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Chapter Directory 477 Strengthening
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai cautious and solemn laid the entire pool under the Array Formation, and then made a place exactly the same as this pool in his old gentleman gourd, and then moved all the things in the entire pool by means of engage in fraudulent activities Laojun gourd inside.

     "He he, first eat a piece of Primal Chaos Seven Color Fish. It can grow for ten thousand years and still be so little and does not produce spiritual wisdom. This thing is definitely a good thing." Guo Huai said, a small fish came out of the gourd, and then Guo Huai didn't do any treatment at all, just stuffed it into his mouth.

     The moment the little fish ate into his mouth, Guo Huai went directly into the state of meditation. For about fifteen minutes, Guo Huai slowly opened his eyes, and a round Golden Core quickly turned in his body, originally it was just a False Core Just finished, and suddenly entered the Golden Core big accomplishment period, Guo Huai couldn't help but wave his fist.

     "This is the power of Chaos. It's really a naked seduce, but this little fish can't just eat like this, and it won't have any effect." Guo Huai said to himself, "Little guy, you What are you looking at? Lao Tzu is not willing to eat, this thing is definitely not for you. You have ruined a lot of things along the way. Lao Tzu will help you digest these things. If you still can’t awaken the power of Fire Divine Beast, Then you don’t need to wake up."With that said, a trace of Samadhi True Fire came out of Guo Huai's hand and directly surrounded the little Fire Divine Beast. The various medicinal materials that the little Fire Divine Beast spoiled all the way opened up, and merged into the body of the little Fire Divine Beast under the effect of Samadhi True Fire.

     "Little guy, hold back, this method of refining medicine with the body is a great backlash for me. If it weren't for entering the Golden Core Stage, I wouldn't do it. If you can't awaken your blood, I will roast you at the end. Now, those medicinal materials can’t be wasted.” Guo Huai said with a smirk. The little Fire Divine Beast shivered. Concentrate one's attention completely in conjunction with the Samadhi True Fire outside of the body, and the spirit that has been sleeping in the blood. Woke up suddenly.

     "Cough cough cough, the blood is finally awakened, grandma's, the stinky boy actually wants to enter the transformation phase after the blood awakening, and he clearly wants Lao Tzu to take out a chaotic fish." Guo Huai watched the little Fire Divine Beast and did not stop after the blood awakened. With a trace of pain, he reluctantly poured a small fish from the gourd and stuffed it directly into the mouth of Fire Divine Beast.

     For almost two hours, Guo Huai seemed to be able to feel a trace of heavenly power, but the sky thunder could not enter the black hole, and then the small Fire Divine Beast, which was already in human form, was transformed into a fiery red hair, almost twenty dozen. He looks a bit similar to Guo Huai, but his expression is a little dull."It's pretty good. Your name is Guo Huǒ. When I get out of the black hole, I will ask Yu'er (Jade) for a concealment charm. During this period, you will be honest with me. If you dare to hurt the innocent, I promise to beat you The look of Fire Divine Beast." Guo Huai said loudly as he watched the youth.

     "Guo Huǒ, thank you for your name." With that, Guo Huǒ knelt on the ground, looking at Guo Huai with a straight face.

     "You have been with me for some time now. You should know my temper. Just call me Brother Huai. In your bones, there are old inheritances that are not masters. I don’t like them. In the future, I will just take a bite. You are indispensable, together is fate." Guo Huai said with a smile, Guo Huǒ looked at Guo Huai with excitement, it seems that what Guo Huai said just now is very useful.

     "Your transformation has delayed a lot of time. Let's go and see what they have gained. They should have gained a lot." Guo Huai finished, and flew towards the place where the few people originally gathered. After stopping a few times, Wannian's medicinal materials are absolutely attractive to Guo Huai. Thinking about buying a hundred-year-old ginseng that year, I was so happy to die, how could such Wannian medicinal materials turn a blind eye."Boss, you can count as coming back. This person said that he is Xuanyuan Hao, and he looks a bit like him, but after only entering the black hole, he changed from two and a half years old to a teenage boy. This is too impossible. Well, who is the red Mao Family behind you ah." Kong Fei asked loudly, this time the gain is not small, Bigu Stage enters the Congealing Core Stage, although it is only False Core, but this kind of strength is also the best in China One of the masters.

     "Third Crown Prince is really a good method, but a lot of medicinal materials have been wasted. This is a pity." Guo Huai looked at Xuanyuan Hao with his head held high and said with a smile. Kong Fei couldn't recognize it as normal, but Guo Huai glanced at it. See it really. "A few gains are not small, Junior Brother Tongyuan, what's your expression? Didn't you look for something useful?"

     "Cultivation for so long, I haven't seen anything good, so I won't snatch it from you, but your breath is very familiar. Is it because that little guy succeeded in transforming it?" Guo Tongyuan asked with wide eyes. , But I regret that I didn't look for some baby anymore. If the little Fire Divine Beast is successfully transformed, it must be a lot of genius dibao ah.

     "The younger brother of noble character and unquestionable integrity is admirable, Guo Huǒ, the younger brother guessed well, he had good luck, he ate a piece of Primal Chaos Seven Color Fish, and transformed himself successfully. "Guo Huai said with a smile.Guo Tongyuan's eyes widened after hearing the five words Primal Chaos Seven Color Fish. He really missed some good things. Guo Huai must have also ate Primal Chaos Seven Color Fish. This kid must still have it on him. Suddenly Guo Tongyuan slowed down and looked at Guo Huai flatly.

     "Senior Brother Tongyuan, if you ever remember where the remaining treasures were when you failed to ascend to Heaven Realm, I still have a few fish." Guo Huai said with a smile. Guo Tongyuan had already failed to ascend to himself that year. There are some eyebrows in the place, but I haven't told Guo Huai. Guo Huai is worried.

     "We will definitely find three items within three years. After finding all the items, let the seniors choose three items. That's all right." Guo Tongyuan said with a smile.

     "So, I would like to thank Junior Brother first, you can collect this little fish, if it ran away, I will not be responsible." Guo Huai said, another little fish was given to Guo Tongyuan.

     "Boss, what did you give to Tongyuan boss? It doesn't seem to be a good thing. Why is Tongyuan boss so excited." Kong Fei couldn't help asking. Qiu and Li, who were not far away, shook their heads. This Primal Chaos Seven Color Fish they know, but they can't ask Guo Huai cheeky."Kong Fei, I'll give you one. Let’s eat it now. Realize the magic of this Primal Chaos Seven Color Fish. It will be of great benefit to the Great Witch menstrual blood in your body." Then, Guo Huai took out one again and handed it to Kong Fei.

     "Thank you boss in advance, these fruit bosses should be useful!" Said, Kong Fei handed the three Passing Buddha Fruits to Guo Huai. Guo Huai naturally recognized these fruits and took them with excitement. All of the group of people opened their eyes wide. The big guy in front of him didn't take out this thing just now. It was hidden deep enough.

     "I thought I had gotten thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine to take advantage of the big advantage. After a long time, people did not even look at these things." Qiu and Li said softly, Qin Fengyu nodded, Guo Tongyuan even responded like a chicken pecking at rice.

     "Boss, my Golden Core is made!" In about an hour, Kong Fei woke up from his concentration. A Golden Core in his dantian slowly turned. Although it could not be compared with Guo Huai's Golden Core, it was better than that. The initial False Core does not know how strong it is.
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