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Chapter Directory 402 Xiao Lingmo Wins
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The most weird martial arts meeting, a 16-in-8 match, a matchless, eight people abstained, the first eight came into being, all of Huaxia’s opponents abstained, Thomas’ opponents were his teammates, teammates abstained directly, Magician’s opponents Seeing so many people abstaining, after Monte William said a few words to him, he directly chose to abstain.

     "Draw!" Davis said helplessly. Four red, four black and eight small balls were thrown into the black box. The eight people who abstained naturally didn't have to compare them. Now they have become six Chinese plus Thomas and Monte William. The individual draws.

     "I'll draw first, this time I'll draw first." Monte William said with a smile, six people, he estimated that he was going to be against a Chinese player, the red number three ball was held by Monte William.

     "Thomas, you smoke, we are crowded, and we will do whatever we want, so that you don't have to say that we bully you." Guo Huai smiled and said to Thomas.

     Thomas was not welcome. He reached into the box and stopped for a while. Then he took out a small ball, the black number three. Two players from outside of China met, and Davis was completely dizzy.

     "Look at you, how do we draw you guys like this? Huaxia people don't beat Huaxia people. Hey, what's the matter." Guo Huai said helplessly, Davis clenched his teeth, "draw lots."The drawing of the six Chinese people was very easy, Guo Huai to Fēng Rui, Little Lingmo to Yán Lie, Zhou Zhan to Peng Gang, several people laughed, and several people were very satisfied with the result of the draw.

     "Since the draw is over, let's start, just use the four previous arenas." Davis said with a smile, but his heart exploded.

     "I abstained. Brother Zhou is better than me. When we were in Huaxia, we often discussed it. There is no need to fight here. What's more, Huaxia people don't fight Huaxia people." Peng Gang said with a smile.

     Fēng Rui just wanted to say something, he was stopped by Guo Huai, and then Guo Huai walked to Little Lingmo and Yán Lie, "Let’s go, let’s go up, don’t keep your hands, go all out, I still don’t know your abilities. , Let me take a good look." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     The three nodded at the same time. Four Chinese people boarded the two arenas. Thomas glanced at Monte William. Magician didn't mean to abstain, and the two climbed to the third ring.

     "William, are you going to come to a life-and-death battle with me? In this case, no matter who of us can win, the group of Chinese people will be cheaper in the end." Thomas stood on the ring and said with a smile."Yeah, since Mr. Thomas sees things so clearly, then you go down. I won the trial calculation. Then I will deal with a few Chinese people and take the first place in this martial arts club. "Monte William said with a smile.

     "William, you are not the opponent of those Chinese people. Just to be on the safe side, I think I will come." Thomas said with a black line on his face.

     "I can at least fight the man named Fēng Rui in China. You haven't played against Huaxia people. How can you say that you are more suitable to fight against Huaxia people than me. Otherwise, you let me win this time and wait until the team competition. If we run into each other again, I will let you win, so fair." Monte William said with a smile, Thomas's face was even harder to look.

     Team competition? Not to mention whether your British will meet us in the team competition. Even if you encounter, the strong strength of the United States special ability group can beat you to the ground. You actually made such a request.

     "Since the discussion is not right, let's try it out!" Thomas roared, and his body disappeared directly on the ring, but Monte William did have a relaxed look. Isn't it the law of space? I will too. Monte William also Disappeared in the ring."Sister Lingmo, are we really going to have a life-and-death battle?" Yán Lie said with a smile. He didn't expect that he would be able to enter the semifinals, and his opponent would still be his teammate.

     "Brother Yán Lie, let's do it. Although I couldn't beat you before, it's not necessarily anymore." Little Lingmo said with a smile, looking at Yán Lie, who was serious, floating in the air.

     "I am the master of the fire element. In this ring, I am the king in such an environment." Yán Lie said softly. The already very hot ring is heating up again, and even the people watching the battle at the foot of the mountain can feel the temperature in the air. Variety.

     "Oh my God, when the Huaxia people dealt with us, they hadn't tried their best. Didn't their Huaxia people say that the Huaxia people don't fight the Huaxia people? What are they doing ah." The same fire controller Garcia couldn't help it. Said.

     "That little girl is not easy. She is a mind master. I can feel that her mind is very powerful, much stronger than my master. I really don’t know how she became so young at such a young age. It looks like this." One of the few female special ability masters said softly. She is also a Mind Master. At the foot of this volcano, Little Lingmo still affects her mind."Little Lingmo, try what I have learned in this ring recently." Yán Lie said, waving a big hand and a fire snake rushed directly at Nangong Lingmo.

     "With the fire condensate, although he was condensed when I competed with him, his current strength is several times that of before." Garcia said loudly, "Is he manipulating the fire element on such a large scale? Are you afraid of causing a volcanic eruption?"

     "It's better to cause a volcanic eruption and burn all these Chinese people to death, otherwise they are so strong, we have no hope at all in the team competition." Japan captain Yamamoto Shoichi said with squinting eyes. Not far away, Davis nodded intentionally, yes, cause the volcano to erupt and kill them all.

     "Little Lingmo is so strong!" Yin Lei Yin Shan in the audience saw the fire snake surrounding Nangong Lingmo, but the little girl didn't seem to be nervous at all, her eyes slowly closed, and the fire snake was almost half a meter outside her body. The place, unable to move forward the slightest, the two couldn't help saying.

     "This, how is this possible, actually using the power of mind to communicate with the elements in the air, controlling the five elements to form an elemental barrier. The master can't achieve such a realm, right?" The beauty minder couldn't help saying, a group of people With their eyes widened, they couldn't feel the situation of Nangong Lingmo like those with special ability, but the thought master's words shocked them."Elemental barrier?" Several single-line controllers naturally understand what these four words mean. They may be able to control a certain element they control to create an elemental barrier, but the Chinese girl in front of her has mobilized all five elements. Terrible, terrible, I originally thought that this girl had just borrowed a cold weapon to take the position of the champion. It turns out that her energy is so strong.

     "It seems that I did the right abstention this time, otherwise it would be ashamed to be beaten by this little girl in the ring." The Russian bear said in a broken heart. This time it was too strong.

     "Brother Yán Lie, you are a good snake, but I don't like it. Sister Yu'er (Jade) doesn't like this, so I should give it back to you." Little Lingmo said, Yán Lie suddenly changed his face because The Fire Serpent he controlled had no contact, and he saw the Fire Serpent in mid-air rushing towards him.

     "Little girl, you are really playing it, I give up and take the fire snake back." Yán Lie said loudly, but it was too late. The fire snake he released directly rushed towards Yán Lie, his hair and eyebrows were rushed over The fire snake burned clean, and Yán Lie had also jumped off the ring."Brother Yán Lie, I'm sorry, you fire snake needs too much fire element, I didn't control it well, pay attention next time, pay attention next time." Nangong Lingmo stretched out his tongue and said.

     "Little Lingmo won a top four seat!" Nangong Mou'ce, who was thousands of miles away from the Nangong family, stared at the screen, and finally murmured such a sentence.
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