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Chapter Directory 413 The Start Of The Team Competition
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Little Lingmo asked to play again and again during dinner, but Guo Huai directly rejected it. Little girl, don’t mess with it. The Yin Family brothers have been holding back for so long, and I don’t know what means they want to use. If you play, brother, I have to Take care of you, Guo Huai thought to himself.

     Early the next morning, all the people with special ability had gathered at the foot of the volcano. The original sixteen sub-rings had become two. Everyone couldn’t help but sigh that the organizing committee did a good job this time. Hanging in the air is not something ordinary people can do.

     "Vacca plus, have you heard that the live video link of our team match has sold for 20 billion US dollars. You said that we are watching the live broadcast here and we will be able to compete in a while. Are you lucky?" A member of Vacca Plus said with a smile.

     "Kulsi, you should know that I have already worshipped Mr. Nangong Hao of Huaxia as a teacher. After this martial arts meeting, I will go to Huaxia with me. From now on, the Turkish special ability group will be left to you. I used to I thought I was the number one in the world. I didn't know until after the battle with the master that we were so small," Vacca said softly.The first game in the upper half was between Anglo-American United vs. South American United. The game surprised many people. Originally everyone thought that without Thomas, South American United still had a slight chance against the Anglo-American United team, but they Wrong, the strength is crushed, the team also has fire controllers and power controllers. The South American United team has no strength to fight back. In less than a minute, six players on the field, three dead and three injured. In the first game, Celia, the back-up from United States, didn't make a shot at all. Five people have easily managed the six people on the opposite side.

     "Chusov, the United States and the British have improved a lot in strength. That Harris is at least twice as strong as before. Could it be that they have also found someone to improve their strength? How could it be possible?" A Russian special ability person said softly.

     "Five people are very weird. Although I haven't played against that Monte William, his method is more than twice as powerful as before. If there is a problem, they must have a problem. Remember, if in the end we When you run into the Anglo-American team, don't try your best, or just jump off the ring." Chusov said softly. In fact, there is one thing he didn't tell other people. The Chinese woman who gave him the greatest sense of crisis was the Chinese woman. Since that woman appeared, Chusov has felt extremely uncomfortable.The team competition continued. Russia has no suspense about Brazil. Everyone has seen the terrible Chusov after the soaring strength. Five of the six Brazilians were directly knocked down by Chusov. The remaining one was directly affected by other specials in Russia. Those with ability besieged and died on the ring.

     Southeast Asia United vs. India, the two teams had injuries to each other. In the end, India lost to Southeast Asia United. However, the Southeast Asia United had three serious injuries. The next game must be unable to participate.

     Japan and South Korea also played hard to untie, hard to separate, but in the end, the Japanese captain didn't know what trick he used, and even directly blasted the six South Korea people off the ring, making many people stare.

     "Damn, little Japan is cheating, they are not six people in the ring, they still have four space controllers, they violate the rules of team competition." South Korea captain Kim Chang-Yul shouted, but Davis shook his head slightly, saying that he hadn't noticed, nor had the other people noticed the existence of the four Shangnin, this matter can only be stopped.

     Compared with the competition in the upper half, the lower half is obviously less lively than the upper half, but Guo Huai couldn't help but look at the Yin Family brothers. China’s first opponent was Australia. For the purpose of learning, each of the six players came on the court and found a Chinese man to see how powerful the Chinese are.However, they did not expect that this is the last match in their lifetime. Guo Huai and Zhou Zhan have not acted yet. Yin Lei Yin Shan and Yin Lei Yin Shan directly killed the six with a thunder and thunder. , All of them were killed by one move, and the methods were so vicious that Guo Huai couldn't help shaking his head.

     Vacca led the five people to successfully defeat their opponents, but they also saw Yin Lei Yin Shan massacre the Australian special ability person. Vacca couldn't help shaking his head.

     In the other two games, the two teams that won in the end had no ability to fight again because of their similar strengths. After the first round, the only teams in the upper half that can continue to compete are the Anglo-American United, Japan and Russia. In the lower half, only the teams from China and Vacca are left. Compared to the individual matches, the team matches are more tragic.

     "Yin Lei Yin Shan, the two of you are too much. Australia said it when they played. They want to learn from us, why do you want to fight?" Stepping off the ring, Zhou Zhan endures Asked loudly."Captain Zhou, it’s a team competition now. I didn’t say anything if you didn’t work hard. But you are asking me why something is wrong, right? This is a special ability martial arts club, not a child’s play house. They said to learn and compete. Is it true that you strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term)? You don’t understand the truth about the hit first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term)." Yin Lei said strangely.

     "By the way, brother Nangong, I remember that our next opponent, Vacca plus, is your apprentice. You have also seen that once our brothers make a move, they will not be merciful. If you don’t want your apprentice to do anything, I’ll see you. Let them abstain." Yin Shan looked at Guo Huai and said.

     "Vacca and they will abstain, I hope you can have such amazing performances in the finals as in the first game. I am optimistic about you." Guo Huai said with a smile, and then went to Vacca.

     "Master, we will abstain in the next game. The two newcomers in your team are weird. I don't want my teammates to take this risk." Vacca Jia saw Guo Huai coming and said softly.

     "Abstain. These are a few pills. Let your teammates take them. Don't let them tell others. It is my compensation for you." Guo Huai smiled and handed Vacca plus six pills. Vacca filled his heart. He took it happily, nodded to Guo Huai, and then the other five people in the team added by Vacca boiled.Due to Vacca’s abstention, the lower half of the competition has ended. With three teams in the upper half, Russia was lucky enough to draw an empty sign, and the Anglo-American team and Japan competed for the remaining semi-finals.

     "Captain, the Anglo-American team is not easy to deal with, so let Shinobu directly come out and beat their men down three times before talking." A Japanese man whispered to Yamamoto Shoichi.

     "We must enter the finals, and then kill the Chinese people and win the first place in this team competition. The black hole is very important to the Emperor and must be won." Yamamoto Shoichi whispered to his teammates, "Four Shangren will play against the United States for the first time this time. We just need to cooperate well. The woman shouldn't be afraid to clean up the five men before talking."

     The Japanese took the lead in the arena. Five people from the Anglo-American team looked at Celia. Celia said a few words to the five of them. The five of them were shocked, and then they boarded the ring together."Boom!" At the beginning of the game, six people from the Anglo-American team stood together and did not move. Japan's six special ability persons disappeared and two of them disappeared. Then a few fireballs hit the Anglo-American team. The next scene made many people. I was stunned. There were originally only six Japanese people, but after a while, there were a lot of people on the ring. There seemed to be a barrier outside the Anglo-American team. The two Japanese people who disappeared and the other four Japanese people in Ninja clothes swept together. Fell to the ground.

     "You see, the Japanese came here, and there were four Shinnin followed in the ring. It was really shameless." South Korea Kim Chang-Yul said loudly.

     "Baka, attack together to kill this group of Anglo-American guys." Yamamoto Shoichi said loudly. Many people can feel the change in space. Japanese people don't know what tricks they are playing.
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