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Chapter Directory 443 Good Luck, Good Luck
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Om! Om! Om!" The Primal Chaos Clock rang again. The Monkey Boy was fainted by the blood of the seven orifices shook by the Primal Chaos Clock. The Old Ancestor Hongjun sacrificed a magic weapon that could block the sound waves from the Primal Chaos Clock. Heaven Lord directly Use Power of Heaven to block the sound waves.

     Primal Chaos Clock is effective for the masters who verify Hunyuan, but it has no effect on others. After the Primal Chaos Clock rang three times, Chang'e put away the Primal Chaos Clock, "If you want to take back the Power of Heaven, take it back, I No matter." Chang'e finished, and reached out his hand to lift the unconscious Sun Wukong into the Moon Palace.

     "Fur-head, if you don't come out again, Xiaoye will be over." Heaven Lord watched Chang'e go back. He had suffered a dark loss just now, so naturally he couldn't say anything. He directly cut off the moonlight from Power of Heaven and Mortal World. Suddenly it dimmed, Guo Huai felt the change of moonlight for the first time and shouted.

     "Why did my elder sister suddenly get such a big temper? Some old guys must have angered my elder sister again." Yu'er (Jade) looked at the moon and said softly. She still doesn't know Guo Huai's situation.

     "You group of greedy guys, the moonlight is gone, you can't complete the transformation, I can't continue to control the Array Formation for you." Guo Huai yelled, preparing to take back Divine Sense. At the same time, Fur-head started from Popped out of the hole, six nine-color pills were stuffed into the mouths of the six Spirit Beasts halfway through the six transformation stages."My lord, just take back Divine Sense. They can't die." Fur-head said loudly to Guo Huai. Guo Huai put away Divine Sense, spurted out blood, and passed out. At the last moment when he passed out, Guo Huai I couldn’t help cursing, grandma, it’s been a long time since I came to Mortal World. On this small island, the little master passed out twice. After speaking, the False Core that Guo Huai originally formed was broken again. Crack, this time Innate's later repair is gone.

     At the moment when Guo Huai passed out, Yu'er (Jade), who was thinking about the Moon Palace, felt a pain in his heart, and a hint of sweetness suddenly appeared in his mouth. A mouthful of blood was pressed by Yu'er (Jade). Went back.

     "Something happened to Elder Brother Huai, where is he? Is it because my sister is so angry because of Elder Brother Huai?" Yu'er (Jade) said to himself, putting a pill in his mouth and sitting cross-legged. It took more than an hour before a trace of blood slowly appeared on his face.

     However, Guo Huai was not so lucky. On Firecloud Island, he was in a coma for forty-nine days. Finally, on the morning of the fiftieth day, he slowly opened his eyes, and the originally lazy Fur-head jumped up. .

     "My lord, my lord, you woke up, you finally woke up ah." Fur-head exclaimed excitedly.

     "What about those guys, are they all right." Guo Huai asked softly."It's okay, it's okay, they are all in the back mountain, all transformed into human form, this time it is up to the adults, the adults have the grace to recreate them." Fur-head said excitedly, this time with the right person, the adults just now When I woke up, I didn't care about my own safety and thought about the six Spirit Beasts, good people, really great people.

     In fact, Fur-head will naturally not understand the meaning of Guo Huai's question just now. Grandma’s was pitted by six beasts. If a few guys die, it’s fine. If undying, he must clean up when the young master recovers. They, but Fur-head doesn't know Guo Huai too much.

     "Ape Four, sir, wake up and call the remaining five." Fur-head saw the figure of Ape Four not far away and shouted to the gorilla. The gorilla was stunned, and then disappeared. In the woods on the top of the mountain, for almost two minutes, the whole mountain was like a blasting pot, all kinds of birds and beasts scurried around. It was not six Spirit Beasts who came to Guo Huai, but six looks. Although not handsome, they were down. A decent man.

     "Put on clothes, put on clothes first. It is not uncommon for a young master like you." Guo Huai said loudly to six people with a black line on his face. Only then did he know that he was in trouble and the gourd could not be opened. He doesn't even have the strength of Innate in the later stage.The six people heard Guo Huai's voice and ran back to the back mountain again. About ten minutes later, the six people returned to Guo Huai's face. The clothes, which are considered clothes, were covered by a tiger fur and bear skin. It must be Bear Three. Undoubtedly, the most unacceptable thing for Guo Huai is Leopard Five. The leopard skin on his body seems to have just been taken off, and it is dripping with blood, but this is better than six naked men.

     "Thank you adults for the kindness of reconstruction." The six big men knelt in front of Guo Huai and said loudly.

     "Get up, it's all your own chance, but when the moonlight disappeared, how did you complete your final transformation?" Guo Huai couldn't help asking.

     Little Monkey Boy got up and jumped onto Big Tiger's shoulders, and talked to Guo Huai about the situation with joy. Guo Huai nodded lightly. The six guys were really lucky.

     Changing Form Pill Guo Huai can also be refined, but the Changing Form Pill who wants to make the guy who has just awakened his blood is not good at all. It is the luck of six big guys. Fur-head found a gourd in the treasure room. There were just six exquisite Changing Form Pills, which just solved the fire burns one's eyebrows of six guys and made them successful."Dog shit luck, it's really shit luck, or six bastards stepped on the shit together and got lucky." Guo Huai said to himself in his heart, but he couldn't say that in his mouth. He directly shouted the six people, taking him now It’s impossible to break through the Great Array and return to Clinic of No Treatment because of his strength. I can only stay on the island now.

     "Brother Mo, it's been a year. Is there no whereabouts of Guo's Little Brother Huai? This year's Iwan auction is about to begin again. I want to invite you to continue to be guests." Vittorio got to know Guo through some special channels. Regarding Huai, he called Mo Beifeng and the bigger reason was that he wanted to contact Guo Huai for a few pills.

     It is said that Japanese people spent 1.6 billion US dollars to take a Snow Flesh Pill. After a year, together with many masters in Chinese medicine in South Korea, they decomposed the ingredients of the pill. The result was decomposed. The ingredients surprised everyone. Although the medicinal materials were precious, no matter how they were combined and refined, they did not come up with a substitute and ended in failure.

     "Raphael, is there still no whereabouts of the Chinese man?" United States Dark Holy See, the bishop asked Raphael with a deadpan expression."Guo Huai's plane was in an accident. The little girl on the plane and another Chinese man survived by chance. That Guo Huai has been missing for a year, I am afraid he is dead." Raphael said softly. "There is also the guy who destroyed my angel sword back then. We sent a lot of people to China, and this person seems to have disappeared. If I hadn't seen both of them, I would even suspect that they are the same person."

     "Dead? Stupid, he won't die if all of you die, get out, there is nothing for you here." A powerful pressure appeared on Raphael and the bishop, and the two ran away like they did. Lost.

     "This pill has the smell of Samadhi True Fire. Too good old gentleman, too good old gentleman to intervene in Mortal World matters." A man in black appeared in the lobby of Dark Holy See and said to himself He said, "No matter who intervenes in Mortal World, it is impossible to stop Great Demon from re-emergence."

     "Five Elements Primordial Umbrella, Firecloud Executing Demon Chart, Water-Evading Bead, Diamond Subduing Demon Ring, Firecloud True Monarch, I have taken these things, anyway, you can't go to the lower bounds to get these things, big deal, wait for me to return to Heaven Realm , These things share half of you.” After staying on the island for another three months, Guo Huai once again broke through the Innate realm and entered the Opening Light Stage, and then opened the treasure room with the help of six Spirit Beasts that had already transformed successfully. It was looted inside."Good destiny, good destiny, I don’t have to worry about those things on Firecloud Island anymore." At the moment when Guo Huai and a group of seven people and one monkey opened the seal of Firecloud Island, a voice came from the mansion of Firecloud True Monarch, which has been closed for thousands of years. , Firecloud True Monarch is out.

     "When will Daddy go home?" A little girl over one year old was playing behind the Clinic of No Treatment and Yu'er (Jade). After playing tired, she asked quietly on the stool.

     "Little Mengmeng, your dad came back recently." Yu'er (Jade) is in a good mood today because she feels that the big bad guy has nothing to do and is coming back.
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