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Chapter Directory 464 Number Three Three
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai walked out of the hospital building and walked directly to the door of the hospital. A group of soldiers with real guns and live ammunition guarded the door firmly. Although their faces were a little nervous, they still did not let anyone out.

     "Uncle, please don't embarrass us. Obedience is the bounden duty of soldiers. Since our chief told us to guard the hospital and not let anyone out, we cannot let you out." A soldier whispered to an old man who was going out. .

     "Who is your chief? Give me his contact information, and I want to call him directly." Guo Huai stepped forward, without the intention of embarrassing the soldier, and whispered to the soldier.

     "I'm sorry, we can't give you the call." Before the soldier's words fell, Guo Huai's waist card in his hand was passed along with the officer's ID card in the 51st Army.

     "The chief is good!" The soldier saluted Guo Huai, "the chief wait a moment, I will report to our division commander." The soldier took Guo Huai's thing and ran to the command vehicle a kilometer away.

     "Division Chief Kong, trouble you guys. It was confirmed earlier this morning that the three patients in the hospital were infected with the plague. In order to avoid the outbreak of the plague, we can only abandon our small family and make everyone better." A middle-aged man who is not tall Said softly."Secretary Ma, the commander meant to let me listen to your arrangements. Since it is necessary to isolate, we will not let anyone out." Kong Ziqiang, a division commander of the Southern China Military Region, received an order early in the morning to cooperate with the Yi Prefecture Municipal Committee Surrounded by the Yi Prefecture People's Hospital, Kong Ziqiang is still not sure what happened.

     "Report!" With a loud voice outside the door, Kong Ziqiang frowned. Could it be that something happened to the hospital.

     "Come in."

     "Report to the commander, there is a commander of the May 31st Army in the hospital who wants to see you. He also gave this badge for you to see." The soldier said, handing the things to Kong Ziqiang.

     "Soldier, how can you take the things handed out by the people in the hospital, so that we are likely to be infected with the plague, Division Chief Kong, is this the soldier you brought out?" Ma Peisheng said loudly, this would be completely gone. The politeness to Kong Ziqiang just now, the plague has made this Yi Prefecture city party secretary a little confused.

     "Ma Peisheng, this is the soldier led by Lao Tzu. I'm afraid that the Yi Prefecture thing you told our commander has concealed. I tell you, this token is a Dragon King order, and it is something of the Imperial Capital Violent Dragon Group. There are no more than three people in Huaxia who have this token. You have caused a big disaster." Kong Ziqiang said, picking up the satellite phone and walking to the hospital."Kong, you should be in Yi Prefecture now, what are you calling? How is the problem in Yi Prefecture resolved?" An old man said softly on the phone.

     "Commander, something happened to Yi Prefecture. According to the instructions of the Yi Prefecture City Committee, we surrounded the Yi Prefecture People's Hospital, but there is now a person in the hospital that we can't afford." Kong Ziqiang said softly.

     "Is there anyone in the Southern Military Region that we can't afford? What's more, it is President Cai's order to support Yi Prefecture this time. Do it boldly. Don't worry about offending people. If you offend someone, the Southern Military Region will all resist." The phone said loudly. .

     "I have an officer's order here. It says that it is Wusanyi Commander Guo Huai. It doesn't look like a fake, and he also asked the soldiers to send a Dragon King order." Kong Ziqiang said softly.

     "Cough cough cough, what? You are talking about Imperial Capital Guo Huai? And the Dragon King order?" The other end of the phone can no longer calm down, "Hang up the phone first, let me ask those guys from May 31, you Go to the hospital first and talk to Guo Huai." The commander of the Southern Military Region hung up and dialed Liu Beizheng's number."Lao Zhao, why are you thinking about calling me today? There are still four months of the military area competition, how about? Are you ready to take second place." Liu Beizheng said with a smile. I'm very upset. Taking second is always striving for first. What do you mean by taking second?

     However, in the military region competition in the past two years, several military regions are indeed fighting for second place, because the strength of 531 is too strong, not counting the three guys Niu Meng, Wei Tie and Liu Heishan. The other group of people are in Clinic. With the help of No Treatment, it is no longer comparable to ordinary soldiers.

     "Old Liu, I am looking for you today in a hurry. Did you have a young teacher in the last few years?" Zhao Qianben asked loudly. He has heard of the name Guo Huai several times, but he has not seen him. , This matter naturally has to ask the people of 51.

     "Young teacher? No, the teacher is not so good." Liu Beizheng said with a smile, "What's the matter, is it possible that someone pretending to be our 51st one was caught by you?"

     "I have an officer ID of the May 31st Army. The name written on it is Guo Huai. I will just verify it. If not, this officer ID should be fake. It's okay. I let Lao Kong take control of the people. Take the time to send it to you 51." Zhao Qianben said loudly."Guo Huai? Wait, Lao Zhao, Guo Huai is from May 31 and the teacher of May 31? Why did you meet him? What happened? Cai Tianyang said at the meeting the other day. Let the military area fully cooperate with this Chinese plague. Did your southern military area and Little Huai meet ah." Liu Beizheng said loudly.

     "It's really your five-three one? Then why does he still have a Dragon King that doesn't know the truth or not." Zhao Qianben asked.

     "That was given to him by Xia Wudi, he was right, Lao Zhao, let me tell you, make a good relationship with Little Huai. The breakthrough of your soldiers is a trivial matter to him. Brother didn't tell you this time." Liu Beizheng finished speaking and hung up the phone.

     "Broken, this time I was killed by someone from the Yi Prefecture City Committee." Zhao Qianben pointed towards him, patted his head fiercely, and then dialed Kong Ziqiang's phone.

     "Commander, the man named Guo Huai has returned to the hospital again. He said that if there is a change in the Yi Prefecture plague this time, we will take full responsibility." Kong Ziqiang did not wait for his old chief to speak, and whispered to the phone. Said."You contacted the blockade. I will go to Yi Prefecture in three hours. During this time, I will see if I can contact that Guo Huai. If I can, help me get through his phone. Remember, this person is a 531 Commander, the relationship with Violent Dragon Group is extremely close, don't mess with him." Zhao Qianben finished speaking, hung up the phone and drove fast from the military area to Yi Prefecture.

     "Boss, we have arrived in Xinhua. There are three suspected patients here, who have been diagnosed with the plague variant." After arriving in Xinhua, Cao Qiankun told Guo Huai about Xinhua's situation as soon as possible.

     "According to the Chinese medicine I told you, let all the people in the hospital take it first. If there is any difficulty, just call the number I told you." Guo Huai said softly, and Yu'er (Jade)'s phone number also called. .

     "There were three people in Bocheng who were infected. Cao Qiankun was three people. I just contacted him. There should be three people on your side. The number of three to three is a large number. Elder Brother Huai, this time I am afraid it will be a big trouble. Now." Yu'er (Jade) said softly.

     Guo Huai explained to Yu'er (Jade) that the situation of Bocheng and Xinhua is better than that of Yi Prefecture. At least the local government is more supportive. It seems that the biggest variable is in Yi Prefecture, so he is right, but Yu'er (Jade) It is right. The number of three to three is a large number. This is the plague, I am afraid it is worse than I thought."Hall Lord Guo, someone is looking for you at the gate. It seems to be the commander of the Southern Military Region. Would you like to come and see?"
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