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Chapter Directory 418 Inferiority
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai naturally felt the changes in Celia's body, and hurriedly took back the silver needle. The moment his Divine Sense broke the door of slavery, it was also taken back into his body. Guo Fanyu's door of slavery broke open. Guo Huai Only then was relieved.

     "Boy, what did you do to me, I want to kill you." Celia opened her eyes sharply, and the long whip in her hand hit Guo Huai's body severely.

     "Aunt Fanyu, I'm Guo Huai." The door of slavery opened, and Guo Huai didn't have to worry about the person behind her aunt who manipulated her, and directly stated his identity.

     "Fanyu! Yes, I am Guo Fanyu, you, you are Little Huai? How could it be, hallucinations, it must be hallucinations, I am not Guo Fanyu, I am Celia, I don’t want to die and leave the ring, I can’t control myself." Guo Fanyu She shouted loudly, she finally knew why she felt that way when she looked at the boy in front of her. Yes, this boy is her nephew, her brother’s son, but she can’t recognize her nephew because she knows that the demon was in control. Everything about her.

     "Auntie, it's all over, come with me back to see grandpa, you're all right." Guo Huai touched the blood stains on his face from the whipping, and said with a smile, "The curse that controlled you has been solved. "Guo Fanyu shook her head in disbelief. How could it be possible that when she remembered her past, she would have a heartbreaking pain. After so many years, she has not dared to think about the name Guo Fanyu, but now it seems everything It's really gone.

     "Little Huai, I, I'm really okay, you saved me, right? But you are not that person's opponent, hurry up and leave here, as far as you can go, no one in the world will be his opponent. "Guo Fanyu said loudly with tears in his eyes, "He hasn't noticed my changes, so he left quickly. Auntie please, auntie has no turning back in this life.

     "Follow me back to China. I will settle the affairs of Dark Holy See and the Angel Council slowly, and they will all get retribution." Guo Huai said softly.

     "It's not just them, they are just like me, it's just a chess piece, that person is not a human at all, he is a devil." Just when Guo Fanyu wanted to say something, Guo Huai felt a terrible pressure. They pressed over.

     "Boy, the master of the slave gate has come here!" Shui Yunzi said loudly."The one who broke the door of slavery is not me, and it has nothing to do with me. Senior Shui Yunzi, what came is just a trace of Divine Sense from Great Demon, so I will leave it to you." Guo Huai finished speaking and flew directly towards the ring , Guo Fanyu watched Guo Huai leave, and his heart suddenly became quiet. Come and come. If I have anything, let me take it down.

     "Girl, don't mess up, it's just a Divine Sense. If he wants to get into your body, just let him in, and I will clean him up." Guo Fanyu's mind suddenly appeared such a voice, which shocked him. .

     "You have a good nephew. When you finish this Great Demon Divine Sense, I'm cleaning up your good nephew." Before Shui Yunzi's words fell, Great Demon's Divine Sense had entered Guo Fanyu's body.

     "Brother Shui Yunzi, what kind of wind is this today? Why did you break the slave door of this lord? You are trapped in the Great Array, and I can't release you. You know, I am also trapped now. The person in the formation." Guo Fanyu's face was pale, yes, the person who appeared in his consciousness is the devil who controls himself, not only controlling himself, but also the bishop of Dark Holy See, Raphael and several Six Wings angel."Fuck off, I'm going out, you're good luck if you're sealed, or I'll definitely destroy your real body. As for your Divine Sense, I'll take interest today." Shui Yunzi said Suddenly, a white ribbon appeared, which entangled the black Divine Sense tightly.

     "Shui Yunzi, dare you!" the man in black shouted loudly.

     "I have been sleepy for 80,000 years. I don’t know what I dare not do. I don’t know what you want to do in Mortal World. I didn’t want to take care of it, but now I want to take care of it. For 80,000 years, you will give me freedom "Before the words fell, the Divine Sense of the man in black disappeared without trace.

     "Die, just die like this, hey, it seems that I haven't been in vain for 80,000 years. I have improved so much. I don't know if the old man against Hongjun can last a few rounds." Shui Yunzi received I picked up the ribbon in my hand and thought to myself, but when I went back to Heavenly Court and really faced Old Ancestor Hongjun, this old boy had suffered a lot. Of course, this is something later.

     "Girl, don't be stunned, don't worry about who I am, you will know in the future, you can do what you should do now." Shui Yunzi finished speaking to Guo Fanyu, and there was no more breath, Guo Fanyu I only know that there seems to be a more terrifying existence in the sea of consciousness than a demon."Zhou Zhan, do you want to escape the ring now? It is impossible for you to escape this time. You are dead, and you, Peng Gang and Fēng Rui." Yin Lei squinted at Zhou Zhan and said. The longer the time, the easier it will be for seven people to deal with three people. Zhou Zhan has one arm drooped, Fēng Rui's coat has been burned by the fireball, and Peng Gang is full of holes.

     "Yin Lei Yin Shan, don’t forget, our team matches will be seen by Huaxia people. At that time, your Yin Family will be the enemy of Huaxia, and you two can’t escape. Brother Nangong will surely smash your corpses. "Zhou Zhan said loudly.

     "It turns out that you have been waiting for that Nangong Hao for so long. Haha, it's really funny. Let me tell you. Sir Celia is the seraph of the Angel Council. You should have heard of the seraph. Back then, the entire special ability group There is no way to use the Seraphim. Nangong Hao can live or not. It's a joke to save you." Yin Lei said loudly.

     "Really? I'm sorry, I disappointed you this time." Just as Yin Lei's voice fell, Guo Huai appeared on the ring. Except for a blood stain on his face, Guo Huai's breath did not fluctuate. The Yin Family brothers and the five Anglo-American special ability players stared."This, this is impossible. How could Sir Celia fail to beat you? You fled to the ring. You have never beaten Sir Celia." Harris said loudly.

     "Little Huai, leave these two Chinese traitors to me." Guo Fanyu fell from the sky to the ring and said softly while watching the Yin Family brothers.

     "Sir Celia, what are you talking about? Yin Lei Yin Shan is from our Holy See. You can continue to fight with that Nangong Hao, just leave them to us." Harris said loudly.

     "Stupid X, do you think that only you can make these two Huaxia traitors turn back? Your Sir Celia is our Huaxia, and naturally we have to help China at a critical moment. Stupid X!" Guo Huai said loudly, a group of people His eyes widened.

     "I knew that Elder Brother Huai would do it." Little Lingmo said with a smile under the ring. Yán Lie and the others wanted to know more from Little Lingmo, but the little girl not to mention.

     "Puff! Haha, the fourth child is mighty!" Jia Yuan sprayed a sip of hot tea on the screen of the mobile gadget and couldn't help shouting. Fortunately, the screen of the mobile gadget was waterproof, but there was such a big movement. pissed off.

     "It's all right, it's all right."
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