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Chapter Directory 447 Multi-pronged
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Busy, yes, since the morning, Clinic of No Treatment has been busy. All the people of Clinic of No Treatment are divided into two groups. One group is prescribing prescriptions for people who come to Clinic of No Treatment to treat their illnesses. Another group of people followed Guo Huai and was busy in the medicine room.

     "This can only be done first." Guo Huai said with a heavy face, "Little Mo, I will go to Northern Border this time. I will not take you with you. Remember the prescription set up today. After a few old men sober up, put the prescription Give it to the Chinese Medicine Association and tell them that the medicinal materials must be used well, and it is best to be mass-produced. Clinic of No Treatment has specially set up a medicine outlet. All citizens who come to Clinic of No Treatment will give them medicines. These medicines are resistant to resistance. The plague has some effects."

     He Mo didn't say much, nodded lightly, and didn't ask to follow along like Little Lingmo did.

     "You don't want to go back to Wucheng for now, just stay at Clinic of No Treatment." Guo Huai said to Tang Xi, "Lingling, you and your second brother will find a way to buy Chinese herbal medicines and send them directly to Gu Family. Yu'er (Jade), you classify the Chinese herbal medicines you bought in order, and Yuan International and Dream back to Wucheng to set up the production line as soon as possible, mass-produce bottled Chinese medicines, and then distribute all the Chinese medicines to all parts of China for free. I'm out.""Fourth old, what you said is a bit boring. If there is no cost, I will go first, and go to the company to arrange the latest affairs. Lingling, you can find a few people you trust to come to our company. I am in the south. There is a newly built factory building, ready to install equipment, first prepare the Chinese medicine refining base." Jia Yuan finished speaking, and ran out without looking back.

     "Old fourth, what do we need to do?" Li Yào and Wang Sheng stepped forward and asked.

     "Brother, I remember that you used to mix well in the China Hacker League!" Guo Huai said softly, "Contact your old friends and occupy the homepages of all websites, especially to control the panic caused by foreign forces. Let's win some time and don't let people panic inside China."

     Wang Sheng nodded, and then went to Gu Family, because Gu Family has a server with good performance.

     "Brother Yao, you follow the Dragon King to Violent Dragon Group, Niu Meng, you guys go back to May 31, the mission is the same as the third brother, if there are rumors spreading, directly control it, Imperial Capital can't mess." Guo Huai said softly. , Several people nodded and turned and left.

     "Senior Qiu, Senior Li, you have caught up with this rare event in 10,000 years. Follow me to Northern Border. The thing to earn merit is to see that you are acquaintances, otherwise I really won’t take you there. Yeah." Guo Huai said with a smile, black lines on the faces of the two old men.If you can get rid of the plague, the merits are definitely great, but you also said that this is a catastrophe that is rare in a million years, can it be done by just talking. However, the two old men nodded their heads. They were rescued by Guo Huai from the gourd. This time, no matter whether the plague can be dealt with or not, Guo Huai's favor is still considered.

     "Auntie, you are going to Northern Border with me." Guo Huai glanced at Guo Fanyu and said. Without explaining too much, Guo Fanyu nodded.

     "Chen Jiadi, Cao Qiankun, Xiao Qian, Su Tu, Yaoshi, Xiaoxiao, you guys want to go to Northern Border with me, this is not forced, as I just said, at Northern Border, if you are infected with the plague , I'm not 100% sure to help you get it done." Guo Huai said softly.

     The six people stepped forward and stood behind Guo Huai. Even Su Tu, who was always laughing and joking, had a serious face. Then Guo Huai asked the six students to pack up their things and walked into the medicine room again. The biggest thing to deal with the Mortal World plague is that you must use Mortal World’s things. Those refined pills on your body should be for the plague in front of you. Saying that it didn't make much difference, Guo Huai thought about the events thousands of years ago, and couldn't help shaking his head."I can't panic. I have to have confidence. It is no longer my business. Heavenly Court will not send a heavenly doctor to the world like ten thousand years ago. I only hope that this plague is not as severe as the last time." Guo Huai whispered to herself, and then quickly grabbed 36 Chinese medicines, fried a bowl of Chinese medicines, and then divided them into six parts and poured them into the jade bottle.

     Guo Huai did not show up for lunch and dinner. After sobering up the wine, the five Lin Changtian rushed back to Wucheng with Guo Huai's prescription. The five were then divided into five groups, each bringing a few people to the five majors of China. The branch of the Chinese Medicine Association in the city rushed.

     "You watched the news today. What happened at Northern Border is true. There is a plague in Northern Border. Now the entire Northern Border is banned. No entry or exit." In a teahouse of Imperial Capital, several The middle-aged people chatted as usual.

     "I have seen the report. Our Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment has sent people to the Northern Border early this morning. I believe that with the presence of God Doctor Guo, the plague will be resolved soon." Another middle-aged man said with a smile."If it is really a major plague, this matter is really hard to say. I remember the several plagues recorded in the history books of China, each of which caused great losses, and it took several years or even more than a decade to fix , Hall Lord Guo's medical skills are indeed brilliant, but he is too young to fight the plague." Another middle-aged man shook his head helplessly.

     "Look, Yuan International and Wucheng’s Dream back to Wucheng have joined forces. I remember that Yuan International’s boss Jia Yuan and Guo Huai of Clinic of No Treatment have a very good relationship. It’s like the female chairman of Dream back to Wucheng. I also know Guo Huai.” The middle-aged man who spoke just now saw that Yuan International and Dream back to Wucheng were publishing a press conference at the same time while reading the mobile news.

     "Everyone should have read the report. As a member of Huaxia, we, Yuan International, are preparing to spend 50 billion Huaxia coins to build a Chinese medicine company on our new site to produce medicines against the plague. At the same time, we will back to Wucheng's grandson with Dream. The General Union will distribute the produced Chinese medicines to citizens across the country as soon as possible." Jia Yuan said softly into the microphone.

     "Chief Jia, I don't know who provided you with the prescription of the anti-plague drug you are going to produce. Are you sure that Chinese medicine can resist the plague?" a female reporter asked softly in the audience."The prescription was researched by the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment Guo Huai Hall Lord himself. Before going to Northern Border, Hall Lord Guo said that this kind of Chinese medicine cannot guarantee 100% resistance to the plague, but at least it can improve our disease resistance and reduce infections. Risk." Jia Yuan said softly.

     "Yes, Yuan International has developed this time. I didn’t expect it. Last time Yuan International was reorganized, Jia Yuan earned a pot of platinum. This time it is even more powerful. I have to find someone to place an order at Yuan International. I’m afraid it’s too late. I can't get the first batch of medicine." A middle-aged man finished speaking and got up to leave.

     "Lao Zhang, don't go anymore." The middle-aged man with his mobile phone said softly, his eyes full of admiration.

     "What's the matter? Has Yuan International's traditional Chinese medicine been booked?" Lao Zhang asked with disappointment. The middle-aged man stopped talking, turned the phone's voice to the maximum, and a teahouse became quiet.

     "The newly established company is called Great Medic Company. This time all Chinese medicines are distributed free of charge. Yes, they are all distributed free of charge. Not only the current medicines, but our Great Medic Company will distribute all the medicines for free before the epidemic is under control. It is used by Chinese brothers and sisters all over the country." Jia Yuan stood up and said loudly, the audience thunderous applause, and even several female reporters had already shed tears.

     "Great Medic, the country's healer!"
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