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Chapter Directory 384 Execution Penalty
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Wu Yun Ce watched the rioting crowd in the audience and walked quickly to the stage. With a big wave, the rioting crowd calmed down. Zhang Mengbiao and Chen Hongfa squinted at Wu Yun Ce, which poisoned the host But for big issues, let's see how this elder Ke Qing, who is known for his justice in Hongmen, will handle it.

     "Xingtang Hall Master Hong Junbao, Hong Weilong's poisoning of the doormaster has been confirmed. According to Hongmen's rules, what should be done?" Wu Yun Ce asked Hong Junbao.

     "According to the fourth article of the door rules, poisoning the same door, the plot is lighter, the penalty is 50, three knives and six holes, and the severer is dead." Hong Junbao said in a low voice, "Hong Weilong and Fan Hongdao have contributed a lot to Hongmen. Although he has poisoned the doorkeeper, the doorkeeper is not sick now. I think it can be lightened. Hong Weilong is the deacon of our Xingtang. I would like to take the punishment of three knives and six holes for him." Hong Junbao The meaning of the words is very clear, Hong Weilong's matter this time should be dealt with lightly.

     "I don't know if the other hall masters have objections?" Wu Yun Ce asked while looking at the people in the audience.

     "Elder, I think that the sentencing of Junbao is wrong. How can poisoning the same door be the same as the poisoning of the sect master? What's more, the last three knives and six holes can't be replaced. If this is the case, then whether anyone has made mistakes in the future, it will Can someone lead it?" Zhang Mengbiao said loudly."Hall Master Zhang is right. Brother Junbao, for the Dragon and Hongdao brothers, we have indeed made a lot of contributions to our Hongmen. This matter everyone with eyes can see it, I also know the relationship between the two of you, but some Everything goes back to one yard. This poisoning of the sect master must be severely punished." Chen Hongfa said loudly.

     "For the main culprit of the dragon, the penalty of a rod of 100, three knives and six holes cannot be replaced by someone. Jun Bao's management is ineffective, the penalty of 50 rods, and the fine for one year. When the gate hit Jinmen, the body was seriously injured. Three knives and six holes would be spared. This is my opinion. I don't know if you can be satisfied." The sword guard master Shen Saiyang stood up and said.

     What else Chen Hongfa wanted to say, he was stopped by Xiang Xinghui on the side, Hong Junbao, you can not give face, Wu Yun Ce, you can not give face, even Hong Wantong, you can also say a few words to him, but the sword guardian , You have to listen to it. Following the three-time sect master until now, Shen Saiyang seldom participates in Hongmen's affairs, but everything he proposes in Hongmen, he just does what he says.Chen Hongfa is not talking, because he also knows the sword guardian. At the last Fragrant Hall meeting, the hall of the Outer Eighth Hall Tour Wind murmured when he was speaking. The old man took out the pistol directly, and it was two touches. Gun, now the master of Xunfeng Hall is still in a wheelchair, and when asked about the master of Xunfeng, he is also convinced by the sword guard.

     "Uncle Shen has spoken, so let's follow what Uncle Shen said today." Zhang Mengbiao said with a smiley face, giving Hong Weilong a three-knife six holes. It will be difficult for this guy to make a difference in Hongmen in the future. Moreover, the separation between the father and son of the Hong family is of great benefit to them.

     "Brother Junbao, don't be stunned, put on the torture instrument and enforce the door rules." Chen Hongfa squinted his eyes and said, excited. Today Chen Hongfa is very excited. He can watch the old man on the stage abolish his arm. He was excited, and it would be better to anger the old man so that their business would be easier.

     Hong Junbao just wanted to order his subordinates to get the torture instrument. Shen Saiyang, the uncle of the sword guard, stood up and said a few words in his ear. Hong Junbao was stunned, then nodded and left with a few people from the punishment hall. Up.Zhang Mengbiao, Chen Hongfa, and Xiang Xinghui looked at each other. Some of them didn't understand. Go to get the torture instrument, and you don't have to go out with the Xingtang Hall Master himself. Today's things are a bit weird, but if you look at other people, you can't see anything. Zhang Mengbiao glanced at Waiba Men, several middle-aged people nodded gently, and one of the big guys stood up.

     "Sect Master, I am Zhang Dahu, Deputy Hall Master of the Outer Eight Sages. While there will be some time, I want to talk about something." The big guy stood up and said loudly.

     "They are all my own brothers, just sit down and talk about anything." Hong Wantong said blankly.

     "Sect Master, I want to talk about the salary of my brothers now. Three years ago, the salary of our disciples of the Saints Church was 1,500 US dollars a month per person. The number of seven is handed over to the auditorium. We account for three points. The auditorium collects seven points. This three-cent is usually used for the management of the hall." Zhang Dahu said loudly, and the other people in the hall nodded one after another. Counting is a rule set before, and everyone follows this rule."Now the salary of each of our cousins is $1,800 per month, which has risen by $300 in three years. To be honest, it is getting harder and harder to collect protection fees and money for going to the scene. This alone Money, brothers can’t do it anymore. Our Saints Church asks to change the ratio of offerings, or give us some money, or allow us to do something else.” Zhang Dahu said loudly.

     "Mo Yunyu, as the master of the auditorium, are this brother's words true?" Hong Wantong asked blankly.

     "This brother of the Saints Church is right, but the auditorium now requires two ways to provide payment, one is a fixed amount of payment, and the other is the number of three to seven. As for the monthly income, the hall will send someone Go to the next few halls to check the accounts, but now everyone basically chooses to pay a fixed amount." An old man in his early 50s said with a smile.

     "How does the monthly contribution of Shengxian Church compare with the other seven?" Hong Wantong then asked.

     "Now our business in Hongmen has begun to change a little bit. Leaving aside the amount of money, Shengxiantang's business is really average. There are four hotels and 38 supermarkets, and now basically it is not profitable every month." Mo Yunyu still said with a smile."Yu Ye, you can't say that. Our Shengxian Church is different from the other churches. In terms of number and location, we are all very different. Now we can barely compensate, we have tried our best." Zhang Dahu said with a blush.

     "Uncle Shen, the torture instrument is here, and now you can open the Fragrant Hall to execute the sentence." Just when several people were arguing, Hong Junbao walked in from the outside. A dozen brothers behind him took a lot of things, and a group of people stared. Closed eyes.

     "Brother Junbao, perform a punishment with three swords and six holes and a rod. You have taken too much. I think you brought all the guys in the execution hall." Chen Hongfa said with a smile, but Zhang Mengbiao said. Can't help but shudder.

     "Brother Hongfa, these things haven't been used for a long time. Take them out to dry, maybe they might still be used today." Hong Junbao squinted and said, Chen Hongfa felt a cold sweat bursting behind him.

     The torture instrument was brought up, and there was no use for anyone to speak in the entire council hall, but this time Hong Junbao got a lot more things. In addition to the knife and the stick for torture, there was also a huge guillotine. Although Hong Junbao said that these guys hadn't used it before, the bright marks on the guillotine made a group of people numb their scalp."Hong Weilong poisoned the same door. Today, the door rules are enforced. The penalty is 100, three knives and six holes. Law enforcement officers can come from our punishment hall. Of course, to avoid suspicion, other brothers can also come up to execute it." Hong Junbao shouted. Said.

     "Jun Bao's remarks make sense. Weilong is a member of your Xingtang. It is better to let our people in charge of the law enforcement come this time to save other brothers from talking gossip." Xiang Xinghui stood up and said, Zhang Mengbiao did not avoid suspicion. Thumbs up to Xiang Xing, Hong Junbao nodded, and the two big men behind Xiang Xinghui stepped onto the execution platform.

     "Offended." The voice fell, and the thick board hit Hong Weilong's body.
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