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Chapter Directory 410 Explosive Bear Chusov
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Of course, Guo Huai didn't know anything about Celia. The Huaxia people took the top three in the Budo Club individual competition, and they are now celebrating their achievements in the rest area.

     "Zhou, you Huaxia people are really amazing this time, but I have to say one thing. Although you are the captain of Huaxia Yi this time, the most powerful person in your team this time is none other than the Nangong brothers. I didn't want to understand how the Nangong brothers finally managed Thomas. I fought against Thomas last year, and that guy is definitely a ruthless person. I didn't expect that this time he was beaten and killed by the Nangong brothers." The Russian bear man said with a smile.

     "Chusov, the strength of my master is not on the same level as ours. You haven't fought against my master. If you fight against my master, you will know why Thomas has no strength to fight back." Vacca said with a smile. Holding a wine glass in it, looking at Guo Huai pitifully, Guo Huai filled Vacca very generously.

     "Brother Nangong, after the martial arts club team competition is over, I hope I can play against you once, and this time the martial arts club is a worthwhile trip." Chusov the bear said loudly."Chusov, come out with me. The team competition is coming soon. I hope you and us can meet in the team finals. You want to make a gesture with me. Let's try it in the ring now. Maybe I can give you some inspiration. "Guo Huai said with a smile.

     Chusov is not welcome, he also understands in his heart that fighting with a master is one of the best ways to progress. He walked out with Guo Huai. Guo Huai flew onto the ring, and Chusov grabbed the rope and quickly climbed up.

     Descendants of Great Witch, that should be regarded as a friend. Although I don’t know what tricks the United States people want to play in the team competition, let’s raise the strength of allies first. Guo Huai thought to himself that in the current society, personal strength is important. But fighting alone is really meaningless.

     "Brother Nangong, I am the master of power. I have a special blood in my body. I have had it since I was a child. When I was ten years old, when I fought a life and death with a wolf, that blood gave me endless strength and made me lose my head. The adult snow wolf was torn to pieces. My father told me that I was crazy that day with the shadow of a bear on me, so people in the tribe began to call me Explosion Bear." Chusov said softly, this is his secret, and he rarely tells others. But don't know why, he felt that the Chinese man in front of him was credible."Activate the power of your blood, let me see your full strength, I can tell you, there are several people like you in China, and I know the origin of the blood in your body, you are now The power of "is only used less than 10%, I can make you ten times stronger." Guo Huai said with a smile, although the voice is small, it is enough to excite Chusov.

     "Once I fully enter the Explosion Bear state, I will not keep my hand. If you can't stop it, I will run away. Otherwise, the consequences will be very serious." Chusov finished, and the aura on his body began to become stronger a little bit, Guo Huai smiled Look at everything in front of you.

     "Brother Nangong, I hope you don't let me down." Chusov finally yelled, his shirt was shattered to pieces, and the muscles all over his body looked like they were about to explode. The figure flashed in front of Guo Huai.

     "The power of the bloodline is quite different from Dazhu, but he has much better control of the bloodline than Dazhu." Guo Huai secretly compared Chusov and Xuē Dazhu in his heart."Chusov, speed. There is not only the energy of power in your blood, but also speed. You have been strengthening your power in recent years. Your power has reached its limit. Find a way to use the potential of speed and chase me. , Try to chase me, if you can't even chase me, how can you fight with me?" Guo Huai said, his figure flickered on the ring, and Chusov tried hard to catch up.

     "Slow, too slow, you are really a bear, speed, you can take back your power a little, your speed is far from the limit." Guo Huai shouted again.

     Chusov's steel teeth clenched tightly, but no matter how hard he tried, he and Guo Huai were the distance between him and Guo Huai. Every time he was about to get close to Guo Huai, his big hand immediately hit Guo Huai, and all he hit was air.

     "Nangong Hao, I'm going to kill you, I don't believe you can keep running like this." Chusov was chasing Guo Huai, the blood was running faster and faster, and he had begun to be unable to suppress the blood in his veins. The power of the person is growing, his eyes are red, and the speed is getting faster and faster.

     "Silly, big, too slow, or too slow. At your speed, I am afraid that even my grandmother can't compare it." Guo Huai continued to stimulate Chusov's nerves with fierce words. At this time, the foot of the volcano was already Once again full of people, Chusov vs. Nangong Hao, this kind of test is absolutely beautiful."Oh my God, how did Chusov's speed change so fast now? As a speed controller, I can't be much better than speed and Chusov." A young man couldn't help saying.

     "David, Chusov is still accelerating. If he breaks through that hurdle, he can control the true meaning of speed. You can imagine how terrible it would be if he had the same speed as you and me. The existence of his body is already extremely powerful, Chusov will be an invincible existence in the future." A man who was a few years older than him whispered beside the youth.

     "If he really passed the speed hurdle, this team competition would be interesting. The Chinese people have that weird person, maybe Russia can't do anything about them, but if a strong team like United States and Britain wants to get second, they have to Looking at the Russian face and talking." Many people said with a smile. The team competition has been the number one in the United States in recent years. This time Thomas was killed, and the number one in the team competition is almost certain to be the Chinese. But the second one is really uncertain.

     "Chusov, you big idiot, I really regret that I tried to compete with you. Your speed is not as good as Vacca Plus. You have such perfect blood power and waste. Such blood is better than you when it is placed on garbage. Guo Huai said loudly.Chusov roared again, a sharp knife in his hand cut open his chest, a trace of blood flowed out, Chusov sucked the blood on his lower hand, the speed increased by one point, Guo Huai smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth, yes, it is this speed, in the end Speed will be easier afterwards.

     "Nangong Hao, why don't you run, keep running, you are dead." Chusov said loudly with red eyes, his huge hands had grabbed Guo Huai's shoulders.

     "If you can kill me, then come on, let me feel the difference between your power and Vacca plus." Guo Huai said with a smile, all the people watching the battle at the foot of the volcano have their eyes widened. Choose to compare strength with Explosion Bear.

     "One loses three. My brother compares strength with Chusov. Is it stressful? Hurry up, there is only one minute to bet." Little Lingmo suddenly shouted from the audience.

     "Huh, although this Chinese is very strong, he won Vacca Plus in strength, but I don't believe he can win Explosion Bear, little girl, 100 million dollars, I will win against Explosion Bear." A Russian special ability person shouted. Said.

     "I also pressed Explosion Bear, 100 million dollars."

     "Explosion Bear 300 million, if I win, little sister, you have to give me 1.2 billion ah if you count the cost."One minute, really only one minute. There were more than 400 people who watched the game. Nearly 100 people bet on Explosion Bear to win. The total bet amounted to more than 10 billion. But after a minute, the ring was decided. His eyes widened.

     "Your current strength limit is twelve kilograms. I'll help you to understand the feeling in your blood." Guo Huai said, and a terrifying force was transmitted to the Explosion Bear through the Explosion Bear's arm. Among the blood of Great Witch, originally only one-tenth of the blood was activated, but now it has become three-tenths. Chusov suddenly felt that he couldn't hold his body, and he was taken from the ring by Guo Huai. Threw it down.

     "I, my strength has increased by at least 30%, old man Nangong, how did you do it?" Chusov slammed to the ground, the red in his eyes had disappeared, and he couldn't help but asked Guo Huai loudly.
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