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Chapter Directory 444 Back To The Imperial Capital
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

On the sea, a quaint big ship was traveling on the Pacific Ocean. During the period, he encountered several waves of pirates. Guo Huai did not take action. The six big men on the ship let them see what a real pirate is. There was nothing in the cabin. Fully loaded.

     "Big Tiger, look at how I wear this dress, it's better than the one just now." Tiger Two looked at Big Tiger and asked, Big Tiger nodded, Tiger Two put on a suit and pulled it from the pirate. The sailor's clothes that came down were put on him.

     "Grandpa, I'm out of danger, and I'm thinking of a way to go back. I don't know the exact location, but it should still be on the Pacific Ocean. See if you can find my location via satellite phone and send someone to pick us up. "Guo Huai grabbed a satellite phone from the pirate ship, and made a call to Guo Liuyi before it was broken by a few big guys.

     "Okay, you are fine. Your ship should not move. I will contact the military to pick you up." Guo Liuyi hasn't seen his grandson for more than a year. Although he didn't say anything, he was worried in his heart. , If it weren't for his great-granddaughter who was chatting with him every day, the old man would have been unable to hold it long."Grandpa, it's better to recruit some of your own people. Some things are easy to explain." Guo Huai added. Guo Liuyi naturally understood what it meant. After hanging up the phone, he contacted Dragon King directly, and Dragon King sent Violent directly The people of the Dragon Group got a warship from the Huaxia Navy and rushed towards Guo Huai's location.

     "I'll tell you six again. You are now humans. Follow Master Huai. You must learn all the things I taught you. You must not make trouble. If anyone dares not to be obedient, I will throw you back. Go to the island." Today is the third time Little Monkey Boy has explained the rules to a few big guys.

     "Fur-head, you don't need to explain to them, they have done a good job now." Guo Huai said with a smile. Six pills were thrown to the six big men. The six nearly knelt down to Guo Huai again. But looking at Guo Huai's eyes, several people sat on the stool.

     "Fur-head, there is one thing you must remember. Don't talk when there are outsiders, or your trouble will come." Guo Huai smiled and said, Little Monkey Boy nodded, Changing Form Pill Fur-head I also ate one, but in his words, it didn't work at all. Guo Huai is also very strange, but if you want to know the answer, you have to wait until you return to Heavenly Court and ask Great Sage.Speaking of Great Sage Sun, he is now soaking in a pool in Moon Palace. Because of Primal Chaos Clock, he has been in it for several hours, but there is no sign of waking up.

     "Look at you two. One guy knows that he is carrying a broken axe to chop the laurel tree every day, and the other knows that he walks the dog when he is fine. I tell you, I will give you three thousand years. Then I will debase you to Mortal World, then go find that bastard, Yang Jian, take care of your snarling dog, I don’t want to eat dog meat recently, don’t mess with me.” Chang'e said loudly, Wu Gang He and Yang Jian bowed his head and dared not speak.

     "Huh, I scolded for a long time and didn't even fart. The two of you are watching Monkey Boy here, and when you wake up, take him to see me." After Chang'e finished speaking, he disappeared by the pool. The two big guys Just breathed out.

     "Monkey Boy has broken through the 10th 2nd Heavenly Layer. Boss is going to reorganize Dark Night Legion ah." Wu Gang thought for a while and said softly, Yang Jian stared and nodded.

     Yu'er (Jade) received a call from Guo Liuyi and sighed softly. This big bad guy is finally coming back. It didn’t take long for Guo Huai to go home. Many people who are related to Guo Huai have already After receiving the news, many people from Imperial Capital and Wucheng became active for a while."Grandma, the fourth child can really toss, for more than a year, I thought he died outside." Jia Yuan said with a sigh, Li Yào smiled and shook his head, Wang Sheng drank tea leisurely. It seems that I haven't heard what Jia Yuan said.

     "The fourth child will die? I'm afraid we are all dead, and the fourth child can't die either." Wang Sheng said with a smile, "Big brother, you said that the fourth child seems to have changed too much since the car accident. Sometimes I I'm all wondering whether the fourth brother in front of us is our fourth brother back then."

     Li Yào still didn't speak, he had already felt that way, but did the fourth child have anything to do with it? Now the fourth child is different from calling their brother again and taking care of them.

     "Elder Brother Huai is fine, Ye Zi, I'm about to graduate from high school, do you think we should go to university?" Tang Xi said with a smile.

     "If you want to go to university, you can go to school. I will not go. I will go to Clinic of No Treatment. I will go to the Clinic of No Treatment. I will wait until his wives and concubines are in groups. It will be late at that time." Tang Xi said.

     "Dududiu, I don't know how to be ashamed, Little Ye, but I still remember when you first met Elder Brother Huai, when you had a hard time dealing with him, how did you become like this now." Tang Xi said with a smile."It's like this now, I love it, anyway, I'll go to the big bad guy. Before leaving school, he promised us that he will go to him when he graduates from high school. He will arrange everything." Sū Yè said with a smile, two The girl laughed again.

     "President, there is already news from Guo Huai. He estimates that he will be at Imperial Capital in the next two days." In a luxurious office, a girl in uniform said to another girl who was reading documents.

     "Quietly, didn’t I tell you? Just call me Lingling when there is no one. I already know about Guo Huai. You cancel all meetings for these two days and let the person in charge of each post The department’s affairs are arranged and I’m going to Imperial Capital.” Sun Lingling said, stood up, “You go with me, don’t you always look like a man who can keep me dreaming?”

     Sun Lingling graduated from high school and directly took over the first asset that Wucheng Guo Huai won at the time. Now Dream back to Wucheng Group has become Wucheng’s largest taxpayer, and Yuan International of Jia Yuan has focused its operations abroad. , Jia Yuan is also famous for the money earned through special ability martial arts."Masters, our Hall Lord is coming back. You can go back and have a good rest these days. In the past year, I have troubled a few of you." Wucheng Clinic of No Treatment encountered problems during the period when Guo Huai disappeared. They were all helped by a few elderly people from the Chinese Medicine Association. Guo Huai is coming back, and a group of people finally feel relieved. They can deal with some minor illnesses. If they are uncertain, they can be transferred to the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment. Don’t worry. Imperial Capital is in trouble.

     "We do have to take a good rest, but we are going to the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment to take a rest. After your Clinic of No Treatment volunteered for more than a year, there is nothing wrong with asking Hall Lord for a drink." Chinese Medicine Association Lin Changtian said with a smile, and then the four vice presidents went to Imperial Capital with Lin Changtian.

     "Little mother, is my daddy really coming back? Many people have been here recently, none of them are my daddy." Xiaomeng Bao Guo Xiaomeng, who is more than one year old, asked while sitting on Yu'er (Jade)'s lap. Recently The little girl heard that Guo Huai was coming back. Although Yu'er (Jade) let him see Guo Huai’s photos, all the little girl saw men under the age of 20 and over the age of 16, rushed to the front and shouted daddy. Let people not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     "I am back."
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