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Chapter Directory 403 Cannibalism?
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Ten years ago, something happened in the Imperial Capital Nangong family that inspired the imperial capital families. Nangong Mou’ce’s son Nangong Ao brought home a beautiful woman who was already Being pregnant, Nangong Ao has been engaged to a woman of Gu Family. The events at that time made Gu Family and Nangong embarrassed.

     "A'Ao, this woman can't stay. Let's not talk about her life experience for the time being. You and Gu Min are already engaged. If you let Gu Family know about this woman, then Gu Family and Nangong Family will be separated. Fall out." Nangong Mou'ce whispered to his son in the study.

     "Dad, I talked to Gu Min on the phone before I came back. She already knows about me and Yuling." Nangong Ao said indifferently, "Gu Min didn't like me at all. It's not just right. We are both. Can be freed."

     "Asshole, this is not as simple as you and Gu Min thought. Besides, now that you regret the marriage, Gu Family will definitely not let it go." Nangong Mou'ce said loudly, without the calmness just now."Dad, Yuling and I really love each other, not to mention that she already has our baby. If I come back to make you embarrassed by you, then we will leave Nangong Family tomorrow. If Gu Family really needs trouble, let him come to me." Nangong Ao said loudly, before Nangong Mou'ce said anything, turned and left the study.

     "Brother Tengfei, I will bring Lingling to see you tomorrow. Huaxia is afraid that I will not be able to stay. Lingling and I are going abroad. Gu Family is looking for me if they are looking for trouble. The child and Lingling can't do anything." Nangong Ao dialed a call. , Xuanyuan Tengfei, yes, it is Xuanyuan Tengfei, the eldest grandson of Xuanyuan Family. Although he was not very old, he had a good relationship with Nangong Ao in Imperial Capital.

     "Don't worry, you are going to South America on the plane tomorrow morning. I won't tell you where you are going. Let's talk about it when you come. I'll talk to Grandpa, Gu Family knows him well, so I shouldn't bother you. "Xuanyuan Tengfei helped Nangong Ao settle the matter of going abroad, and the affairs of Nangong Family and Gu Family seemed to be suppressed at that time.Things may end like this. Nangong Ao and Sun Yuling live very well abroad. They have a daughter named Nangong Lingmo. Everything is very happy until Little Lingmo was three years old when Nangong Ao received his own son. Because his mother was critically ill, and wanted to see his son and granddaughter before he died, Nangong Ao returned to Imperial Capital with his wife and daughter.

     "What? What are you talking about, Brother Ao’s car has an accident, where is it? Who is it? Gu Family?" An accident, it really happened, on the way home from the airport with Nangong Ao, his wife and Little Lingmo, A large truck smashed their car into pieces. Nangong Ao and Sun Yuling died on the spot, and Little Lingmo escaped.

     "Tengfei, not Gu Family, this is an accident, my people have passed, the driver drunk driving, Little Lingmo is with me, you can pick her up." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng hung up, Xuanyuan Tengfei took Little Lingmo to his home, Little Lingmo was sent back to the Nangong Family until the Nangong family finished the funeral of Nangong Ao.

     Of course, the first person who knew that Little Lingmo had special ability was indeed the young master of Xuanyuan Family. He didn't care whether Little Lingmo understood it or not, and told the three-year-old girl that he should never show his special ability. Until Little Lingmo was sent back to Nangong Family, I never saw Little Lingmo again, knowing one day."What? A special ability person appeared in the Nangong Family. How could this be possible." Xuanyuan Tengfei was called to the study by his grandfather, looking at Xuanyuan Xiongfeng and said with surprise.

     "Tengfei, when Nangong Ao had an accident, you brought the little girl to our house. You should know about her special ability. You told her to hide from the Nangong Family, right?" Xuanyuan Xiongfeng Lao Jianghu naturally guessed about Nangong Lingmo at once.

     "Gu Family has trouble with Nangong Family through Little Lingmo?" Xuanyuan Tengfei asked with a smile without answering the father's words.

     "Gu Family and Nangong Family matters, you don't care about it in the future. Take care of your own affairs and stay in the army. I will deal with things." Xuanyuan Tengfei was taken into the army by Xuanyuan Xiongfeng. year.

     "Nangong Lingmo needs to participate in the next special ability martial arts meeting. In recent years, let the little girl prepare well." The strength of the Gu Family was flourishing, and only the words of the Nangong family were left to Nangong Mou'ce. Reluctantly responded.

     "It would be great if Gu Zhenlei didn't die, let this old thing take a good look, my granddaughter, daughter of A'Ao, she is now in the top four of the special ability martial arts club, damn Gu Family, that was you back then , I owe the little girl so much." That night, Nangong Mou'ce was drunk, and the Nangong family was silent.Nangong Lingmo defeated Yán Lie and couldn't help looking at the other two arenas. Thomas and Monte William had disappeared, while Guo Huai and Fēng Rui stood motionless in the arena.

     Little Lingmo flew off the ring with interest. The two foreigners didn’t know what they were doing, but Elder Brother Huai and Fēng Rui, she saw some signs, accumulating energy, Fēng Rui was accumulating energy, as for what Guo Huai was doing, Little Lingmo I can't guess, anyway, Fēng Rui can't beat Guo Huai. Little Lingmo is very sure about this.

     "Fēng Rui, you are the power controller, very similar to Vacca Plus, but your power is not the same as him. The power of the earth cannot be borrowed to the limit. If you simply follow the power route, your results may not be comparable Vacca plus.” Guo Huai seemed motionless, but his voice had reached Fēng Rui's ears.

     Fēng Rui did not speak, looking at Guo Huai with expectant eyes. Although he did not fight against Vacca, he knew that if he simply added strength to Vacca, he would definitely lose."Yesterday I saw you use a sword. Your swordsmanship is really bad, but you can break through with swordsmanship. Think about it, your bad swordsmanship plus your power control. , Ordinary people with special ability can't beat you, why have to be entangled in power? Try this set of swordsmanship, how much you can comprehend depends on your own.” After Guo Huai finished speaking, Fēng Rui's mind appeared. Picture after picture of swordsmanship.

     "This, how is this possible." For almost three minutes, Fēng Rui was completely stunned. The swordsmanship in the picture was very similar to his own, but he felt that it had great power.

     "Fēng Rui, take the sword and use the strongest sword you have understood. I want to know if you can become the inheritor of the swordsmanship just now. If you can be satisfied with this sword, I will tell you how to make it Swordsmanship is ten times stronger." Guo Huai's words reached Fēng Rui's ears. Fēng Rui suddenly went crazy, ten times stronger, that means he would easily win against Zhou Zhan.

     A soft sword was drawn from Fēng Rui’s waist. It was originally just an ordinary sword. All of Fēng Rui’s energy was concentrated on the sword. If it was a life and death battle, now Fēng Rui would definitely die because of him. It takes too long to gather energy."Brother, take my strongest sword, I can't stop it, you have to go next, or if you accidentally injure your brother, I can't help it." Fēng Rui yelled, and rushed towards Guo. Huai.

     "Fēng Rui, what are you doing, this sword, how can there be such a powerful breath, Fēng Rui, don't do stupid things, the opposite is..." Zhou Zhan started Fēng Rui at the moment, He stood up fiercely and shouted loudly, but it was too late. Fēng Rui's strength and speed were also exerted to the extreme, breaking through the air with one sword.

     "Oh my God, what the Huaxia guy is doing is terrible." Vacca Jia also stood up and said loudly, "Master, you must take this sword."

     "Haha, massacre one another, haha, it's better to kill this Nangong Hao with a single sword. It's too strong, and it split the ring open. Is this Fēng Rui the strongest person in China? That Nangong Hao will do." Davis said excitedly watching the situation on the ring.
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