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Chapter Directory 408 End Of Individual Competition
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai squinted at Thomas and waited for him to tell the purpose of Dark Holy See's martial arts meeting. A group of guys who can use the power of faith, if they really want to do something bad, it will have a huge impact on Mortal World. Even Guo Huai guessed that these guys are most likely related to Great Demon.

     "The ultimate goal of the Budokai is..." Thomas said the first few words and wanted to say something, but his mouth couldn't say it. Guo Huai wanted to use his mind-reading technique to see what Thomas was thinking. , Thomas in front of him suddenly dilated his pupils again, and then he lay straight on the ring.

     "It's really a good method. I actually set up a mechanism in Thomas's brain. Only when Thomas touches something sensitive, the mechanism will automatically turn on. Thomas will undoubtedly die." Guo Huai couldn't help but said, Thomas is dead, completely Is dead.

     Although there was something out of Thomas’ mouth, Guo Huai was very upset for not being able to get what he wanted the most. At the moment Guo Huai was about to leave, he saw the angel sword under Thomas. , Guo Huai is not welcome, as he passed the hand, and hidden the sword of the angel in the gourd, and then flew off and jumped off the ring."What's the matter? What's wrong with Thomas." Davis watched Guo Huai come down. Thomas lay straight on the ring and couldn't help asking. Seeing that Guo Huai didn't speak, he flew directly onto the ring and put his fingers on the ring. There is no breath at all in Thomas's neck arteries, and he is dead. Thomas, the leader of the United States team of this year's Budokai, and the key training object of Dark Holy See, is dead.

     "Elder Brother Huai, are you okay, what did you do with that Thomas just now, and I didn't see you compete." Little Lingmo saw Guo Huai coming down and hurried to Guo Huai's side and asked in a low voice.

     "He had to compare his concentration with me. How could he be my opponent? In the end, he didn't compare to me. He committed suicide in shame." Guo Huai said with a smile. Some things are not clear here, and he was not prepared to talk to Little Lingmo. In detail, Xiaoxiao should have a happy childhood at his age. Some things are better not to be known.

     However, there is one thing that Guo Huai didn’t know. Just when Thomas was about to tell the secret of Dark Holy See, on an island in the Pacific Ocean, an old man who had closed his eyes suddenly opened his eyes, and then Thomas There is no breath."Damn it, this is Outland, why those guys can still find my people, it's really damn it, a bunch of guys from Outland, don't mind, can't do anything well, Dark Holy See, the name is wrong!" The old man shouted loudly. , The entire island disappeared on the Pacific Ocean.

     Of course, just when the old man was angry, the leader of Dark Holy See, the leader of Thomas’s mouth, spewed out blood. He knew that the Chinese people who gave themselves supreme power back then were dissatisfied with him, because only that Huaxia talents would make him so embarrassed.

     "Special ability martial arts club, it should be something happened at the special ability martial arts club, otherwise the Chinese can't be so angry. A bunch of damn guys, no small things can't do well." Dark Holy See's leader Kurt Leth yelled, and almost three minutes later, the meeting room of Dark Holy See was full of people.

     "Mr. Davis, is it possible to announce the result of the game? Everyone is waiting." Someone in the audience saw Guo Huai come down and shouted."Pop!" A big handprint appeared on the face of the special ability person who asked loudly for the result. Davis has reached the foot of the volcano, "Hit, remember, you don't have the strength to talk to me like this, if you have a Chinese like this You can slap your strength with this slap. I remember that you didn’t deal with the Huaxia people at first. I don’t know what this means now."

     The young man named Hitt is not talking. Indeed, he has his own purpose in asking this question. He wants to continue to provoke the dispute between the Chinese and the United States. It is best to kill both sides suffer, but his point Davis saw the small idea directly.

     "In the first round, Mr. Nangong Hao from China won, and in the second round, Nangong Lingmo from China won. Because of the death of Thomas, the third place in this martial arts club is Zhou Zhan from China. I don't know when the finals will start? "Davis said with a grimace. It's over. Thomas died. The top three in the individual competition were all Chinese. The martial arts meeting he hosted was a complete failure. He knew what he was going to face."We don't have to play in the finals anymore. In the match with Mr. Thomas, I was seriously injured and I can no longer continue to play. The first place in this martial arts club is Little Lingmo." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Little Lingmo went wide. My eyes, although I knew that I might win the first place in this martial arts club, I never thought that I actually won the first place in this martial arts club. Although the gold content is a little bit lower, what's the matter? It's own.

     "Then I would like to congratulate Miss Nangong Lingmo. The top three prizes will be awarded together after the Budo Club is over. The Budo Club individual competition is over. Everyone can prepare for the team competition. Each team selects six members to participate. Of course, if your country can’t select so many players, you can find allies yourself. One day later, you will still be here. People who are going to participate in the team competition will gather here.” After Davis finished speaking, he hurriedly left. , Left a group of special ability people to discuss.

     "Explosion Bear, let's cooperate. It is difficult for your people to enter the top eight. It is better to cooperate with our two countries. We have two people and you have four people. The number one in this team competition is definitely not ours. , But we work together, the final game should be lost or not too badly." A black man smiled and said to Explosion Bear, Explosion Bear smiled and nodded, the two big hands were held together."Kim Chang-Yul, if you don’t have enough people, we can cooperate. How about you and Kim Tai Chuan coming to our team?" Yamamoto Shoichi walked to South Korea captain Kim Chang-Yul and asked with a smile, "Hua Xia People are very strong this time. Only if you from South Korea cooperate with us, we will have a chance to win."

     "Go! Cooperating with you, you are nothing. If we lose to the Huaxia people, we will lose to the Huaxia people. We will not choose to cooperate with you war criminals." Kim Chang-Yul exclaimed. The relationship between South Korea and Japan is inherent. No, Yamamoto Shoichi is suffocated.

     "Kim Chang-Yul, you will come back for today's decision." Yamamoto Shoichi finished speaking, turned and left, and directly found Garcia, but Garcia also tactfully refused the request of the Japanese, but it was the one who was beaten by Davis. Hit who dared to speak up came to the Japanese team.

     "Monte William, Master Gatlin wants you to come over." Monte William frowned when he heard a voice transmission. Cardinal Gatlin, like his grandfather, is no wonder Thomas will recover so quickly and call himself over. It should be a joint matter between those with United States special ability and those with special ability.

     Monte William didn't dare to neglect, said a few words to his teammates, turned around and walked to the lounge, then disappeared into the players area."Monte William, Thomas is dead, you are responsible, do you know?" Gatling saw Monte William come in and said loudly, because Monte William's grandfather William was also a cardinal, Gatling was kind to Monte William. .

     "He died because he was inferior to others. What does it have to do with me?" Monte William said with a smile, "Master Gatlin, just say anything if you have any. Now there are no outsiders."

     "In this final, you must win the first place. The master bishop already knows about the martial arts meeting. If there are any further mistakes, we will not be happy. The master bishop has already sent Sir Celia here. Choose five people to cooperate with Sir Celia." Gatlin said loudly.
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