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Chapter Directory 436 Black Market Auction (12)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

To be precise, Elisa's words have made the global financial system busy. Some large transfers that are not encountered once a year frequently appear in the VIP business boxes of the bank. A group of bankers who have been off work after four o'clock have to From the bar back to the bank.

     "Mr. Liszt, you are sure to transfer 300 million US dollars. This may affect your future credibility." A uniformed financial commissioner whispered to a middle-aged man.

     "I can't control that much. If Duke William doesn't use the money, it is estimated that it will be on my card within three or five days. Please help me to process the transfer first. Be sure to transfer the money today." United States Citibank’s box, Liszt, the super VIP, transferred 300 million US dollars to Duke William.

     "Yamamoto Shoichi is also in Italy. Saijo Takeo said that this matter is very feasible. Transfer the money to him. At all costs, we must win a Snow Flesh Pill. Our people can definitely study the formula of Snow Flesh Pill. At that time, the Snow Flesh Pill market will have a good share." After a group of big guys from the Yamaguchi group of Japan finally discussed it, they put 1.5 billion dollars on Saijo Takeo's bank card.

     "My Master, why did you finally give up the fight for the pill just now?" When Alexander raised the price of Snow Flesh Pill to one billion dollars, Raphael wanted to continue to increase the price, but the bishop reached out and stopped."Ivan Family got more than one Snow Flesh Pill this time. I knew it since I entered the auction. There is no need to fight for the first Snow Flesh Pill. Houtian will definitely have Snow Flesh Pill at auction tomorrow. Let’s take the next one. Just two.” After the bishop finished speaking, the two left the auction, and things became more and more interesting.

     Alexander bought Snow Flesh Pill for one billion dollars, and under the protection of several bodyguards, he took Snow Flesh Pill directly. Almost ten minutes later, a group of people saw Alexander again, and everyone once again realized the magic of Snow Flesh Pill. In this auction, Ivan was also famous for the existence of Snow Flesh Pill.

     "Guo Little Brother Huai, one billion dollars has been credited to your bank card. You will be exempted from the handling fee for all the auctions in the Iwan auction." Vittorio led Guo Huai out of the auction and got into a car. Extending the Rolls Royce, Vittorio said with a smile in the car, Guo Huai nodded, and the car drove into an old castle not far from the auction."Let’s take a break first. When it’s time for dinner, I’ll let someone call you. There will be a grand party tonight. I think Brother Mo will like it better. Miss Lingmo, don’t stare at me like this. Actually, according to your Chinese In terms of food, color and sex, there is nothing wrong with it, is it, Guo Little Brother Huai.” Vittorio didn’t say anything, but he felt like someone caught a piece of soft flesh on his waist. Only then did I think of Little Lingmo. It was the first name of the special ability martial arts club, and he knew that the words just made the little girl angry.

     "Okay, little girl, let's go in and rest, Vittorio brother, see you at dinner." Guo Huai waved his hand, and Vittorio felt a soft sound from his waist, and then ran away like an escape.

     "Huh, big badass, I can't let Elder Brother Huai come abroad in the future. Fortunately, sister Yu'er (Jade) has the foresight to let me watch, otherwise something will happen." Little Lingmo pouted, "I won't be with you today. I’ve been practicing in the house, Sister Mu is here. You stay with Sister Mu at night, and you can’t go to that shit party.” After Little Lingmo said, he walked into a room, leaving Mu Ningning and Yi with flushed faces. Mo Beifeng with a smirk.

     "Brother, with a beautiful woman like Ningning, I will leave it to me." Mo Beifeng hadn't finished speaking, when he saw Guo Huai squinting at him, he ran away like an escape.Guo Huai watched the two leave, Mu Ningning's face flushed. When they were in Taiyun, the two almost became good friends. Guo Huai's life as an ascetic during his time abroad made him have enough. , Between turning his hands, an isolated Great Array was placed around the room.

     "Sister Mu, since everyone has created such perfect conditions for us, if we don't do something, I am so sorry to everyone!" The voice fell, and Guo Huai's figure flashed, already pulling Mu Ningning down on the Simmons bed. Then spring is boundless.

     "Huh, stallion!" In the next room, Little Lingmo pouted and said, Vittorio didn't call Guo Huai to eat. Until the next morning, Guo Huai and Mu Ningning appeared in front of several people again, Vittorio one. Looking at the two with a smile on his face, Mu Ningning's face turned red, but Guo Huai introduced Mu Ningning generously.

     "She is my woman, Vittorio brother. Maybe she will come to Italy in the future. If you can help then, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile. Vittorio naturally agreed with a smile, and several people would ride in the car together. Sailed to the castle of Ivan auction.

     Entering the auction venue again, a group of people looked at Vittorio and their eyes changed. Many people could clearly see that they hadn't rested at night and their eyes were bloodshot, but this did not affect their mental state."Mr. Vittorio, let's be honest, just tell us how many Snow Flesh Pills are there, and we are ready for the money." The old people who did not grab the Snow Flesh Pill yesterday smiled at Vittorio and said from them. When they say that Snow Flesh Pill can increase their lifespan, they can no longer control their emotions.

     "There are four more. Two of them today and two will be auctioned off tomorrow, but since everyone is so excited, we will give you all four today." Vittorio said with a smile.

     "Four, there are still four!" A group of people watched Vittorio walk into the box, and returned to their seats excitedly.

     "Brother, ten Snow Flesh Pills, we auction six, and the remaining four Ivan Family will give you the highest price in the auction. If there are any good things in the future, my brother will just think about Ivan Family." Vittorio laughed As he said, Guo Huai nodded gently, but it was Snow Flesh Pill, something made from medicine slag, so excited.

     However, at the beginning of the auction, Guo Huai knew how popular these medicine slag refinements were.“I originally wanted to put Snow Flesh Pill in the final auction. Later, I thought that in order to discourage everyone’s appetite, we auctioned Snow Flesh Pill as today’s first lot. The first Snow Flesh Pill has a reserve price of US$100 million. The price increase must not be less than one million. If you want to hurry up, you should have heard Mr. Vittorio's words. There are only four." Alice said with a smile.

     "Five hundred million dollars, I'll give out five hundred million dollars." A big beard said loudly when the voice declined.

     "Billion U.S. dollars, these four Snow Flesh Pills must be taken by Mohammed." A middle-aged man in the Middle East said with a smile. Guo Huai couldn't help but his eyes widened. Is this still an auction? After bidding twice, they directly shouted one billion dollars for the 100 million reserve price.

     "Mohammed, today one billion dollars can't win this Snow Flesh Pill, because I also want, 1.2 billion, I will give 1.2 billion." An old man who also sat in the first row said softly.

     "1.5 billion, Kimchoo Chamber of Commerce 1.5 billion." Kim Chang-Yul said loudly.

     1.5 billion, which is a total of 500 million dollars higher than yesterday's Snow Flesh Pill. A few people who are rushing to grab a look at each other, the 1.5 billion has almost reached their bottom line, and no one wants to continue to increase the price."1.6 billion, this pill Holy See is here." Raphael's voice came from the box. Kim Chang-Yul gently shook his head and sat on the chair. He knew exactly what the word Holy See meant.
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