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Chapter Directory 407 Enslaved Thomas
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Arrogant guy, haha, dead, just be dead." Davis said loudly, standing under the ring without evasiveness. Thomas panted heavily on the ring, and there was no more Guo Huai's breath on the ring.

     "I won, I won, Nangong Hao was killed by me." Thomas muttered to himself, putting away the angel's sword and slowly getting up, but in the next moment, Thomas couldn't move.

     No one knew what was going on. Thomas was still the only one in the ring. The sword was put away, and Thomas half-bended, as if something happened.

     "Dear Mr. Thomas, should I call you Thomas or should I call you an angel?" A voice rang in Thomas' ear, "Angel's sword, it's a good thing, but your angel's sword is compared Raphael's angel sword is too far apart."

     Thomas wanted to speak, but he couldn't say a word. Raphael, this Chinese man actually knew Raphael. How could it be, the eight-winged angel of the Angel Council, how could he know it, because he wanted to see Lord Raphael. The report can only be done at the first level. Lord Raphael, like Lord Bishop, is like a god."Are you surprised, why do I know Raphael? Although I don't know how you are related to him, it should all be from that shit Angel Council. Raphael was almost killed by me." Guo Huai continued, with a look of Thomas. There was a hint of tension.

     Lord Raphael is a god-like existence. How could he be killed by this Chinese man? This was impossible. When Thomas questioned, suddenly, Thomas' pupils suddenly enlarged and fell straight on the ring.

     "What's the matter with Thomas? Did the sword just now lose its strength?" Davis said to himself, with a smile on his face. He had risen to mid-air and walked towards the ring step by step.

     "Brother Zhou, find a way to stop this Davis and don't let him go to the ring!" Guo Huai's voice rang in Zhou Zhan's ears. Zhou Zhan was taken aback for a moment, and then walked to Davis in front of him.

     "Huaxia people, the competition in this ring is over. What do you want to do? Your Nangong Hao player has been killed. You and that little girl hurry up and play, let me see what happened to Thomas." Davis shouted. Said."Mr. Davis, this is the arena of the special ability martial arts club. Not seeing Nangong Hao does not mean that he is dead. I have not yet competed with Little Lingmo. Regardless of our final result, our winner will be in this arena. The winner of the competition for the first place, we now have the right to require unrelated personnel to stay away from the ring. The winner of the ring is determined by the people on the ring." Zhou Zhan said loudly.

     "Davis, come down, you can't interfere with the game. It's really unfair for the Chinese people to go to the ring like this." The Russian Explosion Bear shouted loudly from the audience, and then many people agreed.

     "Zhou, even if I don't go to the ring, this competition is over, don't you feel it? Your Nangong Hao has no breath, he has been killed by the angel sword." Davis shouted. Said.

     "But Nangong Hao is not dead. You can't go to the ring before my match with Nangong Lingmo is over. I don't think I am asking too much." Zhou Zhan said loudly. Davis flew from mid-air to the foot of the mountain, watching A group of people with special abilities with a smile on their faces couldn't help sighing that this group of Huaxia people is really different from the previous Huaxia people. I didn't expect that so many people with special abilities have already made friends with them.Zhou Zhan watched Davis step off the ring, and he was relieved, but where is Guo Huai now? He didn’t feel the breath of Guo Huai at all. Zhou Zhan returned to the ring and looked at Nangong Lingmo. Little Lingmo also shook her head. She didn’t know where Guo Huai was, but for one thing, Elder Brother Huai would be fine, because if Something happened to Guo Huai, and the jade pendant on her was probably broken.

     "Look, Thomas is standing up." Suddenly someone in the crowd said loudly, so people set their eyes on the ring again, yes, Thomas stood up.

     "My opponent, Mr. Nangong Hao, is not dead. Our competition is not over yet, Davis, you can't disturb our competition." Thomas said loudly to the crowd at the foot of the mountain.

     Davis wanted to say something, but watching Thomas sitting cross-legged on the ground like a Huaxia, although there was something wrong, he didn't say anything.

     "Finished, Angel Council, Dark Holy See, haha, the existence of two contradictions, I did not expect that they are inextricably linked, but it is only a four-winged angel. If Raphael can be enslaved, everything will no longer be a secret. "Guo Huai suddenly appeared on the ring, and the audience again caused a commotion, but Guo Huai did not start to harass Thomas, but sat cross-legged on the ground like Thomas."I know Elder Brother Huai will be fine, Brother Zhou Zhan, are we still playing this competition?" Little Lingmo blinked at Zhou Zhan and asked.

     "Brother Zhou, Thomas is no longer able to fight again. I have already won this competition. You should give up too. The first of this special ability martial arts club is Little Lingmo's, haha." Guo Huai's voice transmission again When it came, Zhou Zhan shook his head in disbelief, but saw that the two of them were sitting cross-legged on the ring, but there seemed to be something wrong with Thomas. Since Guo Huai said so, there should be no problem.

     "I gave up in this competition." Zhou Zhan said, flying off the ring, and Little Lingmo also flew down with his sword. The eyes of a group of people with special abilities on the ground were widened, and the other ring has not yet decided the winner. , Here, the Huaxia people actually let their captain surrender, and it was the little girl who advanced to the final. I really don’t understand what the Huaxia people were thinking.

     "Huh, arrogant Chinese people, Thomas will defeat that Guo Huai in a moment. It is not stretch a hand and grab it to deal with a little girl. You will regret it at that time." Davis said to himself, but the two people on the ring There was no movement.Where did he know that Guo Huai set up an Array Formation around the ring, and the people in the audience could not see what they were doing. At this time, Guo Huai was asking Thomas sentence by sentence. The story of Dark Holy See is over.

     "Who helped you recover from your injury? Did you use the power of faith?" Guo Huai asked softly. The two are like friends for many years. You ask one question, and I answer one.

     "It's Cardinal Gatlin. He used secret methods to help me recover from my injury and increase my strength. I don't know what the power of faith you said is, but Cardinal has supreme power." Thomas have a lifeless look in one's eyes said.

     "Cough cough cough, it's still supreme power, it seems that only our Huaxia talents describe it like this." Guo Huai thought with a smile in his heart, "Thomas, do you belong to the Angel Council or Dark Holy See ah."

     "I am a four-winged angel of the Angel Council, but I was cultivated by Dark Holy See. I naturally belong to Dark Holy See. In fact, I belong to the same place. Just like Master Raphael, he is an eight-winged angel. At the same time, he still thinks that he is in red. Bishop, the two do not conflict," Thomas said loudly.

     "Then what is the purpose of Dark Holy See holding the special ability martial arts club?" Guo Huai asked loudly, narrowing his eyes."The martial arts club, the martial arts club is held. When you are in Las Vegas, you should know that there will be a lot of Holy See beauties borrowing from the special ability of various countries. Haha, only bishops can think of such a method, Dark Holy There will be more and more people with See's special ability. Of course, there is a bigger purpose. I just heard Master Cardinal say it by accident." Thomas said with a look of hope.

     "What is the greater purpose?"
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