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Chapter Directory 432 Black Market Auction (8)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Cough cough cough, the little girl doesn't understand. Don't talk nonsense." Guo Huai couldn't help but said, but Vittorio was in the box, and he couldn't explain the prayer beads to Little Lingmo. Little Lingmo shouted that five million is five million. Well, if someone continues to increase the price, they just don’t.

     "There is definitely a problem with that string of prayer beads, Saijo Takeo, do you remember that people at the Black Dragon Crossing Crossing got a string of prayer beads similar to this one in China ten years ago. Later, in the all-Japan martial arts competition, Akutagawa Ryuzo won First place." Yamamoto Shoichi said, squinting.

     "Ten million, I give ten million." Saijo Takeo shouted after hearing Yamamoto Shoichi's words. Yamamoto Shoichi looked at Emma with excitement, the beads, this string of beads must be bought.

     When Little Lingmo heard the Japanese call out 10 million, she couldn't help sticking out her tongue, but since Elder Brother Huai had already said it was a fake, she would definitely not bid anymore, 10 million, buy one for 50 yuan The Buddha beads are absolutely worthless.

     "Thirteen million." A man who looked like a great monk from India said loudly. At first, the great monk didn't pay much attention to this string of beads, because he could feel that this string of beads had no spiritual power at all, but Huaxia After the person shouted five million, the Japanese then shouted ten million. He couldn't help but feel whether it was a string of sealed Buddhist beads, the great monk thought to himself."The great monk in India also saw the doorway of this string of prayer beads. It cannot be snatched away by the great monk.” Yamamoto Shoichi whispered, “Kun Saijo, if you can help to take this string of prayer beads, you will be able to take pictures of this string of prayer beads in the future. Regarding matters, our special ability group will fully support you."

     "Thirty million, I'll give 30 million." Saijo Takeo heard Yamamoto Shoichi say so, he directly doubled the auction price, the great monk was stunned, 30 million, he has survived three in these years. Millions of dollars, if I continue to bid, I don't know how much money I can buy in the end. The monk thought for a while and couldn't help but shook his head. This string of beads has no aura and may not be a good thing.

     When the Japanese yelled out 30 million, Guo Huai relaxed Divine Sense and watched everyone in the auction, "Mu Ningning, I didn’t expect she was here too. Could it be that the rough stone just now belongs to her? It’s really cheap. She's gone, but this bargain won't allow her to take advantage of it. Yu'er (Jade) won't let foreign women be touched, the Chinese will always be fine." Guo Huai thought of the stallion extremely.

     "I found it, it's him." Thirty million is really tempting, especially when something worth less than fifty yuan is about to be bought by thirty million, no matter how this person hides it, Guo Huai still found the owner of the beads, a young man in his early twenties."Buddha destiny, it is really related to the Buddha, whether it is face or other things, it is related to the Buddha. Is it possible to be the reincarnation of the Buddha?" Guo Huai smiled and said to himself, if he could buy the two things he wanted To get this young man to China, this trip to Italy is really worth it.

     The Japanese shouted a sky-high price of 30 million yuan, but the monk did not continue to bid, and in the end 3,000 copies of a string of beads were bought by the Japanese.

     "Haha, I thought it was Yamamoto Shoichi, haha, it turned out to be Yamamoto Shoichi." Guo Huai saw that the Japanese who took the bead handed it respectfully to a person next to him, although Yamamoto Shoichi's dress changed a bit. , But a person’s breath is not so easy to change.

     "Yamamoto-kun, this string of beads seems to be nothing special." Saijo Takeo said when the beads were delivered to Saijo Takeo and passed them to Yamamoto Shoichi.

     "Saijo-kun, you don’t understand this. This kind of thing is a treasure of heaven and earth, but it’s not just casually that will make people feel his magic. I will accept this string of Buddhist beads. In the future, the special ability group and you Saijo Chamber of Commerce is always a friend.” Yamamoto Shoichi said, bringing the prayer beads to his hand, playing with the beads with his fingers from time to time."Elder Brother Huai, you are such a big bad guy. Now you have pitted that Japanese guy." Little Lingmo naturally saw the smile on Guo Huai's mouth, and whispered in Guo Huai's ear, Guo Huai shrugged. Whatever matter to me, they are stupid, what can I do.

     The auction continued, Emma walked backstage, and Elisa, the last girl of the three sisters, walked to the podium.

     "This item was sent to us by our largest church in Italy. We can't say exactly what it is, but all the auction proceeds of this item will be donated." Elisa said with a smile.

     "Elder Brother Huai, the broken box you saw is going to auction." Little Lingmo said with a smile. Guo Huai touched the little girl's head. If I let the Great Witch know that his housekeeping thing was called a broken box by a little girl, I don't know what kind of expression this Great Witch would look like.

     "Master Bishop, that box is going to be auctioned." Raphael whispered in the ear of a black-clothed old man. The old man slowly opened his eyes, "Well, I hope that some Chinese people can see this thing, as long as it can be brought to China. There is a solution to Celia’s matter.""The material of this item was not judged by the appraiser at our auction until it was auctioned. The base price of this item is 100,000 U.S. dollars, and the price increase is not less than 1,000 U.S. dollars. Mr. Vittorio just said, no matter what. What was the final auction price of an item, he would personally donate it to the World Red Cross at the same price as the auction price." Elisa said with a smile.

     "Since it is something donated by the church, I want it, one hundred thousand." An old man in the back row said with a smile. Everyone nodded. Although everyone has money, there is no need to buy such a tattered one and take it home.

     "Even for charity, I will give one million." A young man said with a smile. This young man is a recent upstart, and he can't miss this opportunity.

     "Five million, just make it impossible to identify the material at the Ivan auction. I think this thing is worth the price." A middle-aged man in the front row said softly, and the bishop of Holy See couldn't help shook his head. It was all from the West. People, Huaxia people did not have any movement.

     Five million dollars to buy a broken box, no matter what the material is, a group of wealthy Chinese businessmen are shaking their heads. They have already spent a lot of money to participate in this auction and will not spend money on things that are not worthwhile. Up."Mr. Vincent is five million. Is there anything higher than five million? If not, this thing belongs to Mr. Vincent." Elisa said with a smile.

     "Ten million!" Guo Huai took the microphone and whispered into the microphone.

     "Hua Xia, it is a Hua Xia, it seems to be the Hua Xia who just spent 100 million to buy scraps, he is not going to pick up this thing." The crowd heard the voice of the Hua Xia in Vittorio's box again. , Everyone started talking.

     "Raphael, the Chinese man in the Vittorio box is very unusual, maybe he is seeing the doorway of this box." The man in black said with a smile, "I hope other people will not be involved. If anyone breaks my good deeds, Then just wait."

     "Fifteen million, I'm really sorry, I also like this thing." The man named Vincent said with a smile.

     "Twenty million, if you want to raise more money for the Red Cross, then continue. I don't mind letting Mr. Vittorio pay a little more." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Twenty-three million, I still want to try." Vincent continued.

     "One hundred million, one hundred million US dollars, if you want to continue, then continue." Guo Huai's microphone was snatched by Little Lingmo, and he said loudly into the microphone, and the person in a box stared again."Just be cruel, look, they won't increase the price."
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