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Chapter Directory 425 Black Market Auction (1)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Vittorio took the picture album and frowned. Guo Huai only chose two items, but the owner of these two items has a lot of background. If you want to communicate with them, I am afraid that I am not qualified. I have to ask my own Lao Tzu to estimate. It can be done, but he never thought that Guo Huai would choose these two things.

     "Brother, what's the matter, these two things are not easy to handle? I can photograph them myself during the auction. The price should not be too high." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Little Brother Huai, your vision is really unique. It's not a question of money. The owner of these two things is not easy to handle. Let me ask my dad first. If he can handle it, let him help. If I can’t figure it out. I’ll find a way to take photos at the auction. Now that my brother is in the picture, I’m definitely going to take it for my brother.” Vittorio said with a smile. He couldn’t figure it out. Many lots, how could this Huaxia guy choose such two things that don't look like good things.

     When he walked out of the room, Vittorio directly dialed his father's phone. The old Vittorio was also taken aback. The owner of these two things is not someone else. Speaking of which Guo Huai also knows the eight-winged angel Raphael. These two things were provided by him. Lots from this auction."Master Bishop, you said that we put those two things at auction. What should we do if they are bought? Didn't you say that those two things are hard to buy with money." Naples In the fort, Raphael whispered to an old man.

     "I have seen the list of participants in the auction this time. Many Chinese people have come here. They may be interested in these two things. These two things need to go to China. It is safest to enter China in this way." Said softly.

     "Isn't that too cheap Huaxia people?" Raphael asked puzzledly, "The Seraphim Celia's matter has not been resolved yet. China's special ability martial arts will cost us a lot."

     "Cheap Huaxia people? Haha, yes, it’s just cheaper Huaxia people. It’s better if Celia can get these two things at last. It will be interesting at that time." The old man finished speaking, Raphael was not talking, the old man disappeared The fort was silent.

     "Dad, how is it? Are those two things done?" Vittorio received a call from his father around ten o'clock in the evening and asked softly."It's Holy See's stuff. They don't agree to private transactions. They probably took it when they needed to be auctioned. These damn guys are like this every time. They don't give me any face." The old Vittorio shouted loudly on the phone. Dao, little Vittorio wouldn't say anything, but comforted his father a few words, and walked to Guo Huai's residence again.

     "Guo Little Brother Huai, I'm very sorry. The holders of the two things you want do not agree to private transactions. They can only wait until the auction to complete them." Vittorio said embarrassedly.

     Guo Huai nodded lightly and said it didn't matter, and briefly chatted with Vittorio, because Vittorio didn't stay for too long because of the preparations for the auction tomorrow, and went straight back.

     "Unexpectedly, I didn't agree to private transactions, and I didn't give Ivan Family a bit of face. It seems that the owners of these two things have some background." Guo Huai said to himself as he watched Vittorio walk away.

     Early the next morning, Guo Huai saw Mo Beifeng, and at a glance, he knew what the old man had done. His waist muscles were soft. It seemed that this old man was really a romantic one. Fortunately, there was a late Innate. Carrying strength, otherwise it is impossible to stand up this morning.

     "Brother Mo, it's not easy to get up in the morning." Guo Huai said jokingly. Mo Beifeng didn't blush."Brother, there is no way. In order to promote the prestige of our country, we can only sacrifice the ego. How are the preparations for today's auction? If you don't have any money, your brother will have it. Just say how much you need." Mo Beifeng said with a smile.

     "I don't need you. I'm still raising my country's prestige. It won't be a tip for you after a night of tossing." Little Lingmo continued to maintain a non-stop attitude, and a sentence made Mo Beifeng's face flushed.

     The butler beside Vittorio couldn't help laughing, and then translated Little Lingmo's words to Vittorio. Vittorio laughed haha, because there was really a blonde beauty who really gave Mo Beifeng a package yesterday because of Mo Beifeng's performance in raising her country A big red envelope.

     "I'm embarrassed and thrown abroad. When I return to Imperial Capital, let Brother Tengfei give you a good lesson." Little Lingmo continued. If it weren't for being pulled by Guo Huai, I wonder what else the little girl could say. Several people entered an old castle not far from the Ivan Manor.

     "Little Brother Huai, this place is not bad. In order to win this castle, I spent a lot of money on my brother. Let's go in. You can check the auction now. In addition to the two things you chose, if there are any I will definitely help my brother get everything else I want." Vittorio said softly."Well, if there are things that are attractive, I will definitely not be polite to my brother. Another thing is that I handed it to my brother's Snow Flesh Pill, and my brother will keep it secret to me. This is a secret that the school does not pass on. It shouldn’t have appeared in auctions abroad.” Guo Huai whispered. Vittorio naturally knew the value of this medicine, and Guo Huai, a friend, must make good friends.

     "Little Brother Huai, let's take this road here." A short road, almost three steps with a guard post, a high-tech anti-Thieves' Gate at a distance of eight or nine meters, and a distance of nearly one hundred meters. It took five minutes to get to the place.

     "Little Brother Huai, come in. Today 90% of the lots are here. Let’s see what you want. Let’s just say it. Brother Mo, if you have something you want, my brother will give you three for free. The tip you charged yesterday , I don’t want you for a minute, it’s all you earned.” Vittorio joked. Fortunately, it’s Italy, not as good as Mo Beifeng.

     "Since Vittorio said so, then I'm really welcome. When you gave Guo Little Brother Huai the album yesterday, I really saw a few good things. I don't know if they are here." Mo Beifeng laughed As he said, Vittorio asked his subordinates to help Mo Beifeng. Two pieces of Gu Yu | Ancient Jade and a pair of Wang Xizhi's original works were scoured away by Mo Beifeng. Vittorio didn't feel distressed. There was no need to feel distressed for tens of millions of things."Little Brother Huai really don't pick a few pieces?" After staying for about ten minutes, Vittorio and the others can see the whole auction scene clearly. A lot of people have come. As the organizer of this auction, Vittorio needs to go out Take a look.

     "Brother, you are opening the door to do business. Since Brother Mo has already taken it, I will not take it anymore. If there is something I like, I will buy it myself. The little girl is planning to buy a lot of things this time." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Then I won't be polite to Ms. Nangong. After all, Ms. Nangong is now a billionaire with hundreds of billions of dollars. Speaking of which, the assets I can use in Ivan Family are not as valuable as Ms. Nangong's worth." Vittorio said with a smile. , Guo Huai didn't take anything, let him look at Guo Huai three points again.

     "Cough cough cough, brother, what do you mean? Where did the little girl get so much money ah." Mo Beifeng was stunned. His Earthly Paradise and other industries together were only worth tens of billions of dollars. Even if the Nangong family loved it again This little girl can't give her so much money at once.

     "Huh, turtle!"
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