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Chapter Directory 438 Chapter Climb To An Isolated Island
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The plane has taken off, and there is a vast ocean below. The discomfort has not dissipated. Guo Huai's repeated divination, but can not find the source of the danger, made Guo Huai extremely uncomfortable.

     "Girl, I feel something is wrong. If there is something abnormal in the plane for a while, I will jump off the plane immediately. With your current strength, it shouldn’t be a problem to live on the sea for a year or a half. If you hold these things, you may use them "Speaking, Guo Huai handed a jade bottle to Little Lingmo.

     "What can we do? We checked the plane before we got on the plane. There were no bombs or anything. The pilots were all Chinese, and the roots were Hong Kong." Although Little Lingmo said so, he accepted it. The jade bottle handed by Guo Huai.

     "Brother Mo, you hold these things. If something happens, think of a way to protect yourself." Guo Huai then handed a jade bottle to Mo Beifeng. Compared with Little Lingmo, Guo Huai was even more worried about the man in front of him, Innate In the later period, it sounds pretty good, but if the plane really had an accident, it would be a miracle that Mo Beifeng could last a week in this sea.

     As time passed, the discomfort in Guo Huai's heart became more and more obvious, but he couldn't figure out what would happen in any calculation. When Guo Huai was unable to do anything, the plane swayed slightly. Although it was not too obvious, Guo Huai discovered what was going to happen."Little Lingmo, Brother Mo, jump off the plane." Guo Huai finished. Little Lingmo jumped down with a parachute not saying anything further. The two pilots hadn't realized what was going on yet, Guo Huai had also jumped down. Although Mo Beifeng is also ready, there is nothing wrong with the plane, and the two have already jumped off.

     "No matter what, I must have been wrong to listen to my brother." Mo Beifeng said to himself, jumping directly from the plane.

     "Brother Wei, what happened later, Mo Beifeng and all three of them really jumped." The co-pilot asked softly to the main driver. "Brother Mo said just now to skydive if there is something to do, shall we wait or skydive now?"

     "Didn't you just jump when something happened? There's nothing wrong now, what are you doing parachuting." The main pilot Wang Wei shook his head and said, but before his own words, the whole plane disappeared in the air, and the Chinese side immediately received the missing connection. Circumstances, the entire China was chaotic.

     "Mr. Vittorio, this is Guo Huai's second brother Jia Yuan. Are you sure my fourth brother and Little Lingmo are on the plane?" Jia Yuan asked Vittorio's phone through some special channels and asked softly."I'm sure they got on the plane. The crew checked the plane again before getting on the plane. It took off without any problems. Mr. Jia, you are the third person to call me and ask about this. What happened to the plane? Guo? Little Brother Huai's phone can't get through. Is something wrong?" Vittorio asked confused.

     "Nothing, I just asked, I disturbed Mr. Vittorio." Jia Yuan finished speaking and hung up the phone.

     "No, there must be something wrong with Guo Huai's plane." Vittorio hung up the phone and said to himself, and then dialed the phone by himself. After a while, Vittorio's eyes widened and only one sentence was said on the phone. Today, the satellite did monitor Three planes disappeared into the air around the world, and one of them was the plane Guo Huai took.

     "Grandpa, don't worry, Guo Huai is okay, and Little Lingmo is okay. I've done fortune-telling before, but when they will come back, it depends on their luck." Guo Liuyi received news of Guo Huai's disappearance. After that, I went directly to Clinic of No Treatment and found Yu'er (Jade), because Guo Huai said before that if something really happened to me, I would go to Yu'er (Jade), only she can save myself.

     "It's okay, it's okay," Guo Liuyi said softly. He had just reunited with his daughter. If something happens to Guo Huai, the old man will definitely not be able to bear such a blow."Notify the Huaxia Navy to rush to the last sea area where the Pacific Ocean aircraft appeared. If other countries maliciously block it, use the name of the military exercise to do it directly." Several soldiers from Imperial Capital who received news of Guo Huai's accident discussed After a while, the order was directly given to the China Navy. For a while, the China Navy went out to sea, leaving many countries unable to guess what China was going to do.

     "Don't provoke the Huaxia people at this time. They went to sea this time to find people, don't conflict with them, and withdraw all the fleets." Some fleets in the Pacific Ocean waters received the same instructions and honestly gave Huaxia The fleet yielded.

     "My God, I really made Elder Brother Huai right. The plane disappeared out of thin air, but how long it will take to land on the sea, it's really exhausting." Little Lingmo's parachute opened early after nearly 10,000 meters of skydiving. A little bit, now walking in the air, boring, this is the real boring.

     "The plane disappeared. Fortunately, I heard what Guo Huai said, but where did Guo Huai and Little Lingmo go now? It's on the sea, which is also a big problem. It seems to be a big trouble this time." Mo Beifeng said softly."No phase black hole, I didn't expect to encounter something like this in Mortal World. Fortunately, I reacted quickly. Otherwise, if I enter the black hole, I will die without life." Guo Huai did not open the parachute, and stepped on a handful under his feet. The flying sword flew steadily in the air.

     "Let’s see if I can find Little Lingmo. Parachuting in front of this black hole, affected by the turbulence of the black hole, I guess it’s difficult to find the two of them." Guo Huai said to himself, almost ten minutes in mid-air. Without seeing the shadow of the little girl and Mo Beifeng at all, Guo Huai could only choose to fly towards the sea to see if he could find a small island. He wanted the sword to fly out of the Pacific Ocean. It was not easy.

     Although the three people parachuted at almost the same moment, they were affected by the phaseless black hole, and they were blown hundreds of miles away by the turbulence, and they couldn't find each other at all. Phaseless Turbulence is a space crack that cannot be recovered from the space that was broken in the air by the War of the Witches. .

     After flying close to the sea level for more than half an hour, a faintly discernible small island appeared in Guo Huai's field of vision. There was finally a place to settle, and Guo Huai accelerated towards the island."Sure enough, it's not an ordinary island. It's so far away from the island, and the Great Array is set up, but fortunately, it's not a difficult Array Formation. First say hello to the owner of this island, otherwise It's a bit presumptuous." Guo Huai stopped outside the Great Array and said softly.

     "Heaven's Way Sect Guo Huai passed by the expensive land, hoping to borrow the expensive land to rest and trouble the daoists to open the Great Array." Guo Huai's sound transmission is directly transmitted into the Great Array. If there are people on the island, you can naturally feel your own existence. .

     For almost three minutes, no information was sent back from the island. Guo Huai nodded lightly. It should be a mansion for casual repairs. However, people have already gone to the island, and this island is considered unowned.

     "Open!" The Great Array is not difficult to break open. Guo Huai Divine Sense enters the Formation Eye and then speaks softly. The Great Array opens a gap and Guo Huai jumps in directly.

     "I have been ordered to guard the island for thousands of years, but the teacher has not returned. Today, I am looking for a teacher from the island. Those who enter the island are the masters of the island, and those who are destined to get it." Tao Yuan.

     After going to the island, the thickest book on the island reads such a sentence neatly, Tao Yuan. It seems that Heavens Above Mortal World does not have such a number one in my memory, but this island is indeed a good place. .
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