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Chapter Directory 470 Beyond Fighting Medicine
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Liu Chengang was taken aback for a moment, then picked up the remote control and turned on the TV in the classroom. A group of students stared wide. Department Head Liu, who has always been rigorous in academic studies, is what he wants to do.

     "Guo Huai has a very high level of knowledge in Chinese medicine. Let’s take a look at this fight in today’s class. I hope you can learn something from it. If you have any questions, you can ask me on the spot. I don’t know if you are satisfied. "Liu Chengang said loudly with a smile.

     "Department Head Liu is mighty." I don't know who shouted, then the whole classroom boiled, and when the TV in the classroom was switched to Yunhua TV, the whole classroom fell silent again.

     Actually Liu Chengang didn’t know that, not only in their classroom, but in all classrooms of Wucheng University, the TV has been switched on to Yunhua Satellite TV, a channel they may not have heard of before. Medicine is not just a matter of medical school, it is also about the dignity of the Chinese people."Let’s take a good look. Clinic of No Treatment Guo Huai Hall Lord Guo’s medical skills are amazing. There are not many opportunities like this. I hope you can learn something. In fact, many things are related to Chinese medicine and western medicine. Chinese medicine is very contemptuous, but Clinic of No Treatment is able to deal with the plague this time, which shows that our Chinese medicine is indeed extensive and profound, and there are many things worth learning.” The Dean of the Western Medicine School of Imperial Capital University said loudly to a group of Western Medicine students.

     No one could have imagined that in such a prime time, the ratings of a local TV set an unbreakable ratings myth, 83% of the ratings, but the director of Yunhua Satellite TV had no way to feel such a glorious moment, because in Yunhua Satellite TV When the ratings reached 13%, the director informed that he was excited and was sent to the hospital.

     "Guo Liuyi, you grandson is good, so good." Wucheng Guo Family compound, a group of old men were drinking tea, Guo Liuyi received a call from Jia Yuan, the old man hurried to the house, and a group of old men followed in. Now a group of people are also following this battle between Chinese medicine and Japanese medicine.

     As the other side of the competition, Japan has also set off a wave in Japan. The Japanese are also broadcasting the medical competition in Tokyo through the network signal."Koizumi Watase, what do you think of this fight with doctors? If Kiyota Warano and the others lose, the Great Japanese Empire's face will be lost." On the top of Mt. Fuji mountain, an old man in a martial arts uniform squinted his eyes.

     "Mr. Kato, don’t worry. Yesterday, I talked to Kiyota Warano on the phone. This time, the Huaxia was in a coma because of the newly developed Cherry Blossom Virus. No one knows how to crack it except a few core members of the Sakura Club. Cherry Blossom Virus, there was a case of Cherry Blossom Virus infection in the United States a week ago and was directly frozen by the United States hospital. They have no way to solve the Cherry Blossom Virus, and the Chinese people have no way." Koizumi Watase said softly.

     "That's good. It's good to be able to fight the Huaxia people in what Huaxia is best at. If Kiyota Warano can win the Huaxia people, when he returns to Japan, I will apply for the cherry blossom medal for him with the president." Kato Taro laughed He said, "Mina is fine, right?"

     "Miss Mina just caught the Cherry Blossom Virus, nothing happened, but Yunhua said that Miss Mina seems to have a good relationship with the Chinese, I don't know if it is true." Koizumi Watase said softly."It's a good relationship with Huaxia people? Huh, the Yoshikawa family has always been like this. They thought that they had some achievements in Chinese medicine, so they didn't know everything. Tell Qingtian that if Yoshikawa Mina really has a relationship with Huaxia people, don't save him." Kato Taro narrowed his eyes and said.

     The relationship between the Kato family and the Yoshikawa family is similar, but Kato Taro’s grandson and Yoshikawa Mina are two members of the marriage that have been negotiated. If it is reported that Yoshikawa Mina has an affair with the Chinese, it does not matter if the Yoshikawa family’s face is dull, and Kato Taro does not allow it. Such things happen.

     "I know what to do, so I won't disturb Mr. Kato for now." Koizumi Watase finished speaking and exited the room.

     "Long live the Great Japanese Empire, Kiyota-kun will definitely win the group of Chinese people. I will win one million Kiyota-kun." Tokyo Casino, the world's most famous online casino, opened a handicap on the Internet. Three, the Japanese lose one, and nearly tens of billions of funds have been injected at extreme times. This is outside the Tokyo Grand Casino, a Japanese man shouted just after the bet was completed.

     "Mr Shuiquan, you only voted one million, and I voted ten million." A middle-aged man next to the man who shouted just now said with a hint of sarcasm."Kuiji, I'm talking about one million dollars, isn't your ten million dollars also?" Mizuizumi Ichiro's words made Kamuiji's face flushed, and the two people's quarrel once again led to a group of people betting. The boom, a group of Japanese people invested their money in the Tokyo Grand Casino.

     "Uncle Dulwich, help me press 10 billion in the Tokyo Grand Casino, on the bet that would make me win 30 billion." In a manor in Milan, Italy, little Vittorio was killed with a rifle in his hand. After a few running animals, he whispered to the old man beside him.

     "Master, are you sure that the Huaxia people can win? Just now there was a message from the United States that the patients they had a week ago had the same symptoms as the patients in China now. The United States people did not handle it, can the Huaxia people handle it?" Dulwich said softly. Reminded.

     "Uncle Dulwich, don't worry, I know that Guo Huai. If he can't handle it, then no one in the world can handle it. If you lose, you will treat the tens of billions as extra money for people infected with the disease. Right." Vittorio said with a smile. When the plague just broke out in China, many countries around the world severed ties with China Xia. Vittorio forcibly invested 10 billion U.S. dollars to China Xia and bought 5% of Great Medic's shares. Guo Huai can win this time, and only 3% of Great Medic's shares can make Vittorio earn money."I borrowed 10 billion U.S. dollars from the family in my own name. If I lose, I will give up the dividends of my shares in the family and give up the family inheritance rights." Hilton Family, Tim Hilton dialed his father's phone and whispered to the phone Said.

     "Tim, what can make you make such a decision? Although the last time martial arts has reduced your voice in the family, you have fewer assets, but you don’t seem to be short of money. "Old Hilton asked softly.

     "Dad, you should know the handicap of the Tokyo Grand Casino. This is the battle between Chinese and Japanese people. I think it is an opportunity for me." Tim Hilton said softly.

     "Do you want to buy Japanese people to win, and then rely on this to restore your right to speak in the family?" Old Hilton asked softly.

     "No, I will pressure Huaxia people to win. I have already put all the funds that I can use on Huaxia people. I believe that Huaxia people can create miracles." Tim Hilton said softly.

     "Tim, I think you might be wrong this time. What I know in the family has already pressured 130 billion Japanese people to win. If you lose, there will be no chance of a comeback in the future." Old Hilton shook. Shook his head and said."If I win, I will once again become the first heir of the Hilton Family. I think for the position of this heir, I have to bet on this one too. The biggest reason is that I believe that the Guo Huai Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment can Win." After speaking, Tim Hilton hung up.
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