore. You are killing ah." Guo Huai said with a smile. Regarding the issue of Huaxia's generation, Guo Huai naturally knows better than the old man in front of him. The older the older, the more Pay attention to seniority, Hong Wantong should be a few generations behind Grandmaster Yufeng, otherwise it is impossible to call himself Master Huai.

     "How can you not call it? Back then, the masters Yuan, Ming, Xing, Li, Da, Tong, Enlightenment, and Learning accounted for a single word. Now, let's not say that it is overseas Hongmen, that is, if you look at the global Hongmen, Grandmaster Yufeng is also the highest in generation, old man. I have a common character, and I have three generations behind Grandmaster Yufeng. You are the master's apprentice. I don't call you Master Huai. What do you call you?" Hong Wantong said with a serious face.

     "Cough cough, Grandpa, you said Brother Nangong, no, Master Huai is the apprentice of Grandpa Grandpa? Why haven't I heard of ah before." Hong Tai said softly. He still knew the name of the master.

     "The master is not caring about fame and fortune. I have been in the country for these years. How can I be like the Hongmen group of old guys who have a high level of self-reliance and put on an act. Yesterday I called the master and the master dare not say that Master Huai is a master. My disciple, I call Master Huai, which is considered an advantage." Hong Wantong said loudly.

     After listening to Hong Wantong's words, Guo Huai was not too much. He just pulled Hong Tai aside while the old man was out."Brother Hong, I didn’t tell you the true identity of your brother. Don’t blame it, brother. I also learned today that the master had such a reason with Hong Sect. But let’s consider it as a brother. If you are different from the master, if you Following Master Huai Master Huai's shout, my brother is uncomfortable." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     Hong Tai nodded happily, you are uncomfortable, I am even more uncomfortable, shouting to a young man who is younger than his son, how can it be comfortable.

     The old man came back from the outside and saw his grandson chatting with Guo Huai very happily. He also laughed. It seems that his most proud grandson is not stupid, but Grandmaster Yufeng said that this Guo Huai is somewhat capable, why can’t he tell? He just knows that this young boy is very good at cooking and gambling technique, what else is it, these two seem to be the masters of the past.

     "Grandpa, what do you think? Master Huai will give you the pulse. Haven't you been suffering from insomnia recently? Let Master Huai treat you. Master Huai is Huaxia's first-class doctor." Hong Tai said with a smile. My grandfather is here, and my grandfather calls Master Huai. I certainly can't call Little Brother Huai.As for Guo Huai's medical skills, Hong Tai does not need to ask others. After knowing Guo Huai's name, he can open a public website of Hua Xia, and he can see Guo Huai's name, Chinese genius doctor, German doctor Shuangxin, and Hong Tai. I asked Guo Huai to check for myself. I didn’t expect that I just got my pulse and explained my serious illnesses and ailments clearly, including cooking and gambling techniques, so that Hong Tai was thoroughly convinced. This young master is really good. Not ordinary. Of course, Guo Huai still has many things he doesn't know.

     "Master Huai, you still have this ability, then the old man will let Master Huai show it today. He is getting older and his body is much worse than before." said Hong Wantong, sitting on the chair next to Guo Huai. Put an arm.

     Guo Huai put three fingers on Hong Wantong's wrist. This time, it took a lot longer than the pulse of Hong Tai just now.

     "Brother Hong, you go out to find an aluminum basin and get a pot of hot water." Originally, Hong Tai was ready to listen to what Guo Huai had to say, but since the old man's condition needed it, he hurried outside.

     "Master Huai, just say something straightforward. There is no need to take Xiaotai away." Hong Wantong said with a smile, "After living for so long, I can earn money by living an extra day. Just tell me anything.""The old man has a good mentality, but who would dislike him for living a few more Heavens." Guo Huai said with a smile, "A lot of things have happened in Hongmen recently. This time, Hong Tai can go to Las Vegas to help me. The kid is very grateful. , But it must have brought a lot of trouble to the old man."

     "Tell Xiaotai not to tell you about this. He still said ah. A group of guys who didn't know about the Entu report could see the billions of dollars in their eyes. When Grandmaster Yufeng came to United States, there was something wrong. Few people are dissatisfied. If Hongmen were led by a master, Hongmen would develop a hundred times better than it is now." Hong Wantong said with a hint of helplessness.

     "The master of Hongmen didn't mention it to me. The previous incidents have passed. But the current Hongmen is not stable. If it is stable, I don't believe that anyone would dare to poison the master." Guo Huai said softly. , Hong Wantong's eyes widened.

     "Master Huai, Hongmen has indeed been a bit turbulent recently, but it's not like someone poisoned me, a man half of whom had already walked into the coffin." Hong Wantong said softly. Only then did he know why Guo Huai had Hong Tai If you don’t, you can calmly ask, if Hong Tai knows, I’m afraid that the current meeting has already started."The method of poisoning is very peculiar, but it happened that the kid encountered it a few days ago, and all this time it was diagnosed." Guo Huai said softly, the poison in front of him and his elder brother back then Murong Long is the same poison.

     "Grandpa, Master Huai, the water is coming, where do I put it?" At this time, Hong Tai came in with an aluminum basin from outside, naturally he didn't know what the two were talking about.

     "Brother Hong, just put it on the ground. The old man has some blood problems. I will help him pass it. You can watch it from the side. However, no matter what happens, don't scream. This is a taboo for this treatment." Guo Huai said with a smile, Hong Tai nodded, Guo Huai already had an extra animal skin bag with a silver needle in his hand.

     "Lingmo girl, where did the animal skin bag in Little Brother Huai's hand come from? I didn't see clearly just now. He wore such a dress. There must be no place to hide." Hong Tai knew he could not help much. , Walked directly to Little Lingmo who walked in with him from the outside and asked."What's weird about this, Elder Brother Huai is drinking with a big wine gourd every day. I have never seen where he can hide the gourd. When I followed Yu'er (Jade) sister, Yu'er (Jade) ) The thing that my sister took out of her body is bigger than Elder Brother Huai's. Those with special ability, you don't understand it." Little Lingmo said with a smile, Hong Tai's face was black.

     Guo Huai’s carry out acupuncture technique this time is very peculiar. It only carried out acupuncture on the left half of Hong Wantong's body, and carried out acupuncture was extremely slow. For about ten minutes, the old man had thirty-six silver needles stuck in his body, Little Lingmo Could not help but walked over.

     "Elder Brother Huai, this grandpa's body is not very good, you are so slow to get a needle, you don't dare to toss it hard." Little Lingmo saw it really, Guo Huai carry out acupuncture is really not small with the old man's physique It's a big deal, but when Little Lingmo said this thing, it made the Hong Sect boss somewhat embarrassed.

     Guo Huai touched the hot water from Hong Tai with his fingers, and a little bit on the right body of Hong Wantong. After about ten minutes to the right, Hong Tai's eyes widened, and a trace of his grandpa's right body appeared. Black.

     "Finally, it's done. Now let the blood out." Then, Guo Huai had an extra silver needle nearly one meter factory in his hand. Guo Huai had to infuse the silver needle with infuriating energy, and then The big eyes of the old man and Hong Tai penetrated into Hong Wantong's body."Father, Ninja, it hurts this." Before the words fell, Guo Huai pulled out the long needle, and a blood sword shot out with the silver needle. Guo Huai took the basin to block the blood sword and took a deep breath.

     "My work is over, grandpa Hong wants to know what's going on."
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